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Bridgerton In Bowral + Preview Screening

Spoiler-Free, or as close to it as I can get...

By Natasja RosePublished 2 months ago Updated 2 months ago 5 min read

Side-view of the handmade bonnet, in case anyone cares...

Dearest Gentle Reader,

What a Season it promises to be!

Mere weeks ago, all the world was stunned by an announcement. Long relegated to being the last to recieve news, it was the Antipodes - namely a small town in the Southern Highlands, in the Empire's newest Colony of New South Wales - that was to recieve the first prophetic glimpse of the Season to come!

Finally, this author can confidently reveal that she is aware of some of the many surprises that await us, but one cannot fault a lady for keeping some secrets. After all, the key to a good seduction, or a good book, lies in the anticipation.

The Fashionable Set have returned to London, and the gardens of Mayfair and Vauxhall are in full bloom.

Of course, flowers are not the only thing blooming. Mr Colin Bridgerton, rather than following in the footsteps of his rakish older brothers, appears to be doing his charming best to flatter and befriend every young lady in the Ton. One must wonder, however, if friendship is all that these young ladies have in mind? Is this the true Colin Bridgerton, or yet another facade? Does he know, himself?

Speaking of Friendship, this author is apparently not the only one concerned by the new bond between Miss Eloise Bridgerton and Miss Cressida Cowper, after the apparent breach in what was formerly a seemingly-inseperable friendship. How it must feel for the youngest - and now only - Miss Featherington, seeing a former friend arm in arm with one whose apparent goal in life was to make hers a misery?

Two young ladies, both notorious for fixating on their own interest to the exclusion of all else, including propriety and good manners. Will this new friendship finally encourage them to entertain differing perspectives, or will they merely re-enforce each other's worst qualities? One hopes that they discover the answer quickly...

Meanwhile, Miss Francesca Bridgerton, newly returned from the fashionable retreat of Bath, has joined the number of debutants anxiously awaiting the Queen's announcement of this Season's diamond. Clearly ill at ease in the spotlight, perhaps she, too, has found a new friend who can encourage her to step away from the wall and find her place in the sunlight to flourish.

Miss Penelope Featherington, long consided a permanent wallflower, appears to have been merely wall-adjascent, waiting for the right time to blossom. Perhaps, rather than drooping wisteria, she is vivid lamium, a groundcover plant easily overlooked until it comes into full and radient bloom.

Her Majesty the Queen, however, appears to be in no hurry. Indeed, one might even venture to say that she appears distracted, first taking little interest in the annual presentation, and then not attending a garden party held in her honour. One hopes it is merely mundane family concerns, after the recent marriage of two of her sons, and not anything more serious...

In happier news, the Viscount Bridgerton and his new Viscountess have at last returned from their honeymoon, yet there has been no sign of the Dowager Viscountess Violet Bridgerton seeking Dower accomoddations. This author understands that things are done quite differently in India, but is this stagnation the new Viscountess's idea, or the old Viscountess's reluctance to submit to change?

Speaking of change, it appears that the recently-fled Jack Featherington left a most convenient document, bequeathing both title and properties to whichever of the former Featherington sisters should first bear a son. A blessing for the Featheringtons, indeed, but unique in the aspect that he was male and relatively young, unlike the surprising rash of deceased elderly female relations bequeathing their wealth to unsuspecting heirs...

One thing is certain: all eyes will be on the upcoming season, and there is certainly much to anticipate.

The Florist certainly understood the assignment!

My inner writing voice doesn't normally sound this much like Julie Andrews...

Since I was in the High Range near Mittagong (one small country town over from Bowral) for a different event, it was very little trouble for me to hop over for the Bridgerton Experience. I didn't even have to fake a sick day, since I was already on a week of annual leave!

Unlike the original advertisement, it wasn't the entire town that transformed itself, though the local businesses certainly jumped at the opportunity. Founded in the 1820s, Bowral is a very picturesque town in it's own right, still reflecting a great deal of it's early history as the Bath of Australia, a fashionable summer retreat for the wealthy. The Empire Cinema, established in 1915, is the oldest continually-running cinema in Mainland Australia, perhaps part of the reason it was chosen as the location for the preview screening. (State Cinema in Tasmania - opened in 1913 - holds the record of oldest in all of Australia)

It was mostly the main shopping strip that was decked out for the Bridgerton event, but it did a dang good job of it. Business at the Franquette cafe across the road - which serves some truly excellent crepes! - was certainly booming, but that may be their usual state. I arrived early to make sure I didn't miss the screening, and had a delicious Tatin crepe for breakfast: stewed apple, salted caramel sauce, whipped cream and a sprinkling of crumble spread over a delicious crepe.

There are some very lovely deciduous trees that really brought the feel of an English Autumn, combined with the crisp temperatures and clear sky. (it's late Autumn here, hence the long underdress sleeves in my outfit. I'm not wearing short sleeves in 13 C/55 F degree weather!)

Yes, my selfie game is still terrible, I know....

For the original Regency Nerds, there's a Jane Austen reference, though Eloise may want to finish the book before she projects herself too firmly upon the main character...

Much like Penelope, Eloise appears to be undergoing her own metamorphasis, questioning previous assumptions and opening her eyes to previous blind spots, though how long that lasts, we shall have to wait and see.

The line for the first Preview showing on Monday morning. Good thing I did get there an hour early!

I must have done something right with my costume, because as I was leaving the theatre, I got pulled aside and asked if I minded doing a promotional interview!

If I get a sudden barrage of texts and social media notifications around the time of the nightly news, at least I'll know why...

One side-plot I particularly like is how the show is setting Francesca up to have her Great Love be her second marriage, rather than her first, and her perspective on her Season, different to both Daphne and Eloise before her.

For what the rest of the Season holds, I, like the rest of you, will just have to wait and see....

If you really can't wait the three weeks and change until the release of Season 3, check out my Author page. I've got a few Regency Romances of my own, and a time travel series for those of you wanting a time machine...

Meanwhile, leave a heart or a comment, and let me know if any of you made it to the Bridgerton In Bowral experience yourself.

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  • Ameer Bibi2 months ago

    Your story draws you into the Regency era with lively storytelling, beautiful photos, and intriguing characters, making it a delightful read for anyone who loves Bridgerton-style adventures.

  • Love all the pictures and thank you for the sory too

  • Mariann Carroll2 months ago

    I love the cool pictures you shared in this story. The play most have been fabulous for people to want to interview you. You most be famous in your town.

  • Andrea Corwin 2 months ago

    Oh my goodness! I quit watching after the very first season. The second season seemed kind of boring. But your story makes me want to pick up where I left off, race through all the episodes and get caught up!! 😄😄

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