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A measly 10 minutes

A measly 10 minutes

By Winfred ParkerPublished 7 months ago 4 min read

What can you do by showing up 10 minutes early every day? Maybe have a cigarette, maybe take a minute. But in today's fast-paced world, 10 minutes can make or break the fortunes of a person or business.

Wang Jiagang is employed as an employee of the company on probation for one year. Perhaps through a long and enthusiastic habit, she went to work early every day.

After arriving at the office, Wang Jia first opened the window for ventilation, then cleaned the desks of her colleagues, turned on the switch to heat up the water. About 10 minutes later, Wang Jia began to clean the desk, made a cup of green tea, planned what she wanted to do, and quickly went to work.

After helping everyone, Wang Jia was praised by everyone. Wang Jia was more willing to help everyone do what he could at any free time. A year later, Wang Jia successfully became a regular employee.

In the following two years, Wang Jia was promoted step by step. However, no matter what position he was in, Wang Jia often went to work in advance and spent at least 10 minutes to communicate with everyone about the work, or to solve the previous problems, or to prepare everyone for the work, even if it was to turn on the air conditioner.

After solving all the tedious problems before, her colleagues can work at ease soon. Wang Jia's team is always united and harmonious, and always achieves the best performance.

Soon after, the HR director was transferred, and Wang Jia was appointed as the HR director of the department because of the good connections she had accumulated.

Zhang Yue is the office secretary that already worked more than a year, can be in order to be able to be conscientious and dedicated to the work that he loves, Zhang Yue has been asking him to arrive in advance of the office, quickly clean up the health of the office, open a window, water flowers, open a computer...

After that, she sat down, according to her consistent habit, first quickly browse the day's to-do list and schedule, according to the previous handling of the situation to update the arrangement, determine the day to do the most important things, conceived of each period of a general plan, in order to have the overall plan, but also flexible adjustment.

Then Ms. Zhang gets down to the most important thing, making detailed plans and sometimes backup plans just in case. Because DISTINGUISHED PRIMARY AND SECONDARY, did A good JOB OF THE METICULOUS PLANNING OF EVERY detail, SO each step was accomplished methodicALLY, FACILITATE ONESELF TO OPERATE NOT ONLY, ALSO WON'T APPEAR BIG CARELESS MISTAKE, STILL IMPROVED WORK EFFICIENCY GREATLY.

Half a year later, in an investigation, Zhang was promoted to assistant general manager because of her excellent working ability.

Wu Liang, who was hired as a migrant worker, knew that his job did not come easily, so he cherished the opportunity. Knowing his lack of knowledge, Wu Liang decided to try his best to make up. In his spare time, Wu Liang gives up popular recreational activities such as surfing the Internet, shopping and playing mahjong to concentrate on his studies.

Not only that, but even during the tight working hours, Wu would get up early to exercise and memorize the relevant theoretical knowledge he had learned earlier. When everything is ready, Wu Liang will sometimes continue to study on the way to work. Even in the short time before work, even if it is a small 10 minutes, Wu Liang will not waste.

In this short period of time, Wu Liang or carefully study the company's successful cases or the company's relevant data, or directly to the first colleagues to consult the relevant experience, and then to learn the knowledge in the work to test and apply.

Wu Liang is infatuated study state, once thought by everybody is the crazy action that does not kill, but Wu Liang is holding to oneself all the time "crazy", he believes, want kung fu to be deep only, iron pestle grinds into a needle.

Through year after year continued to get up early to study, Wu Liang gradually accumulated a lot of knowledge of mechanical manufacturing in all kinds of business, management, and also gradually familiar with the manufacturing work of each link, gradually became the accepted factory technical experts, in the next few years, Wu Liang study unceasingly, also became the "soil" engineer of the factory, the technical difficulties solved many engineering.

The workplace is like a battlefield, time is everyone's extra wealth. As Napoleon said, "My army is always victorious because we are always ten minutes early when we take the high ground with the enemy." It's those 10 minutes that people think of as insignificant that can add up and turn your fortunes around.


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