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"Don't Look Up" - A Raw Flick With A Message

Wake Up

By Mel E. FurnishPublished about a year ago Updated about a year ago 7 min read


The parallels to real-life from the past two years to the movie Don't Look Up are insane... there could be comparisons made to COVID and the corruption in the administration. Despite the clear bias of the political implications that can be taken from this movie mocking right-wingers, there are some truths that can be found in between the partisan perspective. "Keep your heads down... one foot in front of the other..." - a dark line from the President played by Meryl Streep some can compare to the lying puppet currently in office who rambles nonsense in between threats and demands toward those he is supposed to serve, not dictate. While the many various perspectives across the world could interpret certain aspects in their own unique way, one thing will remain clear - it's all a part of a bigger picture we must step back and assess.

Director, you won't get your point across with derision towards those who you might seek to persuade, if anything, you'll just push them all further away from a mutual understanding. If you wish to make a difference and reach mostly everyone, you must refrain from throwing in your own childish hypocrisy. That all being said, no politicians should be judged or praised like a god, but be held to their word and their policies that actually help people, not destroy the country and its initial purpose. Our forefathers knew political parties would corrupt and threaten America, yet here we are, allowing two particular groups that are too powerful for their own good to rip us apart from one another and grow more vulnerable to their deceit and avarice.

Another example of a parallel element, consider BASH to be representing Apple. Money, money, money - it's all about money.

Dr. Randall Mindy (Leonardo DiCaprio) was a fairly relatable character for many out there who prefer numbers and math over words and people. Leo did amazing depicting his accent and his character being a sort of soft-spoken, anxious, intelligent "nerd" with medications to help some of the issues he struggles with. Even though this is a fictional character, he is real in the sense that he is imperfect, like all of us. Personally, I hate that his character cheated on his wife... but in the end when they all came together again as one big family... remarkably deep.

Jennifer Lawrence once again did an amazing job with her acting skills as she showed true emotion. In each situation that she snapped a snarky response or kept ranting about the General charging them for free snacks, to her exploding in front of the world on live television, cursing and calling out people on their bullsh*t... her talent was raw and powerful.

What kept me "geeking" was all of the nature shots they kept splicing into the movie... the concept that while we humans continue to live our lives in filth, while the animals continue to live their lives, unaware of what was coming... expressed on many levels to the reality of how selfish and foolish we are as a species.

The rich elites taking off and leaving a majority of people behind because of their own arrogance failing in the pursuit to get more filthy rich - exceptionally fitting to match reality and the evil in greed.

Peter Isherwell (Mark Rylance), the CEO of BASH, tried to spin an argument with Randall at one point in the movie that was typical of such a "smooth-talker." He tries to deny he is a businessman - which is exactly what he is - and claims that he is striving for "evolution." This old character even sniffed one of his female employees at one point... I wonder who that could be compared to in today's society - not! No need to wonder! Looking at you, "Brandon!"

There are multiple messages to take away from this movie, and in the end, when the disaster implodes and there isn't a "happy ending" - it is clear as crystal that this is a warning of what could come - the end of humanity thanks to the greed and pride of fools.

When Leo's character exploded about whatever happened to people talking and saying the truth, there was a sense of ease that, maybe, just maybe, they'd be referring to the corrupt issues we face today where some groups are banned and silenced for their different thoughts. "They are firing scientists for speaking out." Sounds a lot like anyone who speaks out against whatever the current corrupt narrative is... Oh, yet another prime example of a perspective that could be overlooked by narrow-minded plebes.

Adore how they mocked tainted society from celebrities, talk shows, politics, to social media - it was on point despite their failure to include other real examples. Mindy himself shouted at the media hosts that "not everything is meant to sound charming" - this couldn't be more true. The naked truth often hurts, thus why most soft-bellied folks prefer to believe fool-heartedly in lies and a consistently changing narrative. Wake up.

Despite some hate this movie is getting, it turned out incredible in a "bigger picture" sort of way.

Jonah Hill's character was typical for displaying the shady example of politicians picking relatives to serve with them... his character was meant to be a prick and did a good job making me hate him. Some of his lines cracked me up, but it's clear he is meant to be the villain - at least in Kate Dibiasky's (Jennifer Lawernce) side of the story.

Don't Look Up may not have a lot of positive article reviews, but from what I've read from various viewers, screams that they feel otherwise.

And this is why we personally don't listen to "popular ratings" and critics.

The people who are watching this movie are defending it because it achieved what many movies don't - it captivated them and left them with such an impact that it rocked them to their core.

At least it certainly shook my own and that of my husband's. We sat discussing this film for a long time.

After the credits, they make it to another planet. Earlier Peter had said President Orlean was going to die by getting eaten by a "brontaroc." At the time, they said they didn't understand, but in the end, she approaches this dino-like creature all excited. Promptly, it attacks Orlean and eats her - like it was predicted. I love when connections are made throughout stories.

Throughout the end, I was on edge. My anxiety spiked and I felt my heart racing. The music they played throughout many incredible scenes was moving. In the end when their house was shaking and they were holding hands... the still shots of everyone... left an impact with me emotionally that carried over into the rest of the night - I couldn't stop analyzing the movie.

The correlations to real life right now are terrifyingly accurate. There are a few aspects that, in my own opinion were not the best, but in the end, the flick accomplished what it clearly set out to do. It left us with the message that we need to wake up, debate civilly instead of blowing off someone's different thoughts or ideas, and to remember that if we are to save ourselves from our own destruction we must keep thinking for ourselves and pursue solutions with caution and determination - not greed and arrogance.


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