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Brief and not-so-brief opinions: Part 8

"I saw it a little while ago, but, um…yeah, I remember, uh, you know, it was…I liked it." -Carl from Enemy

By 'Vive AkughaPublished about a month ago 16 min read
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57 Seconds, Bridgerton (Netflix), and The Fall Guy.

The 'brief and not-so-brief opinions' articles are my outlet to rant about or appreciate movies, shows and their elements. I will express my thoughts while watching and after or only after watching, it depends. I will not be rating. These are not spoiler-free for the most part and no research will be made for or about them(unless curious or accidental which would be mentioned). They are in no particular order of recent watching as well. However, the opinions are in order of viewing the movie or show (for the most part). This wouldn't be as structured or detailed as well and there would be no set number of picks per article, it would be just as things go. It is intended to be casual. So think, conversations about movie plots, characters, topics-so something like that. 

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57 Seconds (2023)

Image Credit: Screenshot from Rotten Tomatoes Indie on YouTube

This was disappointing in so many ways. I truly was not prepared for the route the movie took as opposed to how the trailer looked. The trailer was wayyy cooler than the movie. Wasted potential for a lot that could have been done.

Bridgerton (Season 3) (2024)

Image Credit: Screenshot from Netflix on YouTube
  • Hyacinth's reaction to their engagement was adorable.
  • Eloise is just….girl, calm down.
  • Lady Tilley thought Lady Whistledown was great since it's "uncommon" for a lady to speak her mind.
  • Lady Danbury supports their union. That's all I needed to know. This will happen!
  • The Queen was utterly confused that Lady Whistledown did not write ill of her but seemed happy about it. See, I like their relationship. It reminds me of Agatha (Lady Danbury) and George's mother in Queen Charlotte. They may not have liked each other but respected one another and had a game with each other which led to a likeness between them.
  • Kate and Anthony return and we see that their work of an heir was not in vain indeed. Hyacinth is so supportive haha.
  • Why didn't they announce their pregnancy still? They had the space too.
  • I'm so tired of Eloise. Oh, Cressida's parents are organizing a marriage proposal but at least she's looking at the bright side with Eloise.
  • Love that Colin said he didn't realize her feelings for her sooner and more. This explanation to Benedict and Anthony is needed to justify their somewhat speedy relationship change for acceptance from the streamers as well.
  • See…did he propose because of a sullying her dignity thing because that's what it seems as well but his brothers tell him to confess his feelings to her.
  • Despite his different stance on life and all, Benedict is supportive as well.
  • Love the look Penelope has on as she confronts her mother who carries on to call her unreasonable for chasing the most desired man for love while letting go of a secure match in Lord Debling. (He left by the way.)
  • Oh, thank God! I'm glad he overheard and rushed in to defend her while confessing as well. Good on him! Proud he did that. 
  • She appreciated that support so much. He tells her he loves her but she asks if he's sure. He says yes then reassures her.
  • The fact that Lady Whistledown announced it makes it more real even though she doesn't have a ring and all yet.
  • This felt really intimate-the support, the laughing, the reciprocity, the checking in, the everything. She really likes his hair haha.
  • Love that the relationship between Francesa and Lord Kilmartin is growing.
  • I liked the talk Kate had with Eloise. Brief but helpful. It reminded me of their season 2 talk.
  • Varley is so supportive of the Featheringtons, well Lady Featherington especially.
  • Pen brings up reading his writing again and he agrees because he didn't want to break a promise.
  • Lmaooo Queen Charlotte did not appreciate the lack of insult towards her. Instead was infuriated by it and found this a time to find her as fun. As I wrote in my first article, it would be suspicious if she was too complimentary as she stated to Madame Delacroix.
  • I hate this in movies, in series, in whatever…after saying the possible consequence to the people hoping to reveal whatever they're hiding, they are asked what they were going to say as if that would be the time to strike one's self. I mean some people might go ahead to say it if the secret is in fact suffocating them but yeah.
  • I like this outfit for Colin, it's the same as the hot air balloon one.
  • See, see this is what I don't like. This is why I can't get behind the brother's or sister's best friend's trope.
  • Lord Greer is so full of it talking about scandalous modern art when he expects to have multiple children with her while forcing her to become unrecognizable.
  • Pen must learn to defend herself from a bounty for her reveal, patronizing family, a hateful husband, best friend and Queen as she discovers a way to continue as Lady Whistledown.
  • Lady Danbury could not be more hateful of Marcus and Lady Bridgerton hahaha.
  • Eloise is so annoying like she just got here, relax. She left her friend who was requesting assistance for her dire situation to threaten Pen.
