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Into the darkness

by Daniel Coyle 2 years ago in monster
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A cliché Horror story

Everything began after to moving into my new house. Definitely, that is pretty unoriginal. Trust me, I know, yet it's what occurred. I never experienced anything powerful, and I never truly anticipated that anything this bad could happen to me.

I was given the option to lease the house for a cheap price. I didn't consider anything strange since it since it was old and not in the best of neighborhoods so I thought I just got a decent bargain. however after settling in things were fine for quite some time.

I don't recall precisely when it began in light of the fact that as it appeared to be so minor at this point. I'd leave a light on in my kitchen or my bathroom and return to find it off. I was simply overlooking it as a small electrical fault. Inevitably, I started to think and began leaving several lights intentionally. At times, nothing would occur. Here and there, I'd return to discover the lights switched off.

At this point, I gathered that something was off. I wasn't generally frightened, however simply confused. I thought perhaps something wasn't right with the hardware. I began leaving lights on more regularly, with the idea that It may have the option to get some indication of why they would randomly stop working. This is when it took a turn for the worse.

The first time I remember something insane happening was the point at which I left the kitchen and lounge room light on while I was napping. I woke up to a loud thundering snarl coming from the kitchen. from my room, you can see a few doors down to the dinning room and that room is associated with the kitchen. I woke up and feeling that there was a creature or something in my home.

I looked a few doors down toward the front room to see the light suddenly go off. Someone had flicked off the light from the kitchen. Another low snarl came, this time from the front room and I was about to scream as I saw something jolt the length of the hall opening and afterward the living room light went out.

I was unable to tell precisely what it was however. It just appeared to be a dark shadow or something. It didn't make a difference. I was frightened. I rushed from my bed at that point and flipped on the room light, anticipating that something should be in this room and about to to come after me.

Nothing. There wasn't anything in the room. I let out a low breath and afterward I gradually moved through the corridor into the lounge. When I got as far as possible with out entering darkness, I for all intents and purposes raced to turn on the light switch. Once more, nothing. Kitchen next i thought. i turned on the light and again, nothing!

I was beginning to think I imagined every last bit of it before I went to turn off the kitchen light and halted. I was a fully grown man however here I was, scared to flip that switch. What's more pathetic, I laid down with all the lights on that night.

That was a mistake!

when I woke up the following morning, all the lights were off again. I went to force myself up out of bed and flinched as my body felt sore. I pulled the sheets off to see long red imprints running down my legs and arms. It appeared as though something scratched me in the night. That worried the hell out of me but was nothing compared to what I saw around my house.

Each light I left on was crushed.

Each light that was on the previous evening was broken, each light knocked over and smashed in. My breath trapped in my throat as I glanced around. Something was messed up here. What's more, something attempted to… well do something something to me. I went in for work that day and went to promptly replace all the lights.

I didn't have the foggiest idea what to do at that point. I considered leaving and I realize this presumably sounds stupid however this was my home. It was my first time away from my family and this was MY home. I was unable to surrender it. So… I remained.

Indeed, even as it got worse.

Despite the fact that I was starting to get panicked of the darkness, I couldn't generally lay down with the light glaring on me at night. I'd leave different lights on however, as in the corridor, or the living room giving myself enough to see entirely well in my darker room.

consistently, I'd wake up in the middle of the night to hear something snarling and lurking around the lounge and after the lights would turn off. I would not like to go look. I was startled at the idea of being in a room with whatever was in there. So I curled up into bed and hoped it never came in.

One night, after this continued for some time, I had it. I purchased a gun and turned on each light in the house. At that point I plunked down in the center of the living room with my weapon on my lap and a baseball bat sitting close to me. I paused. There was nothing for quite a while. At around 2 am I started to hear it. Strangely, it was behind me. I turned and looked toward the corridor to my bedroom and could hear that unnatural snarl.

