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saleh (AS) part3

the end

By Abo godaPublished 4 months ago 4 min read
Saleh's camel

How did the Thamudians murder Saleh's camel?

The nine young men set out to slaughter the camel as she returned from the mountain where she resided after drinking from the water. They waited on the road for her, and when she arrived, Qaddar ordered them to assault her. They were scared and fled when they assaulted her, but Qaddar laughed at them, approached her, and hit her on the leg, severing her, and severing is the breaking of a limb. He fractured her leg and she fell, so they phoned their buddy, who became unwell, implying that he broke her leg. That implies they shattered the camel's leg, and once her son escaped, they pursued him and encircled him, causing him to make three loud noises before killing him. The villagers assembled to cut the meat and eat off the camel, and everyone took part in this crime except the believers, who refused, and the people confronted Saleh.

The inhabitants of Thamud challenge Saleh to beg God to punish them.

And when the news of Salih, peace be upon him, got out, he exclaimed, God Almighty says: "So they hacked it." "Meaning Salih," he explained, adding, "Enjoy yourself in your homes for three days." That is not a broken promise. That implies you'll all perish in three days. So the group gathered and began to talk about Saleh's situation and his warning. Then they said, "We kill Saleh with the camel," and the plot to assassinate Saleh started. So, after killing the camel, they plotted to assassinate God's Prophet, Saleh, and they prepared the nine men, along with others who would assist them, and they went to Saleh's house to burn it and kill him and those with them. The first anguish fell on the nine young men, and they and their families were absolutely ruined because they intended to assassinate Saleh. Saleh, peace be upon him, escaped from the hamlet of Al-Hajar on the night when God Almighty annihilated his foes. On the first day of the Warning, the people found themselves in an unusual situation. Thamud's features became yellow, and he began to weep. On the second day, the faces had gone crimson. When all of their faces became black on the third day, they began to wail and shout and to dig graves. That is, they were aware that the situation was genuine and that there was no way out. And the torture came, not a single torment like what occurred to the people of Ad, a wind, or a single torment like what happened to a people akin to the flood, but rather several sorts of anguish because a sign came to them according to their circumstances, and they disbelieved in them. When the incident began, there was a tremor, or earthquake, and they landed on their feet. Then lightning bolts started falling on them, and the whole thing concluded with a yell that annihilated them all.

May God preserve Prophet Saleh and those with him, and may Thamud be annihilated.

That is, God annihilated and scattered them, destroying all of Thamud but saving Salih and those with him. Their vestiges can still be found today. Anyone driving northwest of the city will notice their houses in Mada'in Saleh. To prove that the narrative is accurate, God departed the Thamud people's homes and Saleh relocated from this location.

The death of Prophet Saleh in the Palestinian city of Ramla

The Prophet Saleh and his followers, as well as his family, traveled to Palestine, the fortunate country, and settled in Ramla, the city of Ramla, where he died, peace be upon him. The Prophet, may God's prayers and peace be upon him, states that on his journey to the Battle of Tabuk, he passed by Mada'in Salih, and some of his companions went and got water from Mada'in Salih's wells, as well as various utensils. The Prophet, may God's prayers and peace be upon him, ordered the dishes to be broken and the food produced from their water to be thrown away, as well as that no one enter. He can only cry for these wretched individuals. That is, it is impossible to forget the might and strength of God Almighty as exhibited in these people. And in another story, if you don't cry, weep. Except for Thamud, they did not believe in their Lord. Thus ended Thamud's story with Salih, which was mentioned more than 26 times in the Qur'an as a sermon and a reminder to the believers, and the people lived and faith returned again, then deviation began again, and the whispers of Satan came again, and disbelief spread in Palestine, Iraq, the Peninsula, and Egypt, and this time God Almighty sent one of the greatest prophets. The prophets are among the most powerful of the messengers, and Abraham, peace be upon him, is the father of the prophets.


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