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by Ashley Meriweather 14 days ago in lgbtq

My Bi World (Part 2)

So, I never told you guys what I did over the summer because I don't remember doing anything besides moving and kicking it with my siblings. Most definitely went to the track. No not horse. The track you drag race on with cars. Imagine what I seen there. Bootys everywhere! Now I know Igot some buns on me, but damn.

Ok, so yeah right before school started during orientation I made a couple of friends. Even when school started I made more friends a couple of them started to become my besties. I never thought I would even talk to a chick just as in conversation at that.

Now school started, I went to school. Thankful that I knew people outside of siblings at school lunch turned out decent. Then boom a schedule change. At first I was upset, not even knowing who I was gone end up having lunch with. I didn't even ask the people I did talk to during the day what period lunch they had. As days went past I started seeing who I had lunch with.

One day I sat at the lunch table with a chick I knew from being outside around my dads spot at the time. From jump I just knew she was into guys because of her reputation. She was known as a super whore. I had heard stories and know of times different guys was filling her mouth up. Who am I to judge though. Plus I knew she did it just because she needed attention, her family was distant. She didnt have the best looks either. She was a nice person though and she smiled no matter what.

I sat with her though. Met a couple of upper classmen. That day I found out she liked females as well. Now the whole time I sat here no one bothered me then this stud named Rae asked who I was. I looked up and in she was cute not girly cute but ok her voice matched what I heard. Right as I was looking up she was smiling. Holding her chin, being extra goofy. Something she was obviously good at because I smiled and it was to hard so I made it seem as if she was cheezy. I said, "What's your name since you so curious to know who I am?". That is when she gave me her name.

Of course I started kicking it at they table quite often. I went to go sit over there this one time and there wasn't any seats. Rae instantly said " My lap free". I knew she was trying to see what I was gone say. You know what I did? I sligthy touched her chin told her "Thanks boo" and sat my behind right on her lap. With the addition of swirling it in her lap. She told me she thought I was funny.

I started thinking to myself why did you do that. You don't even know if you like females. I did think I was extra smooth for that. Laughing on the inside. Hell I sat on her lap often. Not thinking to ask if she had a girlfriend or anything. Not that I didn't care, just wasn't my business to mind. I thought like that too often.

I found out she had a girlfriend though.

Yes, I met her. Her approach was priceless. She had a lisp. Her name isn't even impoRtant right now we just gone call her Rae's girl. At the time that is all she was to me.


Ashley Meriweather
Ashley Meriweather
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Ashley Meriweather

I have been writing since I was about 10. I love to write poetry and short stories that may or may not be based on real life happenings. I’m here to be inspired and inspire. Growth is the goal.

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