I gulped and held my gun in one hand and the bat in the other and gradually started to move around to get a better view of my room from the lounge. As I got a look of my bed, I heard a noisy THUMP! followed by an inhuman roar. I, being the daring man i am, bounced back and away from my living room

I needed to end this, but dear god I would not like to deal with that thing! I could hear tearing and crushing its way around my house and I don't have the slightest idea how i did but I managed to hear a distinctive "click". And afterward nothing. I returned to look a few doors down and the light was off again. A full breath and I slowly forward, my weapons prepared.

At the point I went to my room and flicked the light back on, I gasped. My bed was assaulted, torn totally apart. It resembled some creature had bounced into it and just tore it to shreds. I ventured forward to see what was left of my bed and just remained in shock for who knows how long. It wasn't until I heard the sound of a natural snarl that I turned around. Remaining close to my door, directly at the light switch, was the point at which I at long last saw it.

It was a man, a white and rotting man with a dismembered body that seemed as though he had once been a toy that a dog chewed staring at me. I was too in shock to try and raise my weapons. He stared at me for one minute and after… flipped off the light. I shouted. I'm not even embarrassed to tell you.

I shouted and ran. I couldn't have cared less of that was the place that… man… had been standing. I ran directly past where I had seen him, swinging my bat like a lunatic. I put a hole in the hallway as I went through into the protected light of the hallway. I turned to look back then, just in time to see him once again near the hall’s light switch. He turned that off too. I didn’t want to fight. I wanted to be safe. I burst past the living room and into the brightness of my kitchen.

I heard the sound of snarling and scratching about around me at that point and I realized he was returning. I looked back once again see that dismembered and rotting corpse of a man turn off another light with his broken finger and send me into frightening darkness. I broke for the living room.

This would have been my last stand. I'd need to fight here. I moved toward to the standing light that was my last line of defense. I hated the dark so I'd remain directly here, close to this soothing standing light. I sat tight for "it" to turn it off however… it never did. I looked around and… calm. Only calm.

I went then to see that redeeming quality of a light that would not break. I began to wind up chuckling; an insane yet ALIVE giggle and I thought i would be alright. I moved nearer and I swear I nearly hugged that light.

Until I saw it.

I heard the snarl first coming not from behind me yet in front! From that light. My eyes jumped and I stared as the light from that light brightened . I staggered back and, I don't know what happened however I think I stumbled on something. I simply realize I got myself flat on my back gazing up at that extreme light. It wasn't soothing any more. Simply hot and overwhelming and … I thought it was going to burn my skin off. And afterward it came.

I don't have words to portray what poured from that's light. It was frightful, turned, and full of rage. I realize I'll always remember those eyes however. Bright, hot, and white… two sparkling circles of pure spite. It despised me. It hated every little thing about me. What's more, not simply me. It despised Each individual. it was stuck here. it would lash out at what it could. Me. I don't know how I knew this however… I just knew. It jumped at me and I set myself up for a painful death.


The light went out. once again came the darkness. Sweet, calm, loosening up darkness. I remained on the ground for a long second, letting my eyes alter as I kept my view focused on where my standing light was. As the seconds passed, I could begin to make him out. That ruined man by the light had one torn hand on the switch as he looked down at me.

I saw at that point. I comprehended what everything implied. Everything that occurred. The man pulled his hand away from it and afterward guided a mangled finger to it, obviously, shaking his head from side to side. all I could end up doing was gesturing by nodding my head.

He wasn't the one attempting to hurt me. This time, each one of those instances, he was attempting to protect me. That animal could just come in the light. What's more, this rotting, dismembered body had been attempting to protect me. He didn't need another person to repeat his mistake.

I moved out the next day and never looked back on my first house. Whatever it was, it was confined to that house and so far, nothing has come at me from another light source. that thing will always stick with me in my mind for the reminder of my dark filled life. Every night, in my new apartment, I made a habit of walking around the house before i went to sleep, making sure every light was off, every curtain was closed, and made sure to keep myself in quiet, comforting, and safe pitch darkness.


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