The Day I Said These Two Words In the Mirror


The Day I Said These Two Words In the Mirror
The Darkness in the Mirror..By Anatonia Garcia

One Day , when I was in the fifth grade, I was dared to say the ladies name in the mirror. The one I would despise and fear. At that time, I didn't think she was real. So, I came home that afternoon and made up my mind that no one would tell me I was a scardy cat. I hated to be dared. I was going to do it. I was brave and determined and no one would tell me otherwise. Little did I know, it would be the day I would regret and forever be traumatized.

That day I came home and told my little sister that the kids were speaking of a lady that would appear in your house if you said her name in the mirror three times. Of course me and my sister thought it was a joke. But what did we know. We were both small. I was in the fifth and she was probably in the first. So, me being the oldest I persuaded her to do this with me in our house. The back bathroom near the stairs to be exact.

Right before, our mom called us before dinner, my sister and I went to the bathroom to prepare. I just knew I was going to prove my classmates wrong, There was no such thing as this lady they speak of. But, boy was I wrong.

My sister and I got a step stool, put it in front of the bathroom mirror and said her name three times. Stared at the mirror, then at each other, scared to death! We stayed in the bathroom probably for five minutes and nothing happened. We got off the stool and laughed. By that time, our mother was calling us for dinner. We both ran to the kitchen.

I was happy, excited because I was going to tell my classmates that they were some liars. They just wanted to scare somebody. We sat down and got ready to eat. Then all of a sudden, a loud boom happened near the kitchen closet. I dropped my silverware and automatically looked at my sister. She was staring at me too and then we both looked at our mother. My mother looked at all of us and said, " who comes and bring bad spirits in the house". I asked my mother what did she mean. She replied, " When a broom knocks down by itself with no explanation, spirits have came into the house invited". So, she ask again, " who brings these spirits amongst this house". All my brothers and sisters shrugged and said not me. Even my sister and I, but we both knew that was a lie.

At that moment we started to get scared. I told myself my mom was just tripping. My family was superstitious anyway. They believed in all that crazy stuff and my mama must of knew what we were doing in the bathroom and was just trying to scare us.

Then night time came. My sister and I were the only ones up because we would wait for my Dad to come home from work just so he could see our faces. So, everybody was pretty much sleep. We quietly had our tv on, knowing we weren't suppose to, was watching tv and talking. I was doing her hair as we were waiting.

All of a sudden, the TVs in the house went to static. My heart was beginning to thump really fast. I knew something was wrong. My sister and I stood up and went to our room door and peaked outside. We saw no one. Everybody was sleep. My other sisters lights were off, my brother was upstairs in his room, and my mom was asleep.

We both looked at each other who could this be. If no one was up, who turned the TVs to static. The biggest question was who turned on the living room tv because it was off. The only TVs that were on, were my sister and I. Just as we were beginning to question. The TVs begin to turn on and off, repeatedly, really fast. Banging noises out of nowhere came. It was official we were legit scared. So, we begin to scream to the top of our lungs for our momma. Mind you her room was right beside ours. But she didn't hear us but that was okay. Our sisters would hear us eventually because there doors were open and it was no way they couldn't hear us. Especially with how loud we were screaming. However, after ten minutes of the noises. No one was hearing us and it was like the static was getting louder. Then as we begin to cry, it was at that moment we saw a lady in white cross the hallway in front of our door...….

I would never forget that moment and I would never so much as say her name again. I was traumatized and til this day we never speak about that night, ever!

Anatonia Garcia
Anatonia Garcia
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