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13 Most Romantic Text Messages Sent By Nigerians.

"Roses are red, Ube is blue..."

By Jide OkonjoPublished 4 years ago 5 min read

"Roses are red, Ube is blue..."

What are the Nigerian kids sending to themselves these days? This is a question that I was thinking about the other day in church when my sister came to tell me about the messages she had seen one of the choristers sending to his babe. Apparently, she found his story funny because he had gotten his message from a "Love Texts" app, and that made me very curious.

What is a love texts app? What messages are Nigerians sending themselves? What sweet things are the kids talking today? And so, because I very much fall into the category of this generation of kids, I went to digging. I asked my friends, church members, acquaintances, and of course I ravaged through 'Nigerian Internet'.

After compiling a LONG list of responses from everywhere (btw, people are talking NON-SENSE out on these streets), I finally whittled down the list to 13 texts that I think are a good blend of funny, romantic, and funny AND romantic.

Are you ready to see what the Nigerian kids are texting themselves these days? Then let's jump right in!

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Note: I have used a text message simulator to simulate exactly how each message appeared when I saw it or was told about it.


From a chorister in my church to his girlfriend.

Okay, this one is GOOOOOOOD! I remember when he told me, I was actually screaming cuz that is JOKES! But it's so good though. Who wouldn't want to hear that? Full disclosure, he confessed that he got the line from a Love Texting app, but to his credit, he said he was the one who broke it up into lines in the text.


This is what our church keyboardist, unserious guy btw, sent to the girl he fancied.

The thing is that this is DUMB but it's actually so nice. It shows a lot of character and who doesn't like that? Yes, for those of you wondering, the girl did go out to lunch with him.


This one is from 'Nigerian Internet'.

Could it be that we Nigerians are...romantic? Because wow. This is really putting yourself out there. If the response to this kind of message is a "I no do", nna, it's to carry yourself to your local bridge to do what you gotta do 🤣.


This is from my friend Abimbola and when I tell you that 1) she actually sent this text to somebody that she liked and had NEVER talked to before, and that 2) the boy actually asked her out after this...

I'm lost! 🤣

In case you don't get the reference, these lines are from an early 2000s Nigerian song named "Malaria" by Soty. Listen to it, it's still a jam.

Who sends this to somebody. Somebody they've NEVER talked to. This is still so funny to me.


Real life. This is real. And I love this one so much because it's from one of my friends, Adedotun, and he and his girlfriend whose name really is Kemi had been having this on and off thing for MONTHS before they finally got together. I obviously asked him when I was compiling answers for this list about the most romantic text he'd ever sent her and this wasn't even the one he picked. He didn't pick. We were just scrolling through to find one that was interesting, and then I saw this message and I said guuuuy, THIS IS THE ONE.

I really love this message.

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Here's another one, from a friend of mine.

WHAT?! Woooww. Like these messages fam. And I can't even get somebody to send me simple Good Morning text. This life na real wa.🤣


This one is from 'Nigerian Internet'

Wow. This is very cute. It looks like something out of a book or movie. It's really really nice. Wow, should I hit up my ex? Because compiling this list has me thinking...


I admit this isn't as lovey dovey as some of the rest, but to me this one is real and that's why I had to include it. You know it's love when you find yourself running from place to place to get the simplest thing because you know it'll cheer up your significant other. So so sweet.


Taken from 'Nigerian Internet'.

This one is DEFINITELY one that I think I've seen somewhere before but I still find it so funny and I just had to include it because what?! 🤣


Am I the only one whose response would be "That's cute and all, but really what do you want? My fuel is wasting." 🤣


I really REAALLLYYYY love this one. This was one that I told my brother to send to his significant other and she really liked it. I mean, who wouldn't? It's the perfect message regardless of gender. Anybody who gets this message is going to like it, and it's just so... you see, this is what I want someone to send to me. I'll be very happy to send my account details. In fact before you can even say Jesus is Lord, I've sent it 🤣.


From 'Nigerian Internet'


I really really love this. This is sooooo stupid, it's beautiful. Hahaha. Like this is actually a stupid message 🤣.


A classic.

2 Face Idibia's African Queen came out in 2004 and till this day, there's no Nigerian girl you'll send these lyrics to that won't at least smile. It's a classic.


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Until next time, have a wonderful rest of your day!


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