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Apple TV's Lessons In Chemistry

Episode 2: Her And Him

By Alexandria StanwyckPublished 4 months ago 5 min read
Scene from Lessons in Chemistry, Episode 2: Her and Him


Warning: mention of sexual assault

S1 E2: Her and Him Aired: October 13, 2023 TV-MA

Warning: depiction of sexual assault

In pursuit of a prestigious grant, Elizabeth and Calvin join forces in the lab. Their partnership yields unexpected results. -- quote from Apple TV +

And now it's time for the commentary:

  1. Thanks to the flashbacks in the previous episode and reading the book, I was prepared for the discussion of sexual assault. Thankfully, the scene takes place at the beginning of the episode, and it doesn't appear to be broken in flashbacks throughout the episode.
  2. Though Apple TV altered who victimized Zott, it's nice to see he wasn't forgotten. In the book, Dr. Meyers is the one who assaults Zott rather than Dr. Bates, and from what I remember Meyers and Zott weren't close.
  3. Having Dr. Bates be Zott's mentor and someone she looked up to twists an even deeper knife into the attack. It also helps explain why Zott pushes Calvin away when they started to get close.
  4. If you feel the scene will be a trigger, the act takes place at 3:45-4:25.
  5. The man is married! You can see the band on his left hand when he goes to lock the door. God, that just makes the whole situation worse. (It took me a couple of viewings to notice this.
  6. "I'm supposed to apologize?" The way this is worded, it makes me wonder if Zott told them what happen. Though, I'm sure that even if she did, they would go with the whole "his word against yours" crap.
  7. Wow, this woman completely downplayed the sexual assault to a misunderstanding. That is disgusting.
  8. Unfortunately, although the scene that follows soon after the attack makes me angry, it happens a lot more than we think. I admire Zott though for standing up for herself, not only with the act of self-defense, but also not expressing any regret for doing so.
  9. Fran is a double-edged sword kind of woman. She calls Zott out of how she treats the other women and then accuses Zott of sleeping with Calvin (which is not the case.)
  10. Oh my god, I thought the women's stalls didn't have doors until I say the subtitle say [door lock clicks].
  11. Poor Calvin seems so confused when he comes into the lab. I do like that he does everything he can to make sure to correct his wrong and make sure Zott is comfortable, including leaving the lab for the day so she would space.
  12. And now I'm hungry again. I wish I had Zott's patience to cook myself a homecooked meal after a long day at work.
  13. Six-Thirty!!!
  14. Calvin with Harriet's kids is so cute. Though I have to agree with her daughter, the DNA looks like boogers.
  15. Harriet and Calvin is proof that women and men can be platonic friends without any romantic feelings involved.
  16. Awwww Calvin. You can tell he really cares about Zott and his relationship.
  17. I like this guy, I guess he is the head of the board. Yes, he is talking in the terms of business, but he puts Dr. Donatti in his place. Plus, "I'm a suit too. Mine is more expensive." is a quote that will replay in head over and over.
  18. I officially hate Donatti. He lied to Zott about what would happen if Hastings didn't get the grant. (The guy just said that Donatti would be the one getting fired, not anyone else.) Then he condones firing the women staff, saying the men need have to provide for their families. (Women can too, its the 50s, man.) To top it all off, he outright says that he would blame all the layoffs on Zott.
  19. Man, Calvin is really into rowing.
  20. I like that Calvin is open and honest with Zott, and doesn't push Zott for an explanation for why she wants the door open.
  21. Calvin and Zott are so cute in the rowing scene.
  22. Can we just give a hand for Calvin telling Zott about his feelings instead turning into a complete jerk?
  23. Where is Calvin? Why is he not at the committee meeting!?!
  24. Harriet is a freaking boss! The way that she called out the man for his use of the word "blighted" in reference to the neighborhoods they are trying to pave a freeway through, bravo.
  25. Zott and Calvin are such an opposite-attract couple.
  26. Zott and Calvin are underwater. K-I-S-S-I-N-G!
  27. The way that Calvin and Zott make excuses to touch and kiss one another is so adorable! They are like two teenagers who don't know how to act around one another.
  28. Calvin cooked Zott dinner!
  29. I love how they both use Six-Thirty as the one of the reasons to move in together.
  30. What a breath of fresh air Calvin is. He risks his career and reputation to ensure Elizabeth gets the chance that she has been denied over and over again.
  31. Calvin's I love you speech is going to be the stuff of legends.
  32. Not the two pointer finger typing from Calvin.
  33. Look at these two talking about their future like grown adults.
  34. "Women have to make a choice." What a true statement from Zott and as if Calvin couldn't be more of a great guy, he respects her decision to never marry or have children.
  35. No, no, no Calvin, don't you dare!
  36. Potential spoilers for the next episode ahead: In the book, Calvin dies on a walk with Six-Thirty much like in the show. Unlike the show, he dies because of slipping and falling, hitting his head on the pavement. (I believe he dies instantly.) Afterward, a police car runs him over. I wish I could say Calvin will be spared such a brutal death, but considering how esistential it is to the rest of Zott's story, I'm pretty certain he's dead.
  37. I do wish Harriet and Calvin had a chance to reconcile before Calvin possibly (but strongly sure) dies.
  38. Theory: This may not be the last time we see Calvin though. There is such a thing as flashbacks.


Now on to watch Episode 3 with some ice cream.

(I really hope the Upsplash link gets fixed soon. I could really use a picture of some ice cream here.)

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