Fascination of Horror

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Warning-not suitable for anyone below 17.

Fascination of Horror
The Alphabet by David Lynch

Growing up, I always had this love for the horror genre. I've watched movies like The Evil Dead, IT (1990), Friday the 13th, and A Nightmare on Elm Street; and played games like Resident Evil, Until Dawn, Outlast, The Evil Within, and Dead Space (many of these are franchises). Horror will always have a place in my heart because of the many beautys it has. It might seem a bit taboo that I see horror movies as beautiful because it's suppose to be the exact opposite of beautiful, but I digress. Overall, the horror genre might seem a bit stale but just read long enough and I might convince you that there are more to horror movies than blood and guts.

Setting/ Environment

From Psycho (1960)

You may or may not be a fan of horror but we all should know that setting is the key. Setting is where something takes place, and in the case of horror there are many possibilities. The setting can be in the desert plains of Austin, Texas; in a motel where a crazy man and his mother reside; or maybe in a little town where clown is killing children for a meal. The setting is not the only thing that defines the horror genre but it is a large component that keeps it going. Whatever the location is, the possibilities are unlimited; the only limit is your imaginations. At the very least, the messed up part of your imagination.

NO Boundaries

From The Descent

Horror has no limitations! Think of the most disturbing thing that will freak you out the minute you see it. Whatever disturbing thing you're thinking of is a possibility within horror. Right now, I'm thinking of a giant mutated rat who had a taste for human flesh and is now hunting for another taste. The giant rat has torn fur with tissue being revealed. There is an awful lot of saliva dripping off the rat's mouth and there is a whole amount of blood from its previous victims. With a little special affects and engineering, creating this rat is possible and the same goes with your insane ideas. Whether it's idea for the plot or an image that you can't get out of your head, it's doable. Boundaries are not only meant for horror but it defiantly opens the door to the lack of boundaries that cinema, games, books, etc. should have. This idea is not meant for everyone with a totally justified point with children. Some of these ideas are not meant for children, therefore, boundaries are made. But, there is a reason that some of these films or games have a mature rating. Meaning, it's not meant for children! Again, going against the idea of no boundaries is justifiable that is why there are rating systems. Overall, horror is a gateway to the lack of boundaries and I believe it's a great way for a little creativity to get leaked to the world.

Horror takes what we love or what we are aware of and makes it into something eery or something we should fear. Psycho is great example of taking something ordinary into something terrifying. The kitchen knife is a ordinary kitchen utensil until we finally hear that eery music. Another example is from a David Lynch film called Alphabet. Alphabet took the alphabet and made it into something most people would call creepy. This short film does have meaning but still manages to keep that eery factor in. Alphabet may not be a horror focus film but it still manages to hit that factor in cinema.

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