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Easter Eggs And Important Moments In Falcon And The Winter Soldier Episode Six, 'One World, One People'

A new era for Captain America.

By Kristy AndersonPublished 3 years ago 6 min read
Credit: Disney.

Marvel's second Disney Plus TV series, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, has reached it's conclusion. After a relatively calm episode five, episode six was action packed from start to finish, wrapping up a few important storylines, while also leaving plenty of plot threads for the MCU to carry into the future.

Here are all the Easter eggs and important moments fom Falcon And The Winter Soldier episode six, 'One World, One People'.

Sharon's Disguise

Credit: Disney.

Early in the episode, Sharon Carter arrives at the site of the Flag Smashers' attack on the GRC, supposedly to help Sam and Bucky. Upon first meeting with Bucky, she is using tech to disguise her face, because she is still an enemy of the state after the events of Civil War.

This technology was first seen in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, used by Natasha Romanoff to disguise herself as a member of the World Security Council in the film's climax. Interestingly, the film also marked Sharon Carter's debut in the MCU.

Sam Wilson becomes Captain America

Credit: Disney.

While we didn't see what was in the Wakandan gift case Bucky obtained for Sam in the previous episode, it soon becomes obvious in the finale. A few minutes in, Sam makes his debut as the new Captain America, complete with a brand new suit and wings, and a rebuilt Redwing, which he puts to good use later in the episode. The introduction scene also continues a running joke that Steve Rogers is in hiding on the moon.

Credit: Marvel.

Fans are already loving the suit, which bears a close resemblance to Sam's Captain America suit in the comics. In the comics, Sam takes up the mantle of Captain America after Steve Rogers is forced to retire when his super soldier serum breaks down and he begins to rapidly age. Sam is one of only two replacement Caps to receive Steve's personal seal of approval, the other being the ill-fated Roscoe Simons.

MCU Sam seems to be following in the footsteps his comic book counterpart, as a Cap willing to follow his own values rather than be completely beholden to the higher ups.

Sharon Carter is the Power Broker

Credit: Disney.

Ever since her return in episode three, after spending years in hiding in Madripoor, fans have noticed that something is just a little off about Sharon Carter. After a few subtle hints in episodes four and five, 'One World, One People' reveals that Sharon is in fact the Power Broker, the head of Madripoor's seedy criminal underworld. Karli once worked for Sharon, but stole the Super Soldier serum and fled once she realised their goals didn't mesh.

"You wanted to control the world that hurt you, but I wanted to change it."

Sharon tries to convince Karli to bring the other Flag Smashers back to work for her, but Karli refuses, eventually leading to tragedy.

In the comics, the Power Broker is a mysterious figure who grants people superpowers, for a price. The character is responsible for granting both John Walker and Battlestar increased strength, among others.

Sharon kills Karli

Credit: Disney.

Despite everything that has occurred throughout the series, Sam does not wish to fight Karli. He holds out hope that he can get through to her with words, as he almost managed to do in episode four before Walker intervened. Tragically, this is not to be. Sharon shoots Karli, and the teenager soon dies in Sam's arms.

The tragedy of Karli's death leads Sam to deliver a powerful speech to the rescued GRC members, that they all need to be and do better in the future. The speech is a perfect example of the kind of Cap Sam will be, and is already being hailed as a new iconic moment in the MCU.

Zemo has the remaining Flag Smashers assassinated

Credit: Disney.

Most of Karli's followers initially survive, apprehended by Bucky and Walker before they escape. Unfortunately for them, the truck meant to transport them to The Raft explodes, in a car bombing orchestrated by Zemo.

However, it is later revealed that the Flag Smasher flying the helicopter earlier in the episode survived, meaning Zemo's goal is not entirely complete.

Bucky completes his efforts to make amends

Credit: Disney.

With the battle over, at least for now, Bucky can get back to his earlier efforts to make amends. Following Sam's advice, Bucky visits Yori, the man with whom he was sharing weekly lunches in episode 1. Bucky reveals that he, as The Winter Soldier, murdered Yori's son, finally giving the old man closure on his son's death.

With this kind but painful act, Bucky crosses off the final name in his book. Now, finally, he can begin putting the ghost of the Winter Soldier to rest.

Honouring Isaiah

Credit: Disney.

Meanwhile, Sam makes another return visit to Isaiah Bradley, and invites him and his Grandson, Eli, to visit the Captain America exhibit at the Smithsonian. Sam has had a statue of Isaiah added to the exhibit, so that his legacy will no longer be swept under the rug or forgotten.

Sadly, this was something that never really happened for Isaiah in the comics. His story was never widely known outside of the Black community, and even when it did come to light, Isaiah's brain had been damaged by the inferior serum used on him, leaving him unable to appreciate the truth being known. However, his grandson, Eli, eventually joins the Young Avengers as Patriot in an attempt to honour his Grandfather.

John Walker becomes U.S Agent

Credit: Disney.

John Walker initially shows up at the battle simply to seek revenge on Karli for the death of his friend Lemar Hoskins back in episode four. However, John proves there is still some good in him when he gives up chasing Karli in favour of trying to save a truck full of hostages from falling off of a building. He later aids Bucky in apprehending the remaining Flag Smashers, and witnesses Sam's speech. Towards the end of the episode, Walker reunites with the mysterious Val, who gives him a new suit, and a new title: The U.S Agent. However, Walker is so happy just to be back in action that he may not have asked quite enough questions about his new benefactor.

In the comics, Walker takes up the mantle of U.S Agent after passing Cap back to Steve Rogers, realising he really was the best person for the job.

Sharon makes plans

Credit: Disney.

In the series post-credits sequence, we learn that Sam has kept the promise he made to Sharon in episode three, 'Power Broker', to secure her a pardon in exchange for her help. Sharon is also returned to her former job, as a CIA Agent. Unfortunately, no one is aware that Sharon is the Power Broker, and that the first thing she does upon regaining her old job is to begin lining up buyers for Weapons plans and Government secrets.

The comics version of Sharon Carter is Steve Rogers' true love. Although she does, once, appear to assassinate him, she was under mind control at the time, and it soon turns out he was not actually dead.

However, without the connection to Steve to hang onto, the MCU seems to have decided to steer Sharon down a darker path. Only time will tell how it all turns out.


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