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A Joke?

Is the dance on?

By Patrick BramerPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

A Joke?

I have decided just to let it go and if she wanted to let me know about the conversation then that’s where it’s going to be left. There’s no reason why I need to think anything crazy is going on, right? This is making me crazy.

I got out of my car and walked up to Jackie and said hi. She replied back with a hi. I asked how she was doing just trying to make small talk to see if she would open up to what she talked to John about, but she never did. As you can see there’s no way I could let this go so, I said that I saw her talking with John and was wondering what he wanted. Jackie said that he was asking how she was doing because he hasn’t talked with her in a while. She could tell that this was bothering me and she reassured me that it was just a conversation and nothing is going on. I immediately apologized and told her I didn’t mean any disrespect. She smiled and shook her head in a teasing manner and said I guess you did sort of disrespect me so I guess I can’t go to the dance with you. What!! I’m so sorry I said and she just laughed and said, “I’m just kidding. Gosh you are so gullible”. I didn’t know how to handle that type of ribbing. I guess I was okay with it since I was still going to the dance with her. I shrugged it off, asked her if she wanted to hang out and we went to a DQ and got a milkshake.

It is now 1 day before the dance and I am getting super nervous. I feel like everyone in the school is just staring at me as I walk the hallways. I don’t know if it’s because they know I am going with Jackie and they completely disapprove of it or if something is going to go down (meaning a fight of sorts). I felt uneasy walking the halls. As I got to my locker, I noticed that Jackie wasn’t there which she usually is every morning. She would be at my locker as I am getting my books for class and we would just chat a bit before we leave in different directions. Maybe this is why everyone is looking at me, they must know something. I said earlier what could go wrong? My fears could be coming to light. Was this a terrible joke that was being put on me? Was that conversation I saw John having with Jackie a ruse they were cooking up to embarrass me? Oh man, I was getting nervous and didn’t want to be there at school. I can just imagine if any of this was true what total letdown this would be for me. I just couldn’t imagine, if this was a complete ruse, that Jackie would go along with it. I mean, we had great conversations and we hung out after school, but could it be true? I didn’t want to think about it anymore.

At lunchtime, instead of sitting at Jackie’s table, I sat at my old table I used to sit at. There sat Jim, Chris, and Mike, my ‘old’ friends. I hate using the word ‘old’ because I still talked with them throughout the school day, but my main focus, of course, was talking and passing notes with Jackie. They were a little set back to the fact I was sitting with them again. Mike blurted out, “welcome back. I guess it didn’t work out?” They all laughed a bit at that remark. I smiled, reluctantly and said, “it’s still working out, Jackie’s not here today”. Then Chris said, “oh so you have to sit at the loser table now then”. They all again laughed at that remark. I told them that they weren’t losers and that even though I was spending time with Jackie it didn’t mean that I was part of that ‘click’. I think I mentioned earlier in my story that there were different ‘clicks’ in school and when I say ‘clicks’ I mean different statuses. You had the cool ‘clicks’, the goth ‘clicks’, jock ‘clicks’ (this intertwined with the cool ‘clicks’), and the nerd ‘clicks. I told them that there was no way I would ever be accepted in the cool ‘clicks’ and even if I were I wouldn’t because we always saw those ‘clicks’ as the stuck-up snobbish jerks that they were, except for Jackie of course. They all patted me on the back and said thanks. I just wish I knew what was going on with Jackie. I decided I was going to call her when I got home to see if my fears of a ruse were real.

The last bell rang and school was over. As I was leaving the school I passed by Tim and John. They both gave me a stare that could kill a person. I turned around because I didn’t want to get knocked in the head or something and as I turned, I saw them laughing in my direction. I have no idea what that was about, but it couldn’t be good. This almost reassured me that something was going to happen to me and I wasn’t going to like it. I was afraid of calling Jackie. When I got home, I pondered on whether or not to call. It took me like an hour to finally decide to call. I dialed the numbers very slowly and listened for the phone to ring. Someone answered the line and said hello. It was her mom. I asked if Jackie was there and her mom called out her name. Jackie came to the phone and said hello? This was it. This was the moment I will hopefully know what is going on. I said, Jackie?.......


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