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The Summer of Love

by Luqman Sattar 4 years ago in comics
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A Quick Discussion on Weddings Happening in Comics

If you read comics then you know that there are a couple weddings coming up in both DC Comics and Marvel Comics. So what I'm going to do is talk about why they are happening, why they are important, and what will be the likely aftermath of these weddings. We'll be starting this post with DC Comics because they did it first.

As you may know, Batman is supposed to get married to Catwoman in July with BatmanIssue #50. The reason that this is so significant is because Batman and Catwoman have had an on/off relationship in comics for decades, and the two actually getting married and sealing the deal is important to a lot of fans. This is because, over the years, the two getting together was teased repeatedly, but it never happened. And for the most part, keeping them as an on/off couple would bring in more readers because there would be drama, tension, and some action in the story. But using the same fight, make up, and break up formula can only work for so long. So it seems that marrying the characters is the only logical step. Though the marriage story arc is pretty significant in terms of the Batman mythos, it ties into the most significant characteristic of the Batman mythology, and that characteristic is the death of Bruce Wayne's parents. More specifically, Batman's inability to get over the death of his parents.

Back in 2017, We got Batman Issue #22 where Bruce Wayne and The Flash use the cosmic treadmill to tap into the speed force, but what happens is they fall into the Flashpoint Universe. The Flashpoint Universe is the result of Barry Allen going back in time to save his mother. The Flashpoint event was what lead into the New 52 Relaunch in 2011. In this universe, things are different than the main DC universe. Superman was discovered by the government instead of the Kents and is now a lab experiment. There are no Green Lanterns. Cyborg works for the government, but most importantly, Bruce Wayne's parents didn't die. Instead, Bruce died and his parents survived, leading Thomas Wayne, Bruce's father, to become Batman. And Bruce's mother, Martha, goes insane and become The Joker. Essentially, what this does is provide the chance for a fully grown Bruce Wayne as Batman to meet Thomas Wayne as Batman. Bruce tells his dad that he's got a son, but really he has like five sons and two daughters. And what Thomas does is say, take care of your kid, be happy, and stop being Batman.

For most, getting married is a huge step that one takes in their lives. For Bruce Wayne to actually get married and pursue happiness is significant in showing that he is getting over the death of his parents, and is ready to make his life going forward for him and the one he loves, and not for those that he's lost. But is that really going to last? The marriage, I mean. Batman is a character that, without his grief, anger, and painful experiences, would be a completely different character. The way I see it, DC Comics can take this marriage one of two ways. One, they could make Batman and Catwoman a power couple of the DC Universe alongside Superman and Lois Lane. Or two, this marriage can end very, very terribly. Making a tragic event occur on his wedding would give Batman a new inspiration when he is out fighting crime, and to be honest, that's what I think is going to happen. So what I'm saying is, DC can man up and bring change to the character who has had the same sad story for over 75 years, or they can keep him the same brooding and angry man with some serious mental health issues and a desperate need to see a psychiatrist. Some would prefer the latter. But I've spent enough time talking about Batman and Catwoman. Let's talk about Marvel's Wedding between Colossus and Shadowcat (Kitty Pryde).

I, and many other people, feel that Marvel announced the Colossus-Shadowcat wedding because DC announced the Batman-Catwoman wedding. You see, Batman and Catwoman have been in on and off relationships for a while, and that leaves fans wondering will they/won't they. It's always something that's been teased, and their flirtatious dynamic between the two is ever-present when they are together. It makes sense that DC would take this next step in the Batman mythos. Marvel, on the other hand, doesn't have the same fan following or support for Colossus and Kitty Pryde. The two characters were dating like 20 years ago, but they broke up and they didn't get back together for a while, so the fan support for the relationship died down. If the two were broken up for a while, eventually fans would decide, "Eh, they're not getting back together." Especially when they have their characters date other characters in the Marvel Universe, like Shadowcat dating Peter Quill (Star-Lord). So when the time came around for Marvel to compete with DC, when it came to marrying off their characters, they probably went "Hey these two are dating now, after 20 years, and people liked them together 20 years ago. So let's do that." I'll probably do a review on this particular issue because it came out this week (June 20, 2018). Anyways, this post sounds very critical of the moves that DC and Marvel (mostly Marvel) made, but really I'll enjoy the issues if they are written well. So really, that concludes this post.

My next post will probably be about the return of classic Captain America, and the return to Planet Hulk.

I do not own the characters and art discussed and shown in this post. All characters and art belong to respective owners.


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