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The Boys Season 4 Review: Delivers Exactly What Fans Hoped For

How can superheroes be mean, arrogant, and selfish like normal humans? The same old story of the last three seasons continues this time, too.

By Ayush VermaPublished 29 days ago 3 min read
The Boys Season 4 Review

Finally, the most hyped show of the year, The Boys Season 4, has arrived. So, is it fun or not? Let's find out.

Well, The Boys Season 4 starts exactly from where Season 3 ended. Billy Butcher is now a guest in the world for only a few days, and Mother's Milk is now leading The Boys team.

This time, you get to see Homelander vs Starlight. Homelander wants to gain popularity back and seeks help from his son, Ryan, or some politics. Now, if I tell you more than this, there may be spoilers.

So to know what new adventures are going to happen, you will have to watch The Boys season 4, which has a total of 8 episodes. Currently, only three episodes have been released, each lasting one hour.

The Boys Season 4 Review

Now if I want to review The Boys Season 4 for you in a few words: I would just say that it is brilliant as usual. Look, this is the superhero kind of show which is quite dark and intense. At the same time, a different level of stupidity is shown in it, so it means this is not a usual superhero show.

Keep in mind that this show is for adults and cannot be called family-friendly.

Whenever a person angrily says to another person, 'I will stick a stick in your a*ss and take it out of your mouth,' this time something like this has been shown in the show.

This show also shows where hair can fall out in old age. And I don't understand why Homelander is collecting his fallen hair in a box.

What does 18 plus mean? This series sets the best example of it.

How can superheroes be mean, arrogant, and selfish like normal humans? The same old story of the last three seasons continues this time, too.

Every character has its own intensity, its own character arc which they have captured completely and this thing works well so far. I wish to see more different dynamics in the characters in the future. I expect that their nature should not be plain but should be in gray shades.

Production value is superb, visuals are quite good, apart from this background music are outstanding.

The Boys Season 4 Episode 4 Release Date

The first three episodes of "The Boys" Season 4 came out on June 13, and new episodes will come out every week. Episode 4 will be released on June 20. After that, Episode 5 will come out on June 27, Episode 6 on July 4, Episode 7 on July 11, and Episode 8 on July 18.


The Boys season 4 is still the same as it was before, but now Prime Video is also becoming like Disney Plus Hotstar to bring the contents part wise. Don't know when these people will understand that this way the fun gets ruined.

But I will still continue season 4 of The Boys because it is my favorite superhero show.

In terms of parental guidance, The boys show is not family friendly at all but couple friendly.

According to the earlier Hindi dubbing, this time the Hindi dubbing looks much better. The voice-overs have also been done well, no doubt.

So, this was my review of The Boys Season 4. I hope you enjoy it. Don't forget to subscribe, like, or comment.

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