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Brief and not-so-brief opinions: Part 7

"I saw it a little while ago, but, um…yeah, I remember, uh, you know, it was…I liked it." -Carl from Enemy

By 'Vive AkughaPublished about a month ago 8 min read
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The Beekeeper, Crew, and Palm Royale (Apple TV +).

The 'brief and not-so-brief opinions' articles are my outlet to rant about or appreciate movies, shows and their elements. I will express my thoughts while watching and after or only after watching, it depends. I will not be rating. These are not spoiler-free for the most part and no research will be made for or about them(unless curious or accidental which would be mentioned). They are in no particular order of recent watching as well. However, the opinions are in order of viewing the movie or show (for the most part). This wouldn't be as structured or detailed as well and there would be no set number of picks per article, it would be just as things go. It is intended to be casual. So think, conversations about movie plots, characters, topics-so something like that. 

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Crew (2024)

Image Credit: Screenshot from Netflix India on YouTube
  • The disclaimer at the beginning of the movie (of it being fictitious) was interesting in light of the Air Canada situation but that aside.
  • Love their air hostess uniform. 
  • Wow, they really tore apart Geeta's (or Geetu's) shoes.
  • I like the montage of their working life and the song used. It shows their woes, routine and more as they all struggled to continue working for their very little and infrequent wages.
  • Here for Jaiveer and Divya so far.
  • Lmaoo I love that they started taking company stuff after Geeta found out they were bankrupt and going to be let go because they gotta leave with something after all they did, endured, and hoped for.
  • They have their dreams and responsibilities but their families helped in light of the situation. Jasmine's grandfather sold his precious ring, Divya's parents sold their car for her loan, and Geetu's husband continued working their at-home eatery.
  • Huh, melting the gold and turning them into chocolates was smart.
  • Love them and their friendship. Mrs. Sethi is just great. 
  • Although things were great for them now, they felt guilty that the others were still getting peanuts and going through their problems.
  • Dang, Mala really had an outburst.
  • They admitted to so much in the presence of the taxi driver, haha.
  • Happy she was able to get her grandfather's ring before he died. 
  • Lmaooo Sudha did this cause her husband was cheating and spending his money elsewhere but at least she apologized and gave a lot of information.
  • They plan to get even with their corrupt airline owner.
  • Loved the wedding reception song.
  • Oh wow, they failed.
  • Hahaha or so we thought I would have been shocked.
  • Yay, I'm happy Divya got to fly a plane.
  • So happy they won and they shared it with others. 
  • Walia was arrested, Sudha got Mittal back, and Jai and Divya got back together. 
  • Enjoyed the song and music video at the end. I'm definitely checking out the soundtrack.
  • I liked their sisterhood. They supported each other in various ways including Diyva's relationship, Jasmine's birthday and grandfather's funeral, and when Geetu was stealing airline stuff as compensation. I enjoyed this!

The Beekeeper (2024)

Image Credit: Screenshot from Miramax on YouTube

On my Letterboxd account:

Wallace did all this for a woman who thought of him "sometimes". Josh Hutcherson played a horrible person excellently. Derek was ready to kill his mum, that's crazy. Verona annoyed me. Jason Statham was great. Clay thoroughly planned it all.

Palm Royale (2024)

Image Credit: Screenshot by me

So much happens in the last 5 episodes. Skeet dies and gives Linda everything which burdens her as many come after her blood money wealth including Evelyn who was sent out of the house. She used the home to house the sisters from her group and Mary joined them, integrating seamlessly. They change their plans as they don't have the Rolodex anymore despite their success with exposing Perry. They start plans to save men who don't want to be drafted creating safehouses and passports for them when one of them mentions her predicament. Their exposure of Perry's activities is successful but it puts Dinah at a loss and she searches for a new husband to take care of her as she abandons Eddie. However, Eddie finds solace in Evelyn who lost everything and was vulnerable like him. They form a relationship and she encourages them to go public because she knows what it feels like to be hidden as she was when in a relationship with Skeet. The exposure the sisterhood does endangers Douglas and Perry's deal with the prince who charged them $250,000 for his name and likeness hahaha. The prince had a relationship with Robert who admitted he was gay to Maxine explaining why they couldn't have a relationship. He adds that they are friends as well which she agrees to and this friendship is evident to the end. This support is evident in her relationship with Ann who eventually tracked her down to hear her story about the confusing pageant results but after hearing Maxine's story she protects her saying it wouldn't be interesting enough to publish. Linda supports Maxine who she calls her best friend in one of the first 5 episodes and Maxine supports her while they both support Robert who talks about his relationship with the prince before he is exposed as a scammer. 

