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Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story-a review

"…seeing Charlotte's cheerfulness deplete over time and only shine through when she was with George."

By 'Vive AkughaPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Image Credit: Screenshot from Netflix on YouTube

India Amarteifio, Corey Mylchreest, Golda Rosheuvel, Arsema Thomas, and Adjoa Andoh are part of the cast of Netflix's Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story.

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I felt India was going to deliver and she did. Everyone did so well! The casting was great! The hair, the outfits, everything was beautiful. I liked the title sequence as well. I felt Agatha would have been a great Queen. I loved Lord Ledger and Violet's relationship

I liked the scene with Princess Augusta and Lady Danbury when she broke down. It made us know that regardless of their race, the women still had to be goal-oriented and had endured unsavoury things to soar. They are indeed admirable advisories. It was also hilarious that she was shocked that she broke down like Agatha broke the script of their game but I liked the privacy and concern she showed. She was proud when Agatha got herself together.

Loved Coral and Brimsley. Felt bad for Charlotte. Felt bad for George. Did Reynolds die? Everyone thinks so (TikTok). It was interesting seeing Charlotte's cheerfulness deplete over time and only shine through when she was with George. She had to be tough enough to face the tribulations. I liked Lord Ledger and Agatha. It's the 5th affair I've rooted for. (I have the 1st-4th in my other upcoming articles)

Violet is so pure. It was nice to see that she has always been kind. Agatha and Adolphus would have been great, but she chose herself despite wanting Lord Ledger. Arsema was great! I saw a video (an interview clip actually)of Corey, Arsema and India being asked their favourite lines and mine is "There is reason they wanted me". I like "Sorrows, Sorrows. Prayers." too. The weight of the race weighed on Agatha. Agatha being betrothed at three was insane, INSANE. The origin stories were needed for all the ladies

It was needed for Brimsley as well because I don't recall if it was season one or two of Bridgerton but he was depicted as particularly chatty or something. I liked this. It was needed to see more of him and his growth with Charlotte. Because of some people's thumbnails, I thought the doctor kidnapped him or something but they actually gave consent when needed, even to his extreme measures (despite his growing need to humble and order the King). He was strange though and I was so glad that Charlotte came in to save him when she did. Although he wasn't wrong (in a way) that his nerves activate it. It seems to be triggered by his anxiety.

I know the show is fiction based on facts (for the most part) but I've seen some factual (and other Bridgerton and Queen Charlotte)information on TikTok from creators; Boitumelo Malunga, Aynsley Broom, and History with Amy. The show explains a lot from the previous Bridgerton series as well. I liked that this explains why she has numerous Pomeranians around her after her first impression of said "deformed bunny". She wants to be close to George and his heart because he gave her the Pomeranian from his caged life to show that they will be free soon. She holds on to that hope still as Brimsley said she's stuck in time, forever his queen.

I saw on TikTok that to avoid any confusion for George, she did not adapt to wearing the simpler clothes worn in the Regency era like the other ladies. I also saw that in reality, she died before him. I loved the scene of Charlotte embracing Edward. It was sad but hopeful. It was seemingly the first moment she ever showed Edward (and probably any of her children) love. She finally broke through to show emotion and Edward was hopeful despite the rarity of it. They had criticized her for being their Queen and not their mother so this was a hopeful moment as her desperation for a legitimate heir was calmed with the possibility. I thought that she also just wanted to have good news to tell George about continuing their line.

Originally written in my "Brief and not-so-brief opinions: Part 1" article.

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