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Falcon And The Winter Soldier: Easter Eggs And Important Moments From Episode 4: 'The Whole World Is Watching'

by Kristy Anderson about a month ago in superheroes

Things have taken a dark turn.

Credit: Disney.

Bucky and Sam have been struggling to get along with the new 'Cap', John Walker, in Falcon And The Winter Soldier. That looks unlikely to change anytime soon, with Walker's character taking a very dark turn in the most recent episode.

Here are a few Easter Eggs and important moments from Falcon And The Winter Soldier episode 4, 'The Whole World Is Watching'.

Ayo and Shuri were responible for Bucky's deprogramming.

Credit: Disney.

Episode three of Falcon And The Winter Soldier ended with Bucky face to face with Ayo, a member of the Dora Milajie on a mission to retrieve Zemo and ensure he faces justice for the murder of King T'Chaka of Wakanda. While fans already knew that Bucky resided in Wakanda between the events of Civil War and Infinity War, a flashback in 'The Whole World Is Watching' reveals a special friendship between Bucky and Ayo. Ayo is the first one to speak the Winter Soldier's trigger words to Bucky after his deprogramming, proving to him that the process had worked.

Ayo expresses disappointment in Bucky for freeing Zemo. Bucky says he is grateful for everything Ayo and Shuri, who likely conducted the deprogramming, did for him, but he needs Zemo to stop the Flag-Smahers. Ayo grants him eight hours reprieve before the Dora Milajie will return.

The scene also confirms that Bucky was the other 'Broken white boy' that Shuri had fixed before Everett Ross in Black Panther.

The way Super-Soldier Serum Works

Credit: Disney.

The nature of the Super-Soldier serum is deeply discussed throughout the episode. While Sam expresses hope of resolving things peacefully with Karli, Zemo claims it is too late. Her use of the serum has corrupted her, as it corrupts all who use it. Bucky points out that Steve never was, to which Zemo reluctantly admits that Steve Rogers was a special case.

The discussion links back to a similar one in the first Captain America film. The serum does not, as many believe, simply make someone stronger. It enhances everything a person is. As Doctor Erskine tells Steve:

"Good is made great, bad is made worse."

So, although the serum was good for Steve, it's probably not great for 'shades of grey' characters like John Walker, a fact that is made horribly clear later in the episode.

Sam almost gets through to Karli.

Credit: Disney.

Upon learning that Zemo knows Karli Morgenthau's location, John Walker is eager to apprehend her and score his first big win as Captain America. However, Sam convinces Walker to let him talk to Karli first. After seeing the dismal conditions in the GRC camps, Sam has developed a sympathy for Karli's cause, and confronts her after the funeral of her guardian, Donya Madani. While he claims to support her fight, he cannot condone how she is fighting, due to how many people are being hurt.

Karli is willing to listen to Sam, until Walker bursts in, leading her to believe Sam was simply trying to keep her busy. Karli later subtly threatens Sam's sister, Sarah, in order to get a message to him, but shows some guilt at doing so, indicating she may have forged a genuine bond with Sam.

John Walker takes the Serum

Credit: Disney.

As Karli flees from Walker, she is shot at by Zemo, causing her to drop her remaining vials of serum. The vials are destroyed by Zemo, save for one, picked up by Walker.

Credit: Disney.

After a humiliating defeat at the hands of the Dora Milajie over custody of Zemo, followed by a conversation with Lemar, Walker injects himself with the serum off-screen. It is a decision with horrific consequences.

Zemo Escapes

Credit: Disney.

With Walker, Sam, Bucky, and the Dora Milajie distracted by fighting each other, Zemo takes the opportunity to escape into the sewers through the bathroom.

Zemo betraying our heroes was always inevitable, and his escape will surely come back to bite them in the future.

Blood on the Shield

Credit: Disney.

Karli and the Flag-Smashers, unaware of Walker having taken the Serum, lure him into a fight in the hopes of killing him to send a message to the Governments of the world. They almost succeed, until his sidekick, Lemar Hoskins, aka Battlestar, intervenes. Tragically, Hoskins is accidentally killed when Karli kicks him into a pillar. The Flag-Smashers flee, pursued by a furious Walker. He corners one member of the group, Nico, a former fan of Captain America, and brutally kills him with the shield. Worse, the gory incident is seen and recorded by a large group of onlookers.

The final shot of the episode, of Walker standing with the bloodied shield, is chilling. Thanks to his actions, the legacy of Captain America has been tarnished. It's not a good look for the U.S, and it's possible that the government may try to limit the damage by stripping Walker of the title. However, with his deteriorating mental state, he may not take that well.

We can't wait to see what happens next.

Kristy Anderson
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