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The Exodus

And The Ancient Machines

By Cosmic SecretsPublished 2 months ago 4 min read

The Exodus

The Exodus, a tale etched in the annals of human history, recounts how Moses led the Israelites out of Egyptian slavery and into the promised land of Israel. Yet, their journey was fraught with peril, particularly in the barren and hostile Sinai desert. How did they endure for 40 years in such an unforgiving environment? And what was the enigmatic sustenance that God bestowed upon them each morning, known as manna?

According to some researchers, the manna mentioned in ancient texts may not have been a result of divine intervention but rather a product of extraterrestrial technology. It is believed that the manna was not a natural substance but was actually created by a sophisticated machine that was hidden in the desert. This machine, called the Manna Machine, was powered by nuclear energy and produced algae as a food source for those in need. The Manna Machine was based on an intriguing description found in an ancient Jewish text known as the Zohar, which is part of the Kabbalah mystical tradition.

This text describes a cryptic entity known as "the Ancient of Days", which was adorned with various faces, brains, tubes, and lights. Two electrical engineers, George Sassoon and Rodney Dale, dissected this description and concluded that it was not a divine entity but a technical blueprint for a manna-producing machine. They even constructed a model of the machine to test its functionality.

The researchers suggest that the Manna Machine was an extraterrestrial creation, brought to Earth to help feed the hungry. The machine's production of manna was consistent with the accounts of the manna that fell from the sky, as described in the Bible. It is also believed that the Manna Machine was capable of producing other substances, such as water and oil, which would have been useful in the harsh desert environment. While this theory is still debated among scholars, it offers a fascinating perspective on the true nature of the manna and the possibility of extraterrestrial intervention in human history.

The enigmatic machine found on Earth has left many questions unanswered. However, Sassoon and Dale have proposed a theory that the machine was created by an extraterrestrial civilization that visited our planet thousands of years ago. They argue that the machine was left behind by these aliens to aid humanity in surviving and evolving. It was then discovered by Moses, who mastered its operation and utilized it to feed his people. But what if there is more to this story? What if there are other civilizations observing us, waiting for us to reach a certain level of awareness and maturity before making contact? Is there any evidence supporting this theory? If so, how does it transform our comprehension of our ancient past and our place in the vast cosmos?

Consider the Ark of the Covenant, a sacred chest that contained the tablets of the Ten Commandments. The Ark was also said to house the nuclear reactor that powered the Manna Machine. But it wasn't just a simple chest. It had some strange properties, such as emitting sparks, killing anyone who touched it, and levitating when carried. These could be explained by the presence of radioactive material inside. Can you imagine the awe and wonder that such a discovery would inspire?

Another possible clue is the manna itself. The Bible describes it as a white substance that tasted like honey and wafers. It also had some peculiar characteristics, such as melting in the sun, spoiling after one day, and appearing only six days a week. These could be explained by the properties of algae, which are sensitive to heat, prone to decay, and need a rest period for growth. Perhaps the most compelling clue is the fact that the Manna Machine was based on a text from the Zohar, which is part of the Kabbalah. The Kabbalah is a mystical tradition that explores the hidden aspects of God and creation. It also contains some astonishing insights into cosmology, physics, mathematics, and biology. Can you imagine the depth of knowledge and understanding that our ancestors possessed? Some scholars have even suggested that the Kabbalah contains encoded information about advanced technologies and extraterrestrial intelligence.

The Conclusion

Could it be possible that the Kabbalah, a mystical Jewish tradition, is not a human invention but a transmission from an alien source? If so, what other secrets does it hold? And why did they choose to reveal them to us? Ancient astronaut theorists say yes. They believe the Kabbalah and the Manna Machine, a device mentioned in ancient texts that could produce food, are not isolated cases but two of many examples of ancient alien technology that influenced our history and culture. They also think these aliens are still watching us and waiting for us to reach a certain level of awareness and maturity before they make contact again.

What is their agenda? What do they want from us? And when will they return? The answers may be found within the Manna Machine, an ancient alien technology that not only saved the Israelites from starvation and death but could also hold the key to our very origin and destiny.

Throughout history, humankind has been visited by mysterious beings from other worlds, leaving us with countless questions about their intentions. "What is their agenda? What do they want from us? And when will they return?" These are some of the most pressing questions we have. However, the answers we seek may be hidden within an ancient artifact known as the Manna Machine.

This alien technology saved the Israelites from inevitable deaths during their journey through the desert and nourished them through manna from the heavens. But the Manna Machine is much more than just a food dispenser. It could hold the key to unlocking the mysteries of our very origin and destiny. The technology behind it is so advanced that it could offer us insights into the universe's workings that we have yet to discover. With the help of modern science and technology, we can unravel the secrets of the Manna Machine and better understand the beings that left it behind. Who knows what we may discover and how it could benefit humanity?

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