This was revealed by Maxine to save Douglas from jail for his involvement with Perry. Robert was prepared to run away with him with the prince but he never came and learnt the heartbreaking truth later. She apologizes profusely and he eventually accepts it. Robert finds out that Douglas has an affair with Mitzi and they talk. Douglas convinces him to avoid speaking the truth because of its possible effect as Maxine still plans the Beach Ball. Douglas lies easily and continuously creates issues for Maxine as he tries to be manly like Pinky. Raquel congratulates her on getting Nixon for the Beach Ball and lets her know of Douglas and Pinky's plan to open a new club at their house, The Dellacorte mansion and she is understandably shocked. She's tired of everything and says that every time "you fuck up. I clean up." She said she thought if she gave him everything he could change and says it doesn't feel like it's for them. He says she deserves to be the "Queen of Palm Beach" and she says this was coming from the person who made sure she wasn't Miss Chattanooga. She eventually bonds with Astronaut Grant for her performance and he kisses her before realizing something is wrong as he thought he misread signals. He said he thought everything was a metaphor for her dying marriage (crazy) and she says she loves her husband before he leaves to take a breather. Mary tries her best to persevere, gets support sometimes, and makes it work. Mary had said to her, "I've never known you to accept defeat, Maxine" and Dinah said to her, "Yes! You've bested me at every turn. I cannot tell if you are a country bumpkin or the most ruthless woman in Palm Beach."

Evelyn, Norma, and Maxine are introduced as the hostesses for the 50th Beach Ball. Norma's ability of coherent speech and mobility is eventually revealed. One of Norma's murderous efforts for Maxine affected Ann instead who had been in a coma but awoke in time for the event. Norma had one love in her life. Norma and Axel get reacquainted and we learn more about the only love of her life and what happened. However, when he asks if she's in there and she says "no". This, as well as some other things, portrays the truly despicable nature of Norma. She talks to Evelyn about how she has no more power and the change in her power saying it's humiliating and annoying. She also insults Maxine who opened up about wanting to be accepted before she tells Robert that he's her real family and she wants to marry him saying it's "the only thing that will protect us both" but he is hesitant. He was taken in by Norma and appreciated that despite the fact that he was never paid for the work he did. Douglas pushes Maxine into a corner because Pinky could cut off his pinkies if they don't stand by their deal. He is desperately trying to convince her. He wants to do things but nothing he does is smart EVERRRR and she always regrets it. Norma finds out the truth about Mitzi's relationship with Douglas and they talk about her pregnancy in the presence of Maxine who encourages her to talk to the father. Norma relishes the moment and what follows is saddening. She supports Mitzi saying that if she always wanted to be a mother then it's not complicated and she should demand marriage. While she's doing her monologue, she sees Mitzi talking to Douglas but tries to make it through as they remain seated together. She airs out all the ladies' business and it's not going well. She cries telling her story and airs her business out. Robert tries to save her as Mary tries to assassinate Nixon but the push from Linda on the gun causes the hit on Robert. Norma stands on the stage seeing Robert as we see everyone's reaction as they run away. Linda is caught as the suspect of a shooting again because Mary ran away. The season finale ends with Maxine shouting for Robert while Douglas shouts for Maxine.

While many were at the Beach Ball, Virginia met with Linda. We learn that Linda's known her for over three years as Virginia tells her that alliances can't be friends to explain why she can't tell her about her private life. Linda realizes all the other ladies are locked up after the arrest and asks why she's free. She says she's got friends in high places before Linda speculates but Virginia doesn't deny it. She calls Linda drunk for suggesting that she could be an undercover worker for the man rounding up feminists among other duties. Douglas always made excuses, bad choices, and distractions. He and Norma are horrible. Before Robert tries to take Maxine off the stage, he calls Norma "Agnes" realizing the truth and saying he can't believe he was going to spend his life with her. Robert and Maxine have a great friendship that only deepened as the days went on so much so they said they loved each other. It's not surprising that Douglas is horrible but he topped it each time. I'm surprised he didn't shoot someone like I thought in my first article but he's not above it. He's so annoying, to be honest. Norma being a poser as she insulted everyone else is hilarious but if she's the roommate that took over the original person's life wouldn't she look different? Surprisingly, I am happy for Evelyn getting her home back and Eddie too. Dinah is just…I don't know…she and Perry are just something. Mary really immersed herself in the feminist mission and became murderous but she was happy at least. Linda who wanted to run away is going to be arrested for shooting, ha! Full circle sadly. Raquel and Pinky will probably pretend they don't know the Dellacortes but pressure Douglas for their already progressing deal. I wonder what Virginia's story is but it's kind of sad that none of their leaders are imprisoned with them. I hope we get season 2 of this but I am choosing to believe that Robert is alive and well while Maxine is no longer troubled by irritating Douglas.

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