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A Letter to You, Love

a love letter

By Jennifer DavidPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
A Letter to You, Love
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A letter to You

I love you. For months now, I’ve loved you. That’s what I hide from you each day. I have been completely engrossed in my desire for you. And I never understood how to love you, until now, because of it.

To love you, I realize that I need to be satisfied with you not loving me in return. My love cannot be conditional. It cannot be blinded by the heat of the moment, a cute text, or a kiss “hello”. For my love to prevail I must believe in the fact that it is in itself enough. That’s strange to say. Yet still, I mean every word. My heart tells me that, in these moments, you need to feel unconditional love for the first time. Love won’t ask for monetary pleasures. Love has no desire to keep you up at night wondering why they won’t speak to you. Love does not take advantage of you. Love won’t be driven by the heat of the moment. It does not crave miniscule moments of release. It should never make you question your value.

Love is. Love is infinite. Love takes many shapes and forms, and comes in too many sizes. It has many fragrances. It is the sun, the wind, the moon, the grass, the flowers, the ocean, the tress, the birds and the bees, the clouds, the rainbows, and the rain. Love stands firm in the crash of a wave. It is not shaken by the earth’s quake. It is ever present, and ever ready. It is strong. Love will carry you on its back, when you are weak and no one else will. It will pull you by your boot straps. Love will run with you laughing in the rain. It will squeeze you tight and never let you go. Love will watch you from a close distance. Love will be your shadow. Love you be your shade. It will cover you.

Love will. Love will use me as a vessel to reach you. It will beat fiercely through my veins and bleed through my pores. For but a moment, I will be love for you. I’ll show you it’s purest form so you can do the same for those closest to you. I will give you things you’ve never dreamed. I’ll speak to you in ways everyone else is afraid to. I will hold you in ways you’ve never been held. I will hear your quiet pleas whispering into the dead of night. I will sit in silence with you and just be. I will taste new treats with you. I’ll show you sights that don’t need to be seen. But that’s what you need. You need something new. You deserve adventures to give new value to old things you might never have cherished in the right way. You need to be able to freely and honestly be displeased. You are due the right to feel without restrictions. You can be at ease.

Be at peace. Find all the things you want out of this life and more. What I want will come later. I’ll take my time to nurture you. When you are ready, love will fester inside of you. It will simmer. It will burn. It will need to be set free. You’ll wish to share the greatest of joys we all can experience. And you’ll be ready. Unfortunately, I will have done my job. I may no longer feel the same love towards you. My love for you may have a new face, and a new name. It probably will. But I’ll love you. I’ll love you from close up. I’ll love you from afar. And I’ll be patient, even when I’m not always kind. Hopefully, you will see the light in me.



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  • Mystery Box8 months ago


  • Wow. Love has many facets, and you have captured the depth of them perfectly. This reminds me of the passage in the Bible from 1 Corinthians 13. Well done.

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