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A few of the many romantic myths we believe in

by sara trif 3 months ago in love / list / humanity / fact or fiction / advice
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It's crazy how often we get it wrong despite all of our continual talking and thinking about love

A few of the many romantic myths we believe in
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The term "love" is bandied about so frequently that it's understandable why many of us aren't entirely sure what it entails.

More things are expected from it as we use it more to explain our relationships and our emotions. Perhaps it's time to sort through the chaff and determine what is real and what is really an illusion when it comes to this thing we call love.

In plainer terms, we may say that "Love" is the term we use to describe the emotion we experience when we come into contact with one another. This magical term may somehow indicate so many different things, denoting both scorching, burning infatuations and enduring, trusted relationships, which is understandable given the variety and size of human connections.

It's crazy how often we get it wrong despite all of our continual talking and thinking about love. When it comes to our relationships and our feelings, we believe we are doing appropriately, therefore when others don't feel the same way, it hurts us.

There seems to be an equal amount of grief and sorrow that comes from love for all the joy and happiness that has been brought by it.

I believe that our misconceptions about relationships are a major source of this suffering. Even though all of our past experiences would suggest otherwise, we tend to assume that things will turn out a certain way.

Without further ado, here are 7 relationship misconceptions we frequently make:

1. The other person is aware of my emotions

No one can read minds. Although it may be alluring to believe that our significant other or potential love interest completely understands our emotions, that simply isn't the case.

Telling someone how you're feeling is the finest method to express it. As a result, you will be able to confirm that you have told them that you are angry or irritated when you start to wonder if they are aware of your feelings.

2. You don't require anybody else.

We can begin to cut out all the other individuals in our lives if we truly like one person.

Out of concern that anything would damage our relationship and destroy our love, we discover all of a sudden that we have built a bubble around ourselves and the other person. The fact is that we require a variety of relationships in order to meet our social demands, and no single partnership can do this.

Relationships that are healthy are aware of their surroundings.

3. Healthy Connections Are Simple

Anyone who has ever been in a relationship understands how untrue this is. Being in a good relationship is work, and it's not always simple.

The effort that both parties put in to make a relationship work is what distinguishes excellent partnerships from disastrous ones. That unique quality gives a partnership its great quality.

4. You'll Continually Be Near

You won't always feel connected to your partner because relationships follow patterns.

This is not a reason to end your relationship. Some of my acquaintances who are in happy relationships have mentioned how they have experienced periods of feeling cut off from their partners. They claimed that it eventually circles back.

5. You'll adore every aspect of your partner.

Many of us believe we will eventually meet someone who possesses all the qualities we have ever wished for in a companion. none of the undesirable ones.

But this is just a fantasy. Every individual is a complex blend of traits, therefore we can never discover someone who doesn't engage in behavior that annoys or offends us. This is not to argue that we should overlook negative traits, but rather that we should consider a person's overall characteristics and how well our relationship with them functions.

6. Everything will remain as it was when you first met.

This contributes to the impression that you and your spouse will always be close. In the majority of relationships, circumstances drastically alter from when you initially met.

Couples take extreme measures to return their relationship to how it was when they first met. But in truth, it won't ever be that way again. Learning to accept a new way of being with each other is a necessary component of the dynamic and ever-changing nature of relationships.

7. Debate Is Never Good

In a relationship, disagreements and confrontations can be cruel and confusing, but they don't have to be.

Arguments can be a chance for you and your partner to resolve problems and differences that have arisen. You can resolve the conflict through conversation if both parties recognize that they don't have to be hostile.

These are just a few of the many romantic myths we believe in. I can't tell you how many times I have gone into problems because I know I constantly fall into the trap of believing these concepts.

We can go one step closer to future relationships that are more realistic and meaningful by becoming more conscious of the romantic illusions we hold.

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