  • I feel bad for Lord Kilmartin not being able to tell his story but Francesa looked so happy showing him off.
  • Glad to see their (Kate and Anthony) competitiveness again.
  • Happy he was able to finally tell his muddy boots story. That was beautiful.
  • Of course, Cressida would do that. I felt Lady Whistledown would write on Cressida and I was right, not exactly about the reason for it but writing on her still. What an episode ending!
  • Lmaooo even Colin was like Lady Whistledown would be disappointing if she were Cressida. 
  • I'm happy Pen's mother was there to see them together and dispel her beliefs.
  • Wow, even her mother (Cressida) thought so (not clever) and as did Eloise.
  • The Mondriches decide to sell the club and Lady Danbury advises them to do more like throwing a ball for proper standing in society.
  • Lord Anderson and Lady Bridgerton are getting closer and we learn about Marcus and Agatha's issue as she was the firstborn and he was the first boy.
  • John and Francesa are to wed. Huh. 
  • Eloise's plan is not bad, to be honest but I understand Penelope.
  • Lmaoo I knew the Queen would see through it. She knows her rival well.
  • Yep and she said so.
  • Do I feel bad for Cressida? Nope.
  • I love that Lady Featherington opened up to Penelope. I feel bad for her choosing for security and he couldn't even grant that.
  • Loved the meeting with the guys as they celebrated the club or mourned it as the club would have new owners.
  • Lady Bridgerton is also in a sister's best friend or relative trope as Agatha tries to sully their connection.
  • Choosing one thing over the other is a theme for some characters including Will Mondrich(club or nobility) and Penelope (writing or marriage). Colin is also a writer, editing a manuscript of his travels.
  • Eloise dropped Cressida but Cressida saying something similar to Pen allows Eloise to express her opinions and envy for Lady Whistledown.
  • The Featherington girls are jealous of their mother's attention being on Pen (and Colin) when Pen just got it.
  • Still love the friendship between Pen and Madame Delacroix. I like that she changed her accent again to show genuineness with Pen, a fellow entrepreneur despite her disappointment of her dropping it.
  • I like that they show the difficulty Cressida has to appreciate the art of writing as they do with Pen complimenting Colin's writing and many thinking Lady Whistledown is clever (including Eloise who stored her old prints).
  • Why did Benedict not mention his creativity? Cause he hasn't done it in a while? I know he questioned his ability at times but…hm.
  • We see the yearning between Violet and Marcus as Agatha continuously blocks his view haha.
  • It's because the Queen is shady too which Francesa believes too saying that the Queen likes a little chaos hahaha.
  • I'm happy the Mondriches surprised her and got approved essentially. Good to see this working out for them especially Will who struggled with leaving his club.
  • Francesa is sad that her mother is not fully embracing their union despite seeing Francesa's look of love when he spoke to them. She tells her mother that they are certain of their love and that love doesn't always have a grand story for the love to be true which even her siblings knew her mother struggled with accepting.
  • We learn that her grievance with Marcus was solely based on him exposing her plan to escape the night before the wedding to Lord Danbury which we learnt in Queen Charlotte was an awful life. So she doesn't want him to take more from her like her friend.
  • Benedict talked to her friend Paul. Was he flirting just now or…? Oh no, poor Benedict. 
  • We learn what Lady Featherington would think if Penelope were to be revealed as the writer.
  • Ohhhh this girl! Yeah, no way would I rest.
  • Oh, I love that Eloise and Pen finally make up. Pen finally admits that it's not just gossip but power and talks about how she wrote about her family in the first issue when she felt powerless. She gets permission from Eloise to print an issue to hopefully block Cressida's issue.
  • The audacity of this girl (Cressida).
  •  I love that she's happy again but Colin found out. Bummer.
  • I'm proud of her though. So, so, proud of her for taking her power back and using it for good.
  • I'm kind of glad that it happened this way because Colin can see how bad things can get with a monster like Cressida (well, her mother wrote it)who questioned his siblings' paternity and more. 
  • Everyone was so happy for Lady Whistledown's true return.
  • Wow, Eloise just used her.
  • I'm happy Violet reassured Agatha that she would always be there for her even when there are no more unmarried children
  • Oh Eloise actually tries defending her to Colin but he's touchy.
  • Wow, he's deciding to carry on with the marriage out of duty and because they were intimate.
  • Oh, I was right Paul was flirting with Benedict.
  • Tilley is free-spirited and they want to include Benedict in their arrangement.
  • Violet's nervousness around Marcus is adorable.
  • We have yet another sensual eating scene. They agree on exploring things a bit more but Violet hints that she would be comfortable doing so when he and Agatha are better.
  • Cressida is cast aside and her mother betrays her saying she would be taken to the countryside too if she interfered in the mandated move to the countryside. Cressida asks why they were so cruel to the Bridgertons and Cressida regrets betraying Eloise. We learn that her mother taught her to be cut-throat and out for herself, especially around women.
