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The Boys Season 4

Episode 3

By Alexandrea CallaghanPublished about a month ago 3 min read

Butcher is officially no longer a member of The Boys, MM kicked him out and even when Butcher came to help he was not welcomed back. The Starlighters that the crazy Homelander fans tried to frame for murder were freed because of A-Train. Butcher’s brain mass is causing him to hallucinate, MM is going a little hard into being the leader and we will see how far that gets our boys.

I love Jeffery Dean Morgan but the man is looking a little old. His character has teamed up with Butcher to try and get Ryan back. Butcher gets in contact with Ryan and pulls the “6 months to live” card to guilt him into meeting with him. Butcher actually has a heart and he abandons his plan to drug Ryan. The whole almost dying thing seems to really have changed Butcher. All signs point to him not surviving this series. I anticipate a lot of deaths this season but I do think that season 5 will not include Butcher.

Homelander fully announces Sister Sage and Firecracker as members of the 7. Sage absolutely hates it calling popularity a prison, Firecracker however is eating it up because she loves the spotlight almost as much as Homelander does.

Singer is getting ballsy and announces going head to head with Neuman. He tells her that he wants to ban Supes from all public office and government positions. This of course pisses her off and we can expect some kind of retaliation. Neumann meets with Homelander and Sage and they have a nice long list of demands for her in exchange for killing the president for her. Huey does not cover his tracks well and a literal bloodbath ensues.

The Boys are trying to pull in A-Train. Well MM is trying to pull in A-Train, obviously Huey and Anne want nothing to do with him. But MM has a point in the sense that it would be pretty helpful to have someone on the inside. That said, Sage is really brilliant and I feel like she would be able to sniff out a traitor before he could do anything that does any real damage to Homelander. I’d imagine that MM may have Huey’s support after A-Train saved his ass from Homelander.

Then we have Frenchie and Kimiko…Kimiko wants to take down the organization that trafficked her and Frenchie goes with her, but he’s high so we get one of The Boys classic dream sequences. At first it's all fun and games with guys bleeding out giant rubber ducks and it quickly moves dark. Frenchie starts seeing all the people that he's killed. Frenchie refuses Kimiko’s help which is very upsetting for many reasons the biggest being that their friendship is one of the biggest reasons that this show is incredible. Frenchie is really struggling, it is very clear that he likes this guy but he is having a real internal struggle with the fact that he was responsible for his family's deaths.

Annie confronts Firecracker about the animosity she seems to have for her, and turns out she’s just a jealous bitch held up in some highschool bullshit. Firecracker is not going to last long, bitch is definitely going to die at some point and some point soon.

Sage and Deep start bonding which I think is really weird. They sleep together which is a wildly upsetting pairing if for no other reason then she actually has a backbone and he’s a sexist jackwang.

This season seems to be a lot more internal than past seasons. Not to say that there weren’t very internal struggles going on the whole time but a lot of the show is very heavy handed political and social commentary sprinkled with some personal, internal struggle from the characters. This season seems to be flipped, there is still absolutely political and social commentary but it is more focused on each character's arc and their emotional motivation. That is all delivered with the fun Boys brand of vulgarity and violence that we have come to know and love.

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