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Is there any kind of heinous torture?

The scalp tingling, the medieval torture, the total lack of humanity.

By Theresa W ChavezPublished 2 months ago 4 min read

Let me give you a few examples: the ship torture, torture from the ancient Persian Empire, where victims were tied to ships and sent to areas where diarrhea was common; They are forced to drink large quantities of honey and milk, which then causes the victim to develop severe diarrhea, attracting insects and maggots to breed and bite, and the victim dies from injury and dehydration.

Bronze Bull: It was invented by an ancient Greek craftsman for the king. A bronze bull was made with hollows in the middle and a fire was lit underneath. The screams of the victims inside would be released through the nostrils of the bull, which sounded just like the cries of the bull. Then this craftsman, like Shang Yang and Zhou Xing, harmed himself and was the first to be tested by the king; But this tyrant, when overthrown by the people of his country, was put to the same death. The bull was then used by the rulers of the ancient Roman Empire against Christian believers, which was similar to the domestic cannonage and the invitation to the urn.

Blood Eagle: Said to be a Viking punishment. The victim's back is cut open with a knife, and then the ribs of the back are cut with an axe, and bent outward so hard that it looks like an eagle; Then the inner lobe of the lung is pulled out from the inside, the victim will often be in pain and faint to death, and then salt water is sprayed into the victim's body to wake the victim, the victim will eventually suffocate because the lung lobe is exposed to the air contraction and die. It's disgusting and horrible punishment. It's chilling. It is said that the famous victim of this punishment was the first recorded syphilis patient, who raped and pillaged; He took the place of his older brother, who had temporarily left, and was found by his older brother for raping his sister-in-law. He was executed by his older brother as a blood eagle.

However, according to the present research, the authenticity of this penalty is in doubt. Because there is no such record in the formal literature, there are only two or three victims, it is estimated that the message was wrongly transmitted.

It is said that only the knife is engraved with the shape of a blood eagle, because humans can not stand the blood eagle torture.

Mosquito torture: Zhu Yuanzhang is said to have executed Hu Weiyong with this torture. The victims are bound, stripped of their clothes and taken by boat to a place in the forest where there are many mosquitoes for them to bite. The victim is itchy and painful, but unable to move. Eventually the victim dies from shock caused by pain and allergies.

Two and three were both featured in the American documentary A Thousand Ways to Die.

Not torture better than torture:Chicken Man, originally written for Hong Kong writer Sham Suet (real name Lo Wing-si) in 2001 for Yes! Ghost World magazine in the short horror story "Chicken Man at the Elevation Theatre", about the late 1930s and early 1940s in Hong Kong, the Elevation Theatre back alley of a small, brutal "chicken man" performance every night. It refers to human traffickers who abduct children, beat them with toothed sticks until their skin breaks, cut off their tongues and hands, disfigured them, and then stick chicken clips all over their bodies as exhibits to attract people to buy tickets. The children are replaced every three days with a batch and a new one. Then, the secret was a child who escaped to expose, they just know the truth.

Although this article is scary, it is pure fiction: after the Internet users copy the original text word for word on the Internet, and then ferment into Hong Kong urban legend, everyone believes it, even ranked the first "Hong Kong top Ten metropolitan legends"; Deep Snow clarified in a year or three that the only real thing was that the Elevated Theater had actually existed.

I came across this story by accident in the past two weeks, and it scared me. I even couldn't sleep last Monday night. After my parents' advice, I have recovered my strength now.

Tumbler Woman: Same as the urban legend above, the tumbler woman is a woman whose hands and feet are cut off because she owes money to a loan shark, resembling a tumbler; And take it all over the world for the fetish to see; There are other versions for couples or couples to travel, the wife goes into the store's changing room to try on clothes, waiting for a long time, the husband goes to look for someone but there is no, and then can not find, had to give up. A few years later, but in the street (or cottage), saw his wife was cut off hands and feet, cut off the tongue appearance, for people to show.

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