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An abnormal pitch

By Shelby Hagood Published 3 months ago 3 min read

Reality TV can be a fun way to relax an enjoy a funny show that doesn't take too much thought to pay attention to. A competition show is a great way to have people on the edge of their seats. There has been modeling, art design, cooking, and baking competitions for several years now. Are we running of of show ideas and ways to compete? What about a writers competition! Is that possibly too boring to bring to the screen? People used to gather from all over in cities in order to hear from an old storytelling bard, so isn't there a way for this idea to become entertaining? I know I would watch!

Writer competition Reality TV show pitch:

Show Name: Book Bards

Episode 1: Ten people and their genre type are introduced. The contestants write a short story relating to their genre type and they are read and judged by storyline, characters, and great plot development. Someone is eliminated by the end of the day.

Episode 2: The writers meet with an artist to communicate a cover art for their short story. The communication between the artists and the convey of the story mixed with the pick of what the writer believes would be important for the picture determine the winner. Another elimination by end of day.

Episode 3: Animators are met with. The writers need to express what would be important for a short clip advertising their story. The animations will be judged by if the video would make an audience interested and want to read their story. The creator of the least entertaining video is eliminated by end of day.

Episode 4: The writers turn their short story into a short play and actors come to present what they have written and will be directing. Writers should be able to make the transition between story to play writing styles. The best play wins and the bottom goes home.

Episode 5: The contestants write poetry relating to their story. They chose what is important to within the poem. Is the plot important or the characters relationship? The writer chooses to move the hearts of the judges in order to no get eliminated by the end of the day.

Episode 6: A fashion designer will come to create an outfit that one of the characters would wear. The writer needs to express correctly the unique outfit choice for the character in order to stay and not be eliminated by the end of the day.

Episode 7 and 8: It is time to add more short stories in order to create an entire small book of short stories. This will happen over a course of two days because of the length of time needed to write several stories. The cohesiveness and writing skill will be determined. Elimination by the end of episode 8.

Episode 9: The writers will meet with an artist to add pictures to their book so they have more than the cover to work with. The book will be printed like it is ready to be sold and an elimination of the least appealing book is decided.

Episode 10: The final two contestants need a final twist! They will dabble into each other's genres. whatever genre the last two have left, the other will take on to make a short story. They can have the flare of their own genre type added, but ultimately they will have to impress the judges with a new spin. The final winner is then announced by the end of the show who will win the price of their short story book becoming officially published and sold.


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