  • The men drink again but at another club, as they discuss what John could do to gain Lady Bridgerton's affection.
  • Pen talks to Madame Delacroix. She opens up about her mistakes and how she felt like she was losing herself when she wasn't writing. Genevieve tells her that she didn't know the power that came with it. She adds that you can't have true love if one does not embrace their true self before they celebrate her wedding eve.
  • They talk but it's chaotic. He's embarrassed that she praised him for his potential to be a good writer when she has been a published writer. 
  • Lady Bridgerton called Kate and Anthony to help solve any issues between Colin and Penelope. They are truly a great help well Kate is. She advices Colin well making him realize this new information does not negate Penelope's feelings or affect him as much.
  • Marcus and Agatha make up after he apologizes to her because he didn't understand the gravity of the situation but cared for her safety. He also says he wished to prove himself to her. He said he was afraid of her so he could not tell her sooner. She admits that she was too hard on him and feared he would take her joy when her life became full of it. He says he wants her to be a part of any joy he has. We learn that her cane was something their father had but he says that her's is more stylish.
  • Queen Charlotte is still on the hunt for Lady Whistledown as many visit her to give their news but the suspicion of Lady Whistledown being a man seemingly intrigues her.
  • Anthony says he loves weddings and Kate says her's (their's) was perfect. Hahaha.
  • Love that Lady Featherington and Penelope got this chance to bond. Their wedding comes and they have the support from the families including Eloise. Everything about it is beautiful and they are wed without any interruptions.
  • Prudence puts her jealousy aside and compliments Pen which she doesn't believe at first but thanks her for.
  • Violet asks if she's(Agatha) alright and she says she is that making peace is relieving. Good for her.
  • Eloise learns from Benedict that having both of their friendships is possible as he saw her crying during their wedding.
  • We get another update about Edwina and her new husband during it Anthony realizes that Kate misses home so much. He says they should leave for India to learn about her life and culture. He adds that they could have the baby there because the baby will always be a Bridgerton but he wants them to know that they're a Sharma as well.
  • Lady Featherington and Pen talk again and it goes quite well. Colin & Pen make up and decide to dance while others join including Lord Kilmartin who decided to be bolder with Francesa. 
  • Anthony sees his mother with Marcus and he seems ready to duel but Kate stops him. The Queen disrupts their wedding reception demanding anyone not a Bridgerton to leave. She says she knows someone has a secret and demands they confess. 
  • Lmaooo Francesa comes out to discuss her engagement to Lord Kilmartin. The Queen is not surprised hahaha. I love her for this though.
  • Lmaoo she's wise but not on the right conclusion. After Anthony assures her it would not be happening under their roof with him present, she leaves. Colin believes it's time for her to give up her column but Pen rejects it saying he doesn't know what it's like to conceal parts of herself. He says he can't accept that.
  • Cressida seemingly ran away. 
  • Eloise sees their argument and consoles Pen which is lovely.
  • Benedict goes to accept their offer in hopes of remaining close to Tilley. Is she proud? Hahaha. 
  • Oh, she didn't run away. Cressida went exploring the town's printer shops to find out which one Lady Whistledown uses. Unfortunately, she gets information about her from a boy who used to work for her printer. He was very enthusiastic about meeting her and shared the details he knew with Cressida for a chance to meet her.
  • Cressida visits Penelope as she discovers the truth. Amongst the insults, she demands twice the sum the Queen offered to start her life elsewhere. Cressida reveals this to Pen's mother and she feels betrayed that Pen ruined them when she often tried to repair their image. Penelope says she doesn't want to lie again. 
  • Lmaooo the Queen just wants to win the battle since it is a game to her. However, Lady Danbury lets her know that she could feel Pen probably wanted to stay in the game not beat the Queen. She says she could feel her trying to fit into society as the Queen could relate to once. She lets her know that there's no fun in her ending their game by exposing her which I appreciate because I agree. This reminded me of the scene in the Harley Quinn series when Joker realized Batman's identity and was pissed about it ruining their dynamic. 
  • Violet is appalled to learn that they (Francesca & John) want to leave for their primary estate in Scotland which is far away.
  • Lmaooo I love that she said she had the money and some more to pay her. Yes, girl! However, Colin is not here for anyone blackmailing his wife. He heads to talk with Cressida. He admits that he changed his personality to someone who doesn't need anyone like Pen said which was not him. Cressida says he sounds like he's jealous of Pen but he says he understands her reflecting the cruelty around her. She almost breaks her resolve but gives a deadline and amount increase instead.
