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Idris (as)

After Adam (as)

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After the death of Adam, peace be upon him, his son Seth took over the rule of the earth with justice and goodness, but corruption spread in the plains among the people of Cain, the son of Adam, and crimes spread, including murder. They began killing among themselves and killing other sons of Adam among the people who came from the mountains, so corruption spread.

The sons of Adam mix with the disobedient sons of Cain

This came from what was narrated by Ibn Abbas, may God be pleased with him, when he said that there were two generations of Adam’s descendants (meaning the people of Cain and those of his children who remained with Adam), one of whom inhabited the plain, and the other inhabited the mountains, and the men of the mountains were of bright faces, and among the women were dammams (meaning less beautiful). The women of the plain are beautiful and the men are ugly. And Satan came to a man from the people of the plain in the form of a boy and hired himself as one of them (i.e., he began working with a man from the people of Cain) and was serving him, and this boy (Satan) began teaching them musical instruments and songs, so Satan, may God’s curse be upon him, took something like the one in which he pipes. The shepherds brought him with a voice the likes of which the people had never heard, so it reached those around them (i.e., the sounds of songs began to reach the people in the mountains), so they listened to him and made a festival to which they gathered during the year.

On the day of the Eid, women display their adornment for men. The mountain people began to look at the beauty of the women, which tempted them. Some men from the mountains began to sneak away and go to the plains. It was part of the law of Seth, son of Adam, forbidding mixing with the sons and daughters of Cain. A man from the mountain people attacked them while they were on their feast. He saw the women and their morning, so he returned. He told his friends, and they all wanted to look at them, so they began to look at them and descended on them while they were adorned on the day of the Eid, and indecency appeared on it, which is adultery, and this is the beginning of adultery.

Ibn Abbas says: This is the interpretation of the words of God Almighty.

The mission of the Prophet of God Idris, peace be upon him

Seth's group declined and Cain's group increased until the Prophet of God, Idris, peace be upon him, one of Seth's descendants, came. Idris was born during the life of Adam and lived 120 years in Adam’s life. God chose Idris after the death of Adam and Seth as a prophet and messenger.

In Hadith, he was the first prophet after Adam and Seth, peace be upon them, and he was the first to write with a pen and spread writing among people.

Description of the Prophet of God Idris, peace be upon him

In his description, as Ibn Katheer narrates, he was of perfect stature, handsome face, thick beard, good-looking, broad-shouldered, large-boned, thin-bodied, thin, with bright eyes, the darkest of them, careful in his words, very silent, calm in his limbs, calm when he walked most of his time, looking at the ground, and a lot of thought. Contemplating the Kingdom of God brings sadness, and when he doubts, he becomes agitated and moves his mind when he speaks.

The law of Idris, peace be upon him, was the first to legislate jihad

Idris, peace be upon him, continued to follow the law of his grandfather Seth and kept adding to it because he was a messenger by God’s command. He legislated. When he saw corruption beginning to spread and these people began to attack the righteous believers, he then initiated jihad. He was the first to fight for the sake of God and the first to seize sheep and take captives for the sake of God.

He prepared an army with horses and infantry, attacked Cain's people, defeated them, and captured them. Battles began between truth and falsehood and between evil and good.

Idris died in the fourth heaven

Not much was mentioned to us about Idris, peace be upon him, except that God referred to him in His Noble Book in Surat Maryam

In the noble hadith: Idris’s soul was captured in the fourth heaven after he ascended to heaven with one of the angels.

Ibn Jarir narrated in the interpretation of this verse, saying: Yunus bin Abdul-Ala told me, Ibn Wahb told me, Jarir bin Hazim told me, on the authority of Sulaiman Al-Amash, on the authority of Shimr bin Attiya, on the authority of Hilal bin Yasaf, he said: Ibn Abbas asked Ka’ba, while I was present, and he said to him: What did God Almighty say to Idris: (And We raised him to a high place?) Ka’b said: As for Idris, God revealed to him that I will raise for you every day the equivalent of the work of all the sons of Adam. He wanted to increase his work, so a friend of his from among the angels came to him and said: God has revealed to me. Such and such, then the Angel of Death spoke to me, so that he might delay me until I did more work, so he carried him between his wings, until he ascended him to heaven. When he was in the fourth heaven, the Angel of Death met them descending, and he spoke to the Angel of Death about the one Idris spoke to him about, and he said: Where is Idris? He said: Here he is on my back.

The Angel of Death said: How amazing! I was sent and it was said to me: I will take Idris’s soul in the fourth heaven. So I started saying: How do I take his soul in the fourth heaven when he is on earth? So he took his soul there.

The death of Idris, peace be upon him

And Idris, peace be upon him, died, and no prophet was sent. He left humanity on the law of Seth, the law of Idris, and the law of Adam, and corruption spread and people began to increase in their corruption, but they remained on monotheism and idols did not spread among them, and they remained on monotheism for a thousand years after the death of Adam, peace be upon him, and this is the saying of God Almighty (it was People are one nation) until people started worshiping idols.


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