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a modern Romeo and Juliet

ft. Roman and Julie

By 𝚃𝚊𝚢𝚕𝚘𝚛 <3Published 3 years ago 6 min read
not my art, but beautiful.

“Roman, you coming?” I snapped out of my trance and turned my head to see Benny, Marcus and the rest of the guys looking at me expectantly. I almost forgot where we were going tonight, but then it came back to me that Marc had the grand idea to crash the Cabaret’s party. The Cabaret’s throw parties like this one all the time, just a reminder that they're still affluent. Pssh. Everyone knows you're a member at the country club, chill out.

“I don't know about this, guys,” I spoke timidly, Benny rolled his eyes and proceeded towards me. We were already standing right outside of the Cabaret’s house, on their front porch to be exact. The only thing keeping the guys from going inside was me.

Benny crossed his arms at me. “Roman, you and Cynthia broke up, so you need to get rid of this little, ‘oh, my girlfriend left me, so now I'm gonna go feel sorry for myself’ act, and you need to get rid of it damn fast,’cause you're being a total buzzkill right now.” Benny demanded with a knowing look, poking an accusatory finger in my chest. I knew that Benny was right. I internally groaned at the fact that he was right, again, and walked back over to where the guys were standing next to the Cabaret’s immaculate shrubs.

“Wow, Benny, you actually got him to stop imagining what his and Cynthia’s kids would look like,” Marc mocked, his signature smirk plastered on his face. I could feel my face heating with rage as I clenched my fists at my sides and took a step towards Marc. Benny must've sensed my anger because he then placed a hand on my chest to keep me from moving any closer to Marcus.

“Oi, Roman, you know I'm just messin’ with you,” Marc said while raising his arms up in surrender. I rolled my eyes at my friend and let out a short, forced laugh at his attempt at an apology.

“Now-” Marc started, immediately grabbing everyone’s attention. All of the guys looked at Marc, waiting intently for him to continue.

“-Let’s go find us some babes!” I rolled my eyes at Marcus’ statement, to which all of the guys hollered in agreement.

“Christ,” I was playing through all of the worst possible scenarios that tonight could end in. But it was too late, we had already entered the Cabaret’s home, which was, no doubt, gigantic. Large, tall ceilings with some sort of diamond encrusted chandelier hanging from the center of the room. Cream walls and luxurious silk curtains, all in the color red, and soft large cream sofas covered in warm coloured cushions. An ornate fireplace, rugs in the red colour scheme and lots of lamps and warm subdued lighting.

“Benny, we're gonna get caught.” I said in an apprehensive whisper.

“Dude, if you don't shut the hell up and quit blubbering like a little baby, we’re definitely gonna get caught.” Ben spoke with a look that made me shut my mouth quickly, before turning back around and proceeding further inside the gorgeous home, the guys and I following in suit. We entered behind a group of others, hoping to blend in.

“Welcome everyone. Welcome!” Mr. Cabaret chanted as he greeted a portion of his guests with enthusiasm. My eyes scanned the crowd before they fell upon a figure. Someone I wished I hadn't seen. Tyler. Our eyes met and his eyes widened before realizing it was me, he then proceeded to glare. I quickly averted my eyes elsewhere and quickly walked out of his scrutinizing line of sight.

I darted through the crowd of people. Scanning the crowd for my friends, they were nowhere to be seen. My eyes landed on a certain girl and I clenched my jaw at the sight. There she stood, in her perfect vermillion-colored dress with matching crimson heels, and blood red lips to match. Her hair was pulled back into a tight ballerina bun, framing her doll-like face, and the memories came rushing back.

I shook my head of those thoughts as I continued to watch her flashing her perfect set of pearly whites at something the woman she was talking to had said. Cynthia. Of course she'd be here. I refrained from heading towards her, recalling how our relationship had tragically ended, well, maybe for me anyways. I felt a hand on my shoulder and I jumped slightly. I snapped my head up and made eye contact with a familiar face.

“Hey, Ben.”

“Rome, I know it must be hard to see her. But it's been over a month, since, you know. And I think that it's time we find you someone else.”

“Hey, look. How ‘bout her?” Ben pointed to a blonde who was staring back at us with a flirtatious grin on her face. She started batting her eyelashes at me, making me cringe. I shook my head at Ben and he looked at me with confused eyes.

“Why not? She's hot,”

“She looks like she's having an epileptic attack,” Ben cocked his eyebrow and rolled his eyes at my reason.

“What about her?”

“Ben, I'm not playing your little matchmaker game anymo-” My words got stuck in my throat and I temporarily forgot my own name as I stared at the girl Ben was pointing to.

“Oh she doth teach the torches to burn bright… As a rich jewel in an Ethiop’s ear-- Beauty too rich for use, for Earth too dear.”

Ben laughed. “Yeah, okay, weirdo. Can't you just say that she's hot? You're right, by the way.”

I was immediately enraptured by her beauty, like a dove in a room among crows. She appeared in the room, a similar, but older looking woman following closely behind her. My eyes couldn’t leave her. She wore a gown that resembled the color of a deep red wine, and looked to be made of soft, satiny fabric that fell long and loose around her ankles. With dark hair half-down-half-up and her head held high, she waltzed into the room with an effortless saunter. The clicking of her heels added rhythm to the soft classical music that played onward without pause.

She was not at all beautiful in the classical sense of the word, she was striking. I shut my mouth, not realizing it was hanging wide open. But I couldn't tear my eyes away from her. Crap.

I continued to shamelessly stare until Ben bumped my shoulder with his own, bringing me back to reality.

“Hmm?” Was my intelligent response, which caused an enormous grin to appear onto my cousin’s face.

“Ding, ding, ding, ladies and gentlemen, it appears we have a winner!” Ben said in his best game show host impression while holding his fist to his face and speaking into it as if it were a microphone. I laughed at his jab at my love life, or lack thereof. Ben knocked my shoulder again, regaining my attention.

“Well, what are you waiting for? An invitation? Go talk to her!” Ben said, gesturing to the girl from before. I swallowed my doubts, took a deep breath and was about to head towards where she was on the dance floor, but she ducked away behind a corner of the ballroom. I looked back to Ben, but he was busy chatting up a blonde with a conversation that seemed oh-so-interesting. I took another deep breath, and headed in the direction that the stunning girl had just gone behind the corner. I pushed out all thoughts of doubt as I proceeded around the dance floor, making a beeline towards where I had seen the beauty exit.

What could go wrong?


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𝚃𝚊𝚢𝚕𝚘𝚛 <3

A high school girl who struggles with bipolar disorder, bisexuality, and choosing what color to paint her nails.

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