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Everybody Is Looking for Wolverine

by Luqman Sattar 4 years ago in comics
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The Importance of "The Hunt For Wolverine"

I do not own the art, characters, and panels shown in this post. All art, characters, and panels belong to respective owners.

In 2014, Marvel released a storyline called The Death of Wolverine where Wolverine did exactly that. I won't go too much into that story but I will provide a quick summary with important details I think you should know.

In The Death of Wolverine, Wolverine gets a virus that causes his healing factor to stop working, which becomes pretty problematic considering there is a hit placed on him. The hit was placed by Dr. Abraham Cornelius, the founder of the Weapon X Program, the program that gave Wolverine his adamantium claws. Wolverine finds out that Cornelius is trying to graft adamantium to other subjects to create soldiers with adamantium skeletons. Wolverine manages to defeat Cornelius, but gets seriously injured while doing so. Cornelius, in a last-ditch attempt to have his experiments succeed, begins the adamantium bonding process to three of his subject. Wolverine stops the bonding by destroying the vat of molten adamantium that encases him completely. It takes some time for the adamantium to kill him but he manages to make it to the roof of Cornelius' lab, kill Cornelius, and reflect on his life in his final moments.

Wolverine's Final Moments

After, Wolvie dies, the X-Men take his adamantium encased body to a cabin at an undisclosed location. The X-Men then decide that they did not want to leave Wolverine's body encased in the metal that made his life a living hell, so Kitty Pryde uses her power of intangibility to pull Wolverine's body out of the adamantium shell and bury his body. Various members of the X-Men would visit his grave every now and then. Kitty Pryde, who is now the headmistress of Wolverine's School for Mutants, notices that the cloth that Wolverine was shrouded in when they buried him was close to the grave, when really it should have been in the grave with Wolverine. Kitty Pryde then checks to see if Wolverine's body is in his grave, but guess what? It isn't. Which leads the X-Men and some of Wolverine's closest friends in the superhero community to go and find him.

The fact that Wolverine's body went missing is a huge deal because his genes hold the coding for his healing factor, and if someone got their hands on his genome they could find a way to create perfect Wolverine clones and use whatever they find in his DNA for a whole lot of bad. But there are even more sentimental reasons for why many of the superheroes want to find out what happened to his body. And to know what those reasons are we need to jump into the hunt for Wolverine.

Kitty Pryde gathers the X-Men to Wolverine's grave and tells them that his body is gone, and they deduce that there are 2 options. One, Wolverine healed and he climbed out of his grave and left, or two, his body was stolen by someone who knows where his body was actually buried, which is not many people at all. So Kitty Pryde gets Iron Man and some other heroes to help out, like Daredevil, Luke Cage, Spider-Man, Jessica Jones, and a few other smaller characters.

You may be wondering why all these heroes care about Wolverine's body going missing. Well that's because not only was Wolverine an X-Man, he was also an Avenger, so he created strong friendships with Spider-man, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and other heroes that are part of the Avengers roster. Not only that, but he was a father figure and teacher to many in the super-hero community. But there are superheroes that made a promise to him, to not let his body become a science experiment for someone. The Hunt for Wolverine title ends by showing us Wolverine in a black skin-tight suit finish off a fight, sitting down, and retracting and popping his claws repeatedly causing a bunch of blood from his hands to spill and pool on the floor. After this point, The Hunt for Wolverine spins off into four different titles.

  1. Adamantium Agenda: Tony Stark catches a whiff that someone is planning on selling a superhero's genome at an auction. Since this information popped up soon after Wolverine's body disappeared, Iron Man gets Spider-man, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones to help out.
  2. Mystery in Madripoor: A group of X-Women go to Madripoor to see if they can pick up any leads on Wolverine because Wolverine used to spend a whole lot of time there.
  3. Weapon Lost: Daredevil, Frank McGee, Misty Knight, and Cypher track all of Wolverine's sightings world-wide.
  4. Claws of a Killer: Sabretooth, Daken (Wolverine's legitimate son), and Lady Deathstrike search for Wolverine for... their own reasons.

So it's pretty obvious that Wolverine's appearance is stirring up a whole lot of hubbub. Not only does The Hunt for Wolverine title and tie-ins showcase that Wolverine is making a comeback but also shows that Wolverine's character impacted so many other superheroes' lives in such a positive way that his return won't only impact Wolverine's character development and storylines, but it will impact all of the Marvel landscape.

That concludes this post. I hope you end up reading all of the story lines that I talked about in this post. They are all pretty good stories. I am likely going to be posting a bit less to read the newer comics that came out from both DC and Marvel, but after that, expect some more posts on more recent comic book content. See you in the next post!


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