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“Mud or blood?”

"A Tale of Survival and Sacrifice"?

By Kamran AlamPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

In 1978, Roger led a World Nature Exploration party through the Amazon jungle to search for the famous Bootah River canyon, one of the last untouched wildernesses on the planet. The group arrived at the port and packed their boats for the journey, which was a heavy-duty wooden boat with flat bottoms. They were warned by an old local fisherman about the many waterfalls along the Bootah River and the Spirit Walkers who lived in the mountains.

The Amazon flow was low at this time of year, and they had to be back at the port before the monsoon floods came in July. If they did not reach the canyon by the beginning of May, they would turn back. The exploration party consisted of ten members, including Roger, and four locals agreed to travel with them on the boats as far as the first waterfall. After that, they would be on foot alone after that.

On day 2, Roger and his team turned left into the Bootah River, sticking to the center of the waterway to avoid the numerous crocodiles fighting on the river's edge. The dense forest hung low over the waterline, and there was nowhere to go ashore. With the currents, the boat was bouncing a fair bit, and they didn't want to fall overboard as the water was as dark as hot chocolate and they would not see what was attacking them.

The afternoon thunderstorms slowed their speed on the river, and the pilot had to drop speed to navigate the river safely. There was still a day to go before the drop-off point, so they will be camping in the boat on the river tonight.

Day 3 saw the boat crew working the motors more than usual to catch up on time, but the pilot claimed they did it all the time to fight the current. As the light fading, the boat crew dumped their supplies on the shore and took off back down the river. They scrambled to set up some form of camp for the night while the night guards prepared for an evening of defending the camp from anything unwanted.

Day 4 was a rough night with little sleep, as the river curves back around a hill to the waterfall where they will set up base camp. To save time, they decided to cut through the jungle, taking the shorter direct route.

In summary, Roger and his team embarked on a journey through the Amazon jungle to find the Bootah River canyon, one of the last untouched wildernesses on Earth. The journey was marked by challenges such as climbing the hill, navigating through the jungle, and the dangers of the jungle.

The text describes a group of people who are exploring a canyon near a waterfall. They arrive at the head of the waterfall and are scouting for an easier track down into the canyon. They encounter a dense forest and a strong current, which makes it difficult to see the bottom of the canyon. On day 10, they find a narrow animal track and spend the day searching along the river, which is abundant in bird life, insects, and new plant species.

On day 11, they find a cave with ancient symbols caved on the rock walls, which they are excited about. They are on edge, with only a few pistols for protection. They decide to leave at first light tomorrow to find more searchers downstream.

On April 17, the camp is raided and the tents are set on fire. Roger, who is alone, hides in a hollow log and searches for survivors. He reads a trail of blood heading back into the canyon and is not willing to follow it. He is unsure if the man who left everything behind or joined the souls of his team is responsible for the attack.

Roger is nervous and ready to move on, but the last strips of the ghostly tent in the corner fluttered in the breeze. He pulls his satellite phone out of his bag and tucks the journal away.

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  • Alex H Mittelman 2 months ago

    Fantastic story! Great work! ❤️

Kamran AlamWritten by Kamran Alam

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