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Planet Tetro ~ Page 14

by Terrence 2 months ago in superheroes / satire / mature / literature / fact or fiction / entertainment / comics / comedy · updated 2 months ago
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Intergalactic Patrol , The Association "Cloaks"

Splash ! We fell off a cliff into a river. It was narrow and in between the forest. That must be why we didn’t notice it before . We probably were tricked. It seems like they expected us to fall to our deaths. Luckily neither of us smashed into any rocks. The water was too deep to walk in and If anything that saved our lives . Or maybe just mines. These brutes would’ve probably just lost a leg or arm falling about 50 feet . The river stream had a gentle current going down . After locking eyes and regaining our composure we decided to go with current.

Bulls Eye then pointed forward as we swam and said, “right there”. I looked in the direction he pointed in and there was another small cave we could possible get shelter from . We climbed out of the water , took our bags off and then started inspecting the cave . When inspecting a cave I like to check for 3 things . How deep it goes , what’s already living in it , and if it’s in danger of collapsing or wet . The cave checked out. It was a little deeper than the last one , and it was dry . It looked sturdy , and I only saw a few small animals with the glow from my drill. I’ll have to design a light attachment later , for drilling at night anyways . The moss and most of our other things were laid to dry out . They made dirt pillows and then passed out . They couldn’t use anything we packed as everything was wet . They helped me hang everything using the stints we use to make our camps . I figure I’ll wring everything out while they sleep . The slight breeze that runs through the cave can help dry things .

Hours later I was doing the final wringing on our clothes , when I saw something small run in . The clouds from earlier had cleared and moonlight shined the only light available at the entrance. Then I felt something run past my feet . Without even thinking I instinctively grabbed a large metal bowl , then I smashed it down to where I predicted its trajectory to take it . Yes , I could feel something small and strong moving around . Whatever or whoever it was . It seemed to be in a frantic panic . It definitely wants to get free . The ground isn’t completely level so there is a chance that air is still seeping in . Although an intelligent creature would be smart enough to spare their oxygen instead of thrashing around , when placed in this predicament . It was probably just a small animal I thought as I sighed . I’ll just sit on the bowl as I continue to wring this cloth off .

After the mystery creature stopped moving around , I decided to wait for awhile . I really wanted to make sure that it was dead before I examined what I had caught . Even though it’s small and weak . I’m too tired to have to fight anything of any size . I carefully dragged the bowl and the creature along the cave floor . The way I could feel the body hitting the bowl indicated that it was indeed limp . I wanted to go near the entrance for some moonlight but I was aware as to be quick . The last thing I needed , was to be spotted by the little people . When I got to a spot I felt comfortable at near the entrance , I lifted the bowl . It was a medium sized furgo . (Rodent sized bear creature) I decided to pierce it with a small stick and threw them both in the water .

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Releasing an ongoing online book called Zaigon. If you are new here I strongly reccomend you start reading from page 1(the oldest). Comic located at Merch at

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