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Easter Eggs And Interesting Moments In Falcon And The Winter Soldier Episode 3, 'Power Broker'

by Kristy Anderson 6 months ago in superheroes

Welcome to Madripoor!

Credit: Disney.

In Falcon And The Winter Soldier episode three, 'Power Broker', Sam and Bucky embark on a quest to discover where the super soldier serum used by Karlie Morgenthau and the Flag-Smashers came from. Along the way, the pair gain a few unexpected allies. Meanwhile, new Cap John Walker and his sidekick, Lemar Hoskins, continue their own investigation.

Here are some Easter eggs and important moments from episode 3, 'Power Broker'.

The Global Repatriation Council are not doing their job well

Credit: Disney.

According to John Walker in episode 2, and the commercial that opens episode 3, the purpose of the Global Repatriation Council is to offer help to those who had been displaced by the reversal of the blip. 'Cap' currently appears to be employed by the GRC.

Despite the upbeat advertisement, the GRC doesn't appear to be doing a good job in helping displaced people. Many of them appear to be trapped in crowded relocation camps, and one woman passed away because she was unable to get medication in time. So, while the methods of Karlie Morgenthau may be questionable, their concerns are not unjustified.

The new Cap is struggling

Credit: Disney.

Following Sam and Bucky's refusal to work with him in episode 2, 'The Star-Spangled Man', episode 3 sees new Captain America John Walker struggling to make any headway with his own investigation into the Flag-Smashers. His leads continually come to a dead-end, as those who have been helped by Morgenthau refuse to give her up, and the 'Captain America' name doesn't command the respect he expected. This drives him towards more brutal methods, which in turn raises from subtle tension between Walker and Hoskins, aka Battlestar, who shows some sympathy to Morgenthau's actions. Hoskins also shows concern at Walker's growing animosity towards Sam and Bucky.

In the comics, Walker is known for being more brutal than Steve Rogers, both in his brief tenure as Cap, and later as U.S Agent. His methods sometimes cause him to fall out with Battlestar, hinting that we may see a similar fall out between Walker and Hoskins at some point in the series.

The Activation Words

Credit: Disney.

As soon as Bucky enters Zemo's cell to grill him for knowledge on the new Super-Soldier serum, he attempts to unsettle Bucky with a few familiar words.

"Longing, rusted, seventeen.."

These were the words once used to trigger Bucky's Winter Soldier programming. Zemo himself has used them before, to unleash the Winter Soldier on the Avengers in Civil War.

Bucky claims that the words no longer have an affect on him. However, after all the work he's done to move on, Bucky is clearly troubled when he has to inhabit his Winter Soldier persona once again later in the episode.

Baron Zemo

Credit: Disney.

After Bucky engineers Zemo's escape from Prison, Sam is surprised to be taken to their unlikely new ally's private jet. Zemo points out that he is, or was, Sokovian Royalty, a Baron to be exact. While his country is no longer intact, the wealth associated with his title apparently remains. The episode also reveals that, sometime after Ultron's attack, most of what remained of Sokovia was absorbed by it's neighbouring countries.

In the comics, Zemo is the Baron of a small part of Germany.

Steve's Notebook

Credit: Disney

Back in episode 1, 'New World Order', we learned that Bucky keeps a notebook, filled with names. While many of the names are those of people he helped to power as the Winter Soldier and now wants to take down, some like Yori Nakashima, are family members of those Bucky killed, to whom he wishes to make amends.

During the plane trip to Madripoor, Sam recognises the notebook as once belonging to Steve. Steve used the book, last seen in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, to write down films, TV shows, and music that he wanted to catch up on.


Credit: Disney.

Forced to follow Zemo's lead, Sam and Bucky head to Madripoor. A new location in the MCU, Madripoor is said to be an island in the Indonesian Archipelago, run by a criminal known as the Power Broker. The island is divided into two distinct sections, High Town, and Low Town, the hub of criminal activity. Our heroes must attend a meeting at the Princess Bar to gain the information they need.

In the comics, Madripoor is located in South-East Asia. The location is most commonly associated with the X-Men, particularly Wolverine. Wolverine, under the alias of 'Patch', co-owns the Princess Bar. The island once fell under the control of Hydra, until Iron Man and S.H.I.E.L.D intervened.

The Power Broker

Credit: Marvel

Throughout the group's time in Madripoor, they must avoid being detected by the Power Broker. It seems that the Power Broker is the head of Madripoor's booming criminal empire.

In the comics, the Power Broker was a man named Curtis Jackson, an operative in the criminal group known as the Corporation. After undergoing experimentation, Jackson gains increased strength and durability, but is left malformed, needing a specially built exo-skeleton to move. After Jackson's death, a mysterious new character has inherited the Power Broker name, and his company, Power Broker Inc, which sells superhuman abilities to those who can afford it.

Sharon on the run

Credit: Disney.

After the plan goes belly up when Sam's cover is blown, our heroes are rescued by Sharon Carter. As mentioned in the previous episode, Sharon was labelled an enemy of the state after stealing Steve's shield for him during Civil War. She has been on the run in the years since, and without Sam's connections, was unable to secure herself a pardon after the blip. She has set up a home and unspecified business in Madripoor, which does not have an extradition agreement with the U.S.

Sharon's experiences have made her disillusioned with the idea of the heroes she once believed him. While Sam secured her help with the promise of a pardon, a phone call Sharon makes near the end of the episode makes it unclear whether she can be trusted.

Dr. Wilfred Nagel

Credit: Disney.

The group's information eventually leads them to the secret lab of Dr. Wilfred Nagel. Nagel was first recruited by Hydra, and later the CIA, to recreate the super soldier serum. Nagel was able to create the beginnings of a new serum from the blood of Isaiah Bradley, but was blipped before he could complete it. Upon his return, the Power Broker funded the completion of his work, before the resulting new serum was stolen by the Flag-Smashers.

In the comics, Dr. Wilfred Nagel was one of the head scientists on the serum used on Isaiah Bradley and the other African-American super-soldiers.

Wakanda Forever!

Credit: Disney.

While seeking a place to lay low, Bucky breaks away from Zemo and Sam, following a trail of dropped metallic spheres. Soon, he is confronted by Ayo, a member of Wakanda's Dora Milajie. Ayo tells Bucky that she is there for Zemo, probably to seek justice for Zemo's murder of King T'Chaka.

Ayo, played by Florence Kasumba, has previously appeared in Civil War, Black Panther, and Infinity War.

While Bucky likely has no problem letting Zemo get what he deserves for the crime he framed Bucky for, he may have a tough time convincing Ayo to wait until Bucky and Sam are done with him.


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