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Best 'Family Guy' Musical Numbers

If you watch 'Family Guy', you know that you can expect your favorite characters to break into song at any moment. These are some of the best 'Family Guy" musical numbers.

By Corey GittlemanPublished 7 years ago 7 min read

Since 1999, Family Guy has become more and more popular as its hilarity grows. Some of their most hilarious moments come from their extremely well-produced music. Peopled loved these so much that characters Brian and Stewie were featured on the 2007 Emmy Awards to sing a number about television. Whether it is the slightest jokes implanted in the lyrics or the well-choreographed dance numbers, these songs will have you cracking up so much that you just have to rewind to hear them again.

Although some of these songs are a bit absurd and politically incorrect, the ridiculousness of them is exactly what makes us laugh. One of the best parts of these numbers is how some of them cut back to normal scenes, coming back to exactly where they left off before the song started. Seth MacFarlane is a multitalented star, as he not only is the producer of the show but is also an actor, singer, songwriter, and comedian. MacFarlane writes these songs with his creative team and sings them as the multiple characters that he voices. This extremely talented man is who we can thank for some of the best Family Guy musical numbers ever made.

Thank the Whites

In Season 12, episode 18, "Baby Got Black," Chris begins to date Jerome's daughter Pam. In this racy episode, Jerome seems to be very against the fact that his daughter is interested in a white boy. When being invited into the Griffin's home for dinner, we learn this information and before you know it, Peter breaks into song about all of the things that white people have brought to this nation. From stars like Eminem and Justin Bieber to soccer moms in yoga pants, Peter says that "you don't thank the Lord, you thank the whites." With this big picture, scene changing song, we see singing and dancing with jokes hidden within the animation in the background, like Peter riding a Segway and a poster for the Cleveland Show. You will most definitely get a laugh since this is one of the best Family Guy musical numbers.

Road to Rhode Island

On one of many road trips taken by the hilarious duo of Stewie and Brian, you can definitely expect a musical number out of them. One of their first songs come from Season two, episode 13, titled "Road to Rhode Island." When Brian goes to pick up Stewie from his vacation with his grandparents, he loses their plane tickets which leaves them stranded with no way to return home to Rhode Island. This long journey home is the perfect time to break into song and dance while hitching a ride on a freight train. As the duo happily sings while traveling on the train, they take shots at each other, picking out the flaws that they have. While not all of the Brian and Stewie episodes contain musical numbers, when you see them together, make sure you keep an eye out for one.

Although this number was a bit shorter than some of the more recent ones that Family Guy has given us, it still packs the same amount of laughs as the next song. In episode five of Season four, "The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire", Peter teams up with a barbershop quartet to give a patient of Dr. Hartman his bad news. This scene is a cut away from the episode, compared to most of the musical numbers in the show which are a part of the main plot of the episodes. They take a negative situation and try to make the best of it by putting it into song and dance. The song is set up by Peter having to tell Cleveland about his wife cheating on him with Quagmire, saying "I've got a knack for delivering bad news". Make sure you don't miss this cutaway musical number! It is definitely one of the best Family Guy musical numbers.

It's a Wonderful Day for Pie

From, in my opinion, of the most creative episodes of Family Guy ever made, we get to see the people of Quahog transformed into a Disney type animation. This song comes from episode one Season eight, "Road to Multiverse", and is one of the many Brian and Stewie based episodes. The reason I find this episode so innovative is due to the use of different types of animation and universes that are traveled through. Stewie explains to Brian that he created an invention that allows him to travel between parallel universes, but when he cannot figure out how to get home to the correct one, the two go on a multiverse adventure.

Down Syndrome Girl

As Chris and Stewie get lost in the woods and fear that they will die in episode 12 Season eight, "Extra Large Medium", they begin talking about things that they never got to do during their lifetime. Chris says that he never got to ask a girl from school out. He vows that he will act upon this is they make it out of the woods alive. When getting saved and returning to school, we learn that the girl who Chris had a crush on has down syndrome. To help him get ready for his date, Stewie pampers Chris into a "polished turd" while singing and dancing about his down syndrome girl. While this number seems a bit offensive and politically incorrect, if you are an avid Family Guy viewer then you know that the whole show is politically incorrect, as many great comedies of our time are. So if you are watching this show in general, you should view this as one of the best Family Guy musical numbers.

As Peter is recruited by Tom Brady to play for the New England Patriots in Season four episode 20 "Patriot Games", he begins to let his skill get to his head and takes advantage of his time after scoring touchdowns to showboat. The team is not having it when it comes to these insane end zone celebrations, especially after Peter breaks out into show tune, singing "Shipoopi". Throughout this song, we see not only Peter, but also the referees, cheerleaders, some teammates, and the fans all get involved with the singing and dancing. This extremely well produced musical number eventually gets him kicked off of the team and sent to England to play for the only team that would take him, the London Silly Nannies.

All I Really Want for Christmas

At the beginning of Season nine episode eight "Road to the North Pole Part 1", we are treated with a musical number right off the bat. This is one of two musical numbers in this two part episode that did not make the list. Starting with just the Griffin family, they begin listing off some extremely impractical gifts in which they would like to receive for Christmas. This musical number then continues onto more of the characters and their wishes for Christmas this year. With the musical background, this jingle sounds as if it could fit into any Christmas movie, but the insane lyrics and visuals that the characters have are what truly gives the song that classic twisted Family Guy feel and make it one of the best Family Guy musical numbers.

Bag of Weed

After getting arrested in Season seven episode 12 "420" for the possession of a "small amount of pot". When Joe shows up for a random drug test, Brian looks to take urine from Stewie which upsets Lois, who is always trying to keep the family in line. She tells him that it is time for him to change if he is willing to stoop so low. But instead of changing himself, Brian looks legalize marijuana in Quahog. As he is campaigning in the town park just simply yelling at those who pass by, Stewie tells him that he is going about this all wrong. They then go into an extremely enthusiastic song about weed. This song and dance was so funny and just smart enough that they convinced Mayor West to legalize marijuana.

Mr. Booze

After being far too drunk and causing a scene at Quahog's movie theater in Season nine episode 10 titled "Friends of Peter G", Peter and Brian are forced to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. The two are not very fond of these meetings, showing that there is very little hope for change in their drinking habits. Peter comes storming into one of their meetings with push carts filled with booze because he feels the people in these meetings do not actually have drinking problems, but that people have problems with their drinking. When a noise complaint gets called to the police, Joe recognizes that Peter is at this location, but before Joe can get into the meeting, Peter executes his plan to hide what is really going on during these meetings. The musical number Mr. Booze is then performed by the alcoholics, turning the police's attention away from their drinking during their meeting.

The FCC Song

Family Guy is one of the most inappropriate shows allowed on network television, and this song pushes the limit to everything that is somewhat allowed to be aired by the FCC. From season four episode 14, Peter makes his own television show that allows anything he would like to be put on the air, titled "PTV". Lois is mortified by what Peter is putting on his show, and in her anger, she calls the FCC to take care of it. When finding out about this call, Peter, Brian, and Stewie all break into song and dance about the "Freakin' FCC". As one of the most absolutely ridiculous scenes in the show's history, this is by far one of the best Family Guy musical numbers.


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