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old brands that you never get extinct.

they still exist today.

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old brands that you never get extinct.
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1.Fruity Pebbles was the first cereal brand linked to a TV show. It all started with The Flintstones. These colorful, fruit-flavored sugary bits featured The Flintstones on the box. The idea was a hit, and Fruity Pebbles became a success. Even though The Flintstones aired until 1966, people still enjoy this cereal today. The company that makes Fruity Pebbles sells about 1.4 billion bowls of it every year. It's amazing how a TV show can create such a loyal customer base.

2.Buick is the oldest car company in America, still operating. Car brands come and go, but you won't see new Pontiacs, Oldsmobiles, or DeLoreans on the road. However, a new DeLorean model, the Alpha 5, is set to be released this year. It's priced at $125,000. If you prefer a car with a rich history, Ford, Chevy, and Buick are good options. Buick is actually older than Ford, founded in May 1903. For even older car manufacturers, look to Europe - Peugeot is the oldest, starting in the 1890s.

3.The oldest chocolate bar in the world is the 1890s Number Eight Fries Chocolate Cream. It has been around for a long time. If you enjoy classic candy bars, this one might be for you. Hershey, Nestle, and Cadbury are well-known chocolate brands, but Fries Chocolate Cream is the oldest one still available. It has a rich history dating back to 1866 when it was invented by Joseph Fry. Even though the company stopped production in 2011, Cadbury now makes Fries products, including the iconic chocolate cream bar. It has a chocolate coating with a creamy fondant center.

4.That's your favorite soft drink number four. Verer is the oldest soda brand. The global soft drink market was worth over $400 billion in 2021 and is expected to continue growing. It's a surprising amount of money for something many people think is unhealthy. Alcohol sales are over $1 trillion, not including sales at restaurants and bars. Maybe soft drink sales aren't as impressive after all. Despite the money involved, there are many soft drinks on the market with long histories. Drinks like Pepsi, Coca-Cola, and Dr. Pepper all date back to the 1800s, with Dr. Pepper being the oldest from 1885. However, the oldest soda available today is Verner's ginger ale. Verner was created in 1866 in Detroit by James Verner, a pharmacist. Many early soft drinks were originally made as medicinal tonics. There is some debate about the exact year of Verner's creation, possibly in 1880. The formula may have changed over the years, so the Verner's you drink today may not be the original recipe and may not be the oldest brand still available.

5. Good and Plenty holds the title for the oldest non-chocolate candy still on the market. These tiny white and pink candy-coated slivers of black licorice have been available since 1893. It's ironic that the oldest candy in America is flavored with black licorice, which is not a popular flavor among many people, including myself.

6.Zilan has been crafting symbols since 1623. If you're not a percussionist, you probably haven't thought much about symbols. However, you may have seen a drummer playing on a symbol with the name Zilgon written on it. Zilan's symbols are the oldest in the world. The story of Ziljin is quite unusual. In 1618, Alchemist Avidus Ziljin was actually trying to make gold, not musical instruments. Instead, he accidentally created a recipe for metal that produced exceptional symbols. The alloy Zilon is made of copper, tin, and silver, but the exact combination remains a mystery.

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