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The Magic of the Eighties

Why was it so special?

By s naickerPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
The Magic of the Eighties
Photo by David James on Unsplash

When I think back to the eighties, so many precious memories come to mind. Being a child in the eighties was a unique experience in every sense of the word. What made it so special though?

Well, when I think back, there were so many experiences and moments of life that I hold so very close to my heart.

Rushing back from school to sink my teeth into my mum's delicious cooking was always something I will remember. After satisfying my stomach, playing outside until the sun went down was a norm. We did not have a huge yard, however we made the best of everything we had.

Growing up, we never had lots of luxuries. We did not even have a car. However, we had all the love and attention from both our parents. This was a blessing indeed.

The feeling of gathering around the TV to watch our favourite cartoons and series is something that kids of today will never truly understand. Mainly due to the fact that the epic cartoons and series of the eighties are like nothing of today. From the theme music to the unique characters. Gummy Bears! The Knight Rider! The A Team! Macgyver and many others. It always kept us fully entertained. Ahh, and the theme music was melodies that have been ingrained in my head. Just watch below the opening videos of Gummy Bears and Knight Rider.

If these videos do not bring that warm fuzzy feeling then I have no idea what will. Listen closely to the inspirational words of Gummy Bears.

What about the music of the eighties? It is music that will live forever! Michael Jackson’s moonwalk still turns heads when attempted by dancers of today.

Our summer and winter school holidays were always filled with so much fun. Fun without spending money! That is one thing that was always so prevalent. We lived such a full life and it did not cost much to get by and be happy.

Life in the eighties was filled with therapeutic togetherness. Filled with lots of love! Life was simple. No complications! I honestly feel that people back then were more connected than the times of today. I mean real true bonds. Face to face, wholesome bonds.

Do not get me wrong, it is great we have made so many technological advancements. It has helped many in different sectors of our environment connect in different forms and ways. However, I will still stand by this statement. The connection of the eighties was special in that most of those bonds were cemented without the aid of today's technology. It was naturally pure in every sense of the word.

Is it all lost though? Do you think we can get some of the magic of the eighties back? What is your view on this? In my humble opinion I deeply believe it is up to us, the children of the eighties, to try and instil some of those values in our children of today.

I know you are thinking, I am crazy for even thinking that this is even remotely possible, however, everything in life starts with a thought and belief. I believe we can do it in simple ways. Like share more stories of the eighties with our kids of today. Play more music from the eighties. Switch off the computer games and TV and go play with the kids outside.

Be careful not to scare your kids with eighties overload, I’m sure with their current conditioning from today's world they need small doses at a time as opposed to the eighties just forced onto them. You get where I’m going with this, I’m sure!

With my sign off, let me leave you with another short video summarising this article. Until the next time, take care and enjoy grooving to the eighties.


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