10 Things Not to Do on a First Date

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10 Things Not to Do on a First Date

So your big date is coming up, and you're really worried about screwing it up. Relax, you will be fine, and you are enough. In fact, anyone would be lucky to have you. I don't know you, but I mean that to anyone because everyone who wants to find someone ... will meet someone.

With that said, how about we look over the ten biggest fails that can cause you not to have a second date.

1. Talk About an Ex

The BIGGEST and EASIEST way to ruin a first date is to show that you are really not over your ex...which is by bringing them up...a lot. I went on a first date with a guy who kept talking about how his last girlfriend got pregnant then had an abortion.

Since he has already had such a huge life experience with someone else ... does that leave any room for me?

2. Tell Them About the Time You Got Chlamydia

Nothing says "Don't Do Me!" like the story about your encounter with an STD.

3. Tell Them About Your Weird Fetishes

Some are just too weird, and it's okay to have your dark secrets alone in the bathroom or in the bedroom ... or wherever.

4. Ask Them If They Are Currently Sexually Active

If it's your first date, you have no right to this information, and they have zero reason to already be loyal to you. I don't care if you are worried about "wasting your time," it's inappropriate and unnecessary.

5. Have Sex

Well ...some people do this, but it's more of a second or third date thing. I mean, can you really trust someone you just met?

6. Try to Share Food

Some people get really grossed out by this, so don't risk it.

7. Show up With Greasy Hair

You don't have to dress up like you're going to a formal party, just shower first ...OK?

8. Hang out With Friends

If the goal is to get to know each other, then don't bring a bunch of people. It also gives the wrong message if you are actually looking for a relationship. With that said, if you change your mind and just want to be friends, then invite some friends to hang out instead.

9. Go to a Place You Want to Go, Instead of a Place They Would Enjoy

This is probably the biggest first date I keep seeing in other people. If you don't ask where they want to go and end up taking them somewhere they hate ... you might not get a second date.

10. Share Dark Secrets

Theres a couple reasons not to do this. The first is because it might scare them off, and the second is because you don't know them well enough to actually keep this secret.

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