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Planet Tetro ~ Page 13

by Terrence 2 months ago in satire / superheroes / mature / literature / fact or fiction / entertainment / comics / comedy
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Up In Flames

We had fire , I patched up everyone while we were still being attacked periodically. I started thinking to myself. We have to end this battle soon. Plus Bulls Eye and John could use the rest. As the fight wore on though. We started getting used to their timed attacks. Instead of getting tired, we were getting more focused . It’ll still be a problem once the adrenaline wears off.

After fighting for a few hours we did start to get tired. Good thing they both naturally have more stamina than me , because I did get to take a small nap. Plus they make me do most of the thinking , so I need it . I don’t mind it at all though . I appreciate having their muscle . As long as it’s dark , they have superior numbers and we’re slowly getting fatigued. They definitely have us at an advantage. It was getting down to my last resort that I had came up with. I might just have to start a forest fire! That would give us more offense and definitely give us light. There was a forest a few miles in the distance. We could make it if we ran while fighting.

I told them the plan as quiet as I could. I wasn’t sure if they could understand our language. The whole time we’ve been fighting , I haven’t heard them say one word. After I told them we took off running towards the forest. The attacks stopped momentarily and then we saw about ten Dino vultures in the air following us. We could only assume that they were being accompanied by the little people. They must have been on standby , in case we decided to run away . Which also means they mean to kill or capture us . The best scenario would be that they want to chase us away from their civilization . Wherever it is .

We arrived to the forest . We were more tired than ever now. I grabbed the same stuff I saved to make another torch ( leftovers) . Even after this I can make one more. I’ll be saving that for an emergency. The guys stood on standby guarding me from any surprise attacks. The plan is to run the through forest starting a fire behind us to prevent them from chasing us and to give us light. We just have to take down those vultures too !

Woosh! I started a big fire on the moss torch. Then I yelled , “Run”! We took off running. Good thing I’m the slowest, since I’m the torch carrier . I’ll spread the flames on bushes and trees as we run. We decided to run against the direction of the slight breeze. That way we won’t be racing fire. The wind can change direction at any time. As long as it doesn’t face our direction before we’re free of this chase… then we’ll be fine.

We continued to run through the forest. Causing a huge fire behind us. The plan was working. We still haven’t seen them following or attacking us from the ground ever since we took of running and got a head start. The only issue now was the vultures. I figured as soon as we ran out of the forest , we'd have to attack them. Maybe even climb some trees ourselves if we have to. Then , out of nowhere we saw about 40 of them standing in front of us trying to block our path with just tiny spears. We instinctively broke through them sending them flying as we kept charging forward. Then I heard my friends yell. By the time I knew why they were yelling I was already falling….

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Releasing an ongoing online book called Zaigon. If you are new here I strongly reccomend you start reading from page 1(the oldest). Comic located at Merch at

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