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How to sell online part 1

by Daniel Coyle 2 years ago in how to
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Attention Grabbing Headlines


Have you ever wanted to or tried to sell a product online and struggled, then look no further than this simple sales guide. In this Chapter I am going to inform you of a vital skill you will need to master and that is copy-writing. Straight from the word go you want to draw the attention of your potential customer and do you know why that is? It is because the average attention span is 8 Seconds! That means if you don't grab their attention you can kiss your sale goodbye.

Features tell and benefits sell

When writing a description for your products remember this Key Fact! Features of a product inform a customer of what you can offer however without linking them to a benefit they might not be persuasive enough. For example A mattress might have a Gel Infused as a feature but without telling people what the point of buying a Gel Infused mattress is then it it wasted. Instead they should say "Gel Infused mattress to help you stay cool throughout the night" as this provides a benefit and gives them a reason to purchase the mattress.

Some of the best and most memorable advertisement of products contain benefits of their product for example Lucozade when they talk about the energy they provide and say "for that moment when you need it most" this is describing how crucial the energy values of the product could be to you.

Key Words When Advertising

When advertising or trying to engage people regardless of what it is some key words can be used to stand out and to make your product more appealing. There are too many key words that could be used to help sell so i will only give a few examples for more help you can check here

You should try to use command words when trying to grab attention for example take, imagine, follow, join and live. For example if you were trying to help people with a weight loss guide instead of just saying "how to lose weight" pitch your service/guide by saying "Follow these 3 easy steps to lose weight and live the life of your dreams" as this stands out and creates an image in their head that if they use your guide or service that they can achieve their end goal of the ideal weight they want to be.

Another key word that is underrated in online advertising is "how" you can make your product or service stand out very easily by using how in combination with an attention grabbing sentence in your head line for example "how to become a sales warrior and join the wealthy elite, even if you're virtually broke" There is a Formula for these headlines that work with almost any product and that is "How to do X with out X", with X being any variable you want to replace such as "How to lose weight without cutting your favorite foods out your diet".

Question Headlines

question headlines are good for attracting people you should be able to make these up for your self based of what your product is. One of the most common attention attracting headlines is "Are you paying too much for your gas or electricity? here's how to find out and you could save up to 25%. This title is quick to the point and all it does is ask a simple question and tells you that you could be saving money. Some good question headline openers are Are you ..... ?, Have you ......? Do you ......? Would you believe ...... ?

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