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"Unveiling the Darkness Within"?

By Kamran AlamPublished about a month ago 3 min read

After the Antarctic Treaty of December 1959, 12 countries, including Norway and Britain, united to work together scientifically in Antarctica. In 1956, the British established Halley Research Station to study the Earth's atmosphere. A team of six British explorers, led by Captain Sterling, were assigned to investigate the disappearance of Captain Flynn and his four men who had worked since 1956 at the Halley Station of the British Antarctic Survey (BAS).

Upon arrival at Halley Station, Captain Sterling and his team discovered Captain Flynn's diaries and began reading them. They found no clues to what may have happened to Captain Flynn and his men. On Day 6, Corporal Jennings noticed an edginess in his men, but they would usually laugh and joke about it. On Day 7, the team experienced a snow blizzard and a significant drop in temperature outside, but their engineer was working on ensuring their paraffin heaters were working properly.

On Day 8, the team prepared for a day-long, 100-mile trip to the Norwegian station. The Siberian huskies were beautiful and strong, and they were excited to see the dogs staring fearfully at something on the hill. A loud bang startedle the dogs, and they rallied to pull them away through the last 40 miles to the station. Professor Fredrik Andersen, who was responsible for the Norwegian station, came outside to greet them and they went to bed.

On Day 9, the team met with Professor Fredrik Andersen and learned about their scientific work in Antarctica. The Norwegian scientific team had many years of experience and had been conducting important experiments on the island since December 1958. After lunch, both the Norwegian and British contingent listened to Fredrik discuss their findings. By 1600 hours, most of the team went to bed, still feeling tired.

On Day 10, the team was assigned to take temperature readings and wind speed, as well as send up a weather balloon. They also assisted the Norwegians with various scientific experiments. By 1700 hours, everyone stopped for a meal and rested, but a snow blizzard prevented them from doing any more work. At 2230 hours, everyone turned in for the night.

On Day 11, the snow storm interrupted everyone's sleep throughout the night, until it abated by 0600 hours. The sound of the wind and the snowstorm made it difficult for the team to sleep.

On February 25th, 1961, the explorers were preparing for another weather balloon launch. They were preparing for the event by connecting a radiosonde instrument to the end of the balloon for measuring temperature, pressure, and humidity in the atmosphere. The balloon could reach up to 30 km before finally bursting.

The explorers worked hard together on scientific research and received medical care from British Doctor Howard Davis. A strange thing happened around 2100 hours, with one Norwegian scientist claiming to have seen someone staring through the kitchen window while making coffee. The professor tried to calm him down and gave him brandy, but it was speculated that this was just a coincidence.

Captain Sterling wondered if there could be a connection between these strange sightings and the British team's disappearance. On February 12th, after more scientific work, everything went dark, and the electric lights went off. Professor Andersen called out "Skynd deg!" (hurry for everyone to come outside and see what he was observing. He found no Solar Eclipse that day, but later found that daylight returned.

On February 13th, the explorers discussed the strange occurrence and decided to take a break from work. They watched Laurel and Hardy films to relax and go to sleep in good spirits.

On February 25th, the explorers prepared for another weather balloon launch, which they launched with three packs of huskies. The balloon exploded, changing from a round balloon to a giant mushroom as it grew. As they looked up at the balloon, the huskies became excited and began barking madly towards the mountain.The explorers took two photos of the objects before they disappeared vertically up in the sky at incredible speed.

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  • Alex H Mittelman about a month ago

    Wonderful! Great story’

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