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“The Unbecoming of Belinda Blackwell”

A Tale of Transformation and Identity

By Kamran AlamPublished about a month ago 3 min read

Belinda Blackwell is a woman who finds solace in her husband's chest, as he had not been expecting her or her father. Her father's illness required open schedules from his children, and she had to return early to him. When Oscar arrived early, Belinda decided to bid her brother and father farewell and return home.

Etienne, who was still tangled in their bed covers, found Belinda tangled in her chemise and crawled on him slowly. She felt uncomfortable when she brought up her father's illness but didn't tell her anything specific. Etienne's hand tightened where it rests on the nape of her neck, and she hoped that time away would serve them both well.

Belinda knows about her husband's beliefs, which include rituals, wardship, studies of augury, communion, and necromancy. She reads discomfort in his movements and strokes a hand down his cheek to make him know not to be ashamed of it all on her behalf. He has told her of the spirit that haunts him, which looks just like her, following him around the house and watching him unblinkingly. Belinda has never seen herself, and Etienne claims the spirit has never appeared while she's in the house.

Belinda had been worried for days over having to leave him when word of her father's illness arrived, knowing what it might invite back into Etienne's life. However, there was no getting around the trip and besides, Etienne had sworn his confidence that that time was behind them.

Etienne whispered that he thought it was over, and he felt like a fool, letting his guard down as she had been. A deep ache swelled behind Belinda's ribcage, and she squeezed him tighter. He told her that there is a ritual for banishment, and she has been completing the prerequisite steps over the past week.

Belinda struggles to understand this, but Etienne assures her that there is only one step left to do. He seems to be thinking hard, and he fears the toll it will have on his heart and constitution. Belinda considers moving away from the home that torments him so much in favor of a fresh start, a life away from paranoia and body doubles she can't see.

In this text, the protagonist Belinda is in a passionate relationship with her husband Etienne, who is trying to make her be the only Belinda in his life. Belinda is drawn to Etienne for his love and commitment, but she is also concerned about her own feelings and feelings for him. Etienne tries to convince Belinda that he is not the only Belinda in his life, but he insists that it is necessary for him to have a good life.

Belinda's feelings for Etienne are uncanny and unsettling, as she feels like she is haunting him. He believes that his wife knows him better than this and that he knows she is not really her this time. Belinda curses her attempt at being romantic, as he thinks she is haunting him.

Etienne informs Belinda that his wife is not home for a few days yet, and by then, all of the issues will be resolved. However, before they can do so, a knife is plunged into her back, causing her to jerk violently. The sensation is real and bloody, sticking her shirt to her skin. She tries to push herself up, but the pain is too much for her to reach.

Etienne asks Belinda if she wants to marry him, but she cannot understand what he wants. He cradles her against him, sobbing and asking why she is there. Belinda thinks of her parents and the professionals she had rejected for her love. Etienne cradles her against him, sobbing and asking for forgiveness.

Belinda is left feeling devastated and unable to pick her head up. As the story unfolds, the characters' emotions and the actions of Etienne and Belinda become increasingly complex and intertwined.

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