  • Eloise admits that she did enjoy a bit of her friendship with Cressida despite the initial start stemming from pettiness.
  • Colin, Eloise, Penelope and Lady Featherington work together to help preserve Pen's identity.
  • Agatha consoles Violet about Francesa leaving saying she will still be there for her as will Marcus. Violet asks for her blessing but Agatha says she doesn't need her permission and says she never needed her permission (when with her father). They have an understanding that that's all they need to know being related to a good man and being a good friend to each other because no man can tear them apart.
  • I hope Benedict won't be hurt by this arrangement. 
  • Lmaooo Pen and her mother play a game of who's worse as it's revealed by the solicitor that the money they had came from Jack's fraud. Lady Featherington pays Pen great respect for her ability to be Lady Whistledown on her own after all she knew was that power came from a man. She apologizes for ignoring her for so long and adds that they did what they could with what they had.
  • Lady Bridgerton and Francesa talk. Francesa lets her know that she couldn't find herself among others but with John, she hears herself and going far away would help her know herself so she could be closer to them. Lady Bridgerton finally approves her and John saying that love has different ways.
  • John and Francesa wed at the Bridgerton home. I'm happy for the wallflowers.
  • Stop, John's speech was beautiful.
  • Lady Bridgerton and Francesa bond through music and it's beautiful.
  • Penelope discourages Colin from lying to his family to get the money for Cressida. She tells him that all she needs is for him to be with her and she loves who he is not what he does for her.
  • There are letters sent to the Queen and Lady Bridgerton and money is given to her family.
  • Cressida's aunt arrives to take her to the countryside. Tilley wants things to grow with Benedict in a serious and monogamous way but he says he's not certain seriousness is what he wants but I thought it was in a way? Wow, this backfired on her terribly. She wasn't happy sharing him and wanted to commit to him despite their belief in freedom. 
  • Ah, we have a scene like another of Benedict and Eloise talking by their home swings. They talk about their lives and agree to meet by the swings again.
  • Oh, the money was for her sisters' party and the girls thank their mother as Penelope shifts the responsibility to her which she appreciates. Lady Featherington tells Prudence and Philippa that she's proud of them. However, the Queen interrupts their party to announce that Lady Whistledown requested she be given the floor to plead her case and she is called out. Lady Danbury seems rather proud or just encouraging. 
  • Pen addresses the crowd and I am so so proud of her. Queen Charlotte seeing her humbled allows her to continue as Pen said she would be more responsible. Queen Charlotte smiles asking "What is life without a little gossip?" and leaves. So frenemies they remain? I get the message of being yourself wholly and truly as they talked about the stress of living a double life but I kind of hate that they revealed it still.
  • Oh, she did this at her sisters' event where there would be more talk about it for some time. Phillipa helped distract everyone from Pen by unveiling the butterflies. Colin and Eloise are proud of her. Lady Danbury revealed to her that she suspected it was her especially because she was the other non-relative who cared most about the Bridgertons. Ohhh, she did this to save them from the solicitor. She tells her mother that they could say the money came from her writing then they do better. She is touched. Colin tells Penelope that his mother is shocked and impressed by her. 
  • Colin admitted he tried to separate her and Lady Whistledown but accepted they were the same after reading her letters. He says she was brilliant and admits that he was jealous of her success and bravery. They make up. They dance and Lady Bridgerton and Lord Anderson join them. Lady Featherington, Lady Danbury and Eloise are happy for them but Francesa asks if Eloise is happy. Eloise takes this opportunity to ask if she could follow them to Scotland and they agree. John introduced Francesa to his cousin but she seemed nervous, I don't know but that seemed important. 
  • Pen writes her final issue to the ton to apologize to them while wishing them the best as she bids them farewell. Ha, bet the Queen would be really bored now. Cressida is shipped off. Benedict says he will miss Eloise before she departs with the Kilmartins. Pen won the battle in the first part of the season by giving birth to the heir Lord Featherington while her sisters gave birth to girls. Colin was able to publish his book with the help of Penelope and she returned to writing while re-introducing herself as Penelope Bridgerton. So, what is she writing now? I really enjoyed this season. There were relationships, predicaments, upgrades, and more as several characters strode on the path to find themselves and what they wanted.

The Fall Guy (2024)

Image Credit: Screenshot from Universal Pictures Australia on YouTube

On my Letterboxd account:

I enjoyed this! Be prepared for action, humour, romance, resilience, manipulation, and "I Was Made for Lovin' You". ATJ was great in this. Love the chemistry between Emily Blunt and Ryan Gosling.

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