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15 Healthy Marriage Tips

by Faith Porter 4 years ago in marriage
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Tips and Ideas That I Think Keeps My Marriage Happy, Fun, and Healthy

  1. Never go to sleep mad at your spouse. If you do, always sleep in the same bed. You want your spouse to know that even though you're mad at them, you still want to be the person they sleep with every night, and the person they wake up to every morning.
  2. Always share your income or earnings with your spouse. I have met several married couples who tell me that they get "Allowance" from which ever partner makes the most money. It's a trust issue if you don't share your earnings with your spouse.
  3. Never take sides with your family when it comes to your spouse. And what I mean by that is you should always stick up for your spouse in any situation where either side of the family is talking bad about them. Always stand up for them.
  4. Shower together. Not in like a sexual way. Just do it. I find that it can sometimes be a great time to talk about your day, feelings, or just to have a good conversation, because a shower is a good time without the kids or anyone else except your spouse.
  5. Make dinner together. It's usually always fun when my husband and I cook together. That's another good moment to goof off together and talk about our day. It's also good to work together doing something.
  6. Go to new places. I have found that nothing makes me feel closer to my spouse than taking a road trip somewhere and having all that time in the car to talk and sing together. Then when you get to where you're going, you can just hang out with your spouse. It's a great moment and time to reconnect with each other. My husband and I did this right before we had our first child.
  7. Make every decision you make by thinking about the other person first. Make sure they don't have anything else planned, or that they are up for doing whatever you want to plan. Both parties need to be up for doing it, because nobody likes being dragged along, doing something they didn't really want to do.
  8. Work together. And I don't mean that literally. I mean, figure things out together. Don't let the stress of bills and life pile up on only one persons shoulders. Help each other through it and talk through it. Make a plan together, if you need to pay some things off. All that matters is that you both are on the same page.
  9. Have date nights! And I think I can speak for all the ladies when I say that no women doesn't love a good date night every once in awhile. Gives us women a chance to dress up and look our best. Especially if you're a stay at home mom like me, you really love getting out of those sweatpants and t-shirts. Nothing wrong with a little adult time fun every once in awhile.
  10. Communication. That is my biggest one yet. Talk about everything, share everything. Keep no secret or lies. Always tell them everything that bothers you, or even if you just need to vent. This has always been my husband and I's biggest problem because we aren't very good at sharing our feelings with each other. And I'm sure most couples are like this as well. But it's very healthy if you can work on doing so with your spouse.
  11. Watch a movie together. Make a huge comfy blanket pallet in your living room floor, with pillows and lots of blankets. And don't forget to order a pizza or Chinese food to eat while watching the movie. Then you can snuggle up and enjoy your little floor picnic.
  12. Take a walk. Get out of the house and walk around a shopping center or take a hike. Hold hands and walk around talking. Get some fresh air.
  13. And sometimes you've got to do what the husband likes to do. Play some video games with him. He will LOVE it, I promise. Or if your man is more into sports, go outside and toss a football with him, or kick around a soccer ball. It will be fun for both of you.
  14. And husbands don't forget to do things that your wife wants to do too. Take her to get her nails done, or her hair. Or if you want to make her really happy, do a house chore with her even asking you to. I promise you, it will make her day.
  15. Go out for drinks. Sit at a bar together and talk. Or you can play a fun game where you both hang out in the same bar/club and see how many numbers each of you can get, and by the end of the night whoever has the most numbers wins. And whoever wins gets a back massage later.

These are just some fun ideas that you can do with your spouse, and things that I think keeps my marriage fun and healthy. Because we all know once you're married you get way to far into the "Comfort Zone" and sometimes you need a little bit of fun to keep your marriage happy and healthy.


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