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Safe and Sound Safe and Sound

Finding True Security in an Uncertain World

By Kamran AlamPublished 27 days ago 3 min read

At 7.15 a.m., Grace goes downstairs to her phone, which is fully charged and removed the cable. She checks for messages from her mother, Sarah, and Rich, who have not heard from her in ages. She asks if he had a good weekend and sends 23.03 yesterday. She is in bed by 10 and forgets to come downstairs. She sleepwalks again and gets regular now. She sees a doctor and is relieved that Rich is fine.

Sarah thanks her for borrowing her copy of Catch 22 from her, but she doesn't remember why she messaged him. She also mentions that she is still coming for dinner on Thursday. She adds the date to her calendar and adds an entry for Saturday, but she has no details. She calls Tom for a doctor's appointment and is in the 32nd queue.

She finds a copy of Never Let Me Go lying on top of other books and is confused about the edition. She calls Tom back at 8am tomorrow, and the system seems enough to make her need a doctor. She searches for the book on Google and finds it on the shelves. She then checks Gmail for Royal Oak and finds a booking confirmation for Saturday. She searches for a therapist and finds a link to a lingerie site, but finds four items in her basket that are not to her taste.

Tom asks if Grace is still looking for a therapist and hangs up. She then deletes the bookmark and goes back to her browser to search for medical practice online and order repeat prescriptions. She sees messages from last night and is surprised that they were unexpected. She also deletes last night's messages with Tom, which are all deleted.

Doctor again tomorrow. Good news needed. Open premium bonds website online. Password not recognized. Type again. Slowly. Password not recognized. Type again. Very slowly. You only have one more attempt before your account is locked. Was I drunk last night? No.

None to my taste. Shopping for Tom? Not his thing either. More is what Rich would like. Eugh. Empty basket. Delete bookmark. Whisper: Safe and sound safe and sound. Phone beeps. Tom. I don't know who we're meeting; you said it was a surprise; see messages from last night; were you drunk? Surprise for me too.

Worked till 8 home showered changed bed by 10. Back to kitchen. Open booze cupboard. 4 ciders and half bottle of bailey's missing. Sleep drinking? Whisper: Safe and sound safe and sound. No hangover. Didn't drink all that. Brought friend home? Who drinks? Bed by 10 makes no sense.

Would remember someone else in the house. Check spare room anyway. No one there. Bed not slept in. Phone beeps. Rich. I have to look. I miss you - are you ignoring me? Check all rooms. Front door locked. Back door locked. Spare key gone? Message Tom:

Have you got my spare key? Phone beeps. Sarah. Hey chick you ok today? Don't suppose you can send me the pic of that new restaurant we saw last week? I knew I'd forget the name Hahaha. Tom replies – not this time, gave it back to you on Friday – are you ok? Check camera roll for Sarah. Multiple pics of girl sleeping in bed.


Can't have taken these pics.

That's me.

Safe and sound safe and sound?

In summary, Grace is feeling overwhelmed and worried about her relationship with Rich, but she is also aware of her own feelings and needs. She is unsure if she is still looking for a therapist or if she is still in need of a therapist. She continues to search for answers and experiences in her life.

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