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10 Creepiest Moments In WandaVision

Prepare for a jump scare!

By Kristy AndersonPublished 3 years ago 6 min read
Credit: Disney.

WARNING: SPOILERS for all 9 episodes of WandaVision.

Marvel Studio's first foray into streaming television has come to an action packed end, with the final episode of WandaVision dropping on Disney Plus.

The show, the MCU's most creative, ambitious project to date, began with one of the franchise's most beloved couples, Wanda Maximoff and The Vision, taking up residence in the idyllic, suburban town of Westview, undertaking a magical mystery tour of American Sitcom tropes through the decades, before the truth intervenes and Wanda's perfect illusion crumbles, culminating in what was one of the MCU's most visually stunning battles to date. The perfect sitcom setting of Westview, New Jersey coupled with the slow breakdown of the illusion let itself to a number of creepy, uncanny valley type scenarios that the series uses to great effect from beginning to end.

As fans well know, the events of the show will lead directly into the upcoming film Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness, which is said to be the closest thing to a horror film that the MCU has attempted so far. WandaVision, with the sense of impending doom sprinkled through the sitcom episodes, is a brilliant teaser for what horror in the MCU might look like.

Here are the 10 creepiest moments in WandaVision.

1. The Toast-Mate 2000

Each of WandaVision's sitcom themed episodes featured a commercial during the episode, also themed to the decade in which the episode is set. The first of these commercials, set in the 50s, features the Toast-mate 2000, a high tech Toaster built by Stark Industries. The commercial provides one of the series first uncanny valley moments, as the actors demonstratting the Toastermate stand around, eerily motionless, as the light blinks and turns red, the only light in the whole first episode.

The commercial sets up the sense of impending doom that runs through the entirety of the series, and takes on an even darker meaning in episode 8, with the implication that the ticking toaster likely represented the Stark Industries missile that killed Wanda's parents.

2. Mr. Hart almost chokes

Despite a few sitcom style mishaps, the newlywed Wanda and Vision's dinner with Vision's boss, Mr. Hart, and his wife, eventually takes a turn for the better. Until, that is, the couple find themselves unable to answer any questions about their life before moving to Westview. While demanding answers, Mr. Hart begins to choke, while Mrs. Hart begs him, and then Wanda, to 'stop it'.

Eventually, Wanda orders Vision to help Mr. Hart, and things quickly return to normal. It is a deeply unsettling moment in what was otherwise the series most light-hearted episode.

3. The Beekeeper

Towards the end of WandaVision's second episode, set in the 60s, the couple are delighted to discover that Wanda has fallen pregnant. However, their joy is quickly hampered by a strange sound from outside. The pair rush out to the eerie sight of a mysterious beekeeper emerging from a manhole in the middle of the street. Wanda is having none of this, uttering the word 'No'. The scene rewinds to the happy expectant couple back inside celebrating, and the beekeeper nowhere to be seen. This was the first sign we got that Wanda had at least some control as to what was going on.

We later learn the Beekeeper was an agent sent by S.W.O.R.D, and his radiation suit was transformed into a Beekeeper suit after crossing the barrier. At the time of the episode's airing however, some fans believed the Beekeeper may have been Swarm, a villain from the comics who's body is composed entirely of bees.

4. Herb and the Garden Wall

Credit: Disney

For the most part, the series third, 70s themed episode, 'Now In Colour' was a fun romp telling the story of the fast-tracked birth of Wanda and Vision's twin sons, Tommy and Billy. While the episode's dramatic ending sees Geraldine/Monica Rambeau expelled from Westview, the truly creepy moment of the ep comes a lot earlier.

Shouting a greeting to his neighbour, Herb, Vision notices that Herb has bypassed his hedges and is now cutting into the concrete garden wall. When Vision points this out, Herb grins and thanks him, but does not actually stop what he is doing. Herb's continued smile throughout the scene makes the moment extra unsettling.

5. Dead Vision

Episode 4 was a change of pace, mostly exploring what was going on outside Westview, and the beginning of the investigation into the anomaly following Monica Rambeau's disappearance into it. We don't rejoin Wanda and Vision until towards the end of the episode. Turning to greet her Husband upon his return from taking the doctor home, Wanda is startled when she sees Vision as his corpse, his head crushed as it was in the ending of Avengers: Infinity War. Wanda quickly recovers, but at the time, the damage was done.

The scene caused a jump scare for many fans, and as we were not aware of the nature of Vision's resurrection at this point, the possibility that Wanda had been playing house with her dead lover's corpse made the scene especially creepy.

6. Vision awakens Norm

Credit: Disney.

By the time episode 5 rolls around, Vision is slowly becoming aware that things are not quite right in Westview. After his work computer recieves a message from outside the anomaly courtesy of Darcy Lewis, Vision manages to briefly free his co-worker, Norm, from Wanda's mind-control. Norm immediately panics, frantically searching for his phone so he can contact his sister. Norm reveals that none of his life or current memories are his own, and that someone is in his head.

While it is eventually revealed that Wanda's takeover of the Westview residents was unintentional, it doesn't change the fear and pain they all went through at her hands.

7. Dead Pietro

credit: Disney

Episode 6 delivered another jump scare to fans. While having a discussion with the newly returned Pietro on Halloween, Wanda turns and sees him as a long-dead corpse, riddled with bullet holes as he was at the time of the original Pietro's death.

As with Vision's resurrection, fans had no idea at this point where the new Pietro had come from. The thought that a second reanimated corpse may have been running around is deeply unsettling.

8. Yo-Magic

Set in the 90s/early 2000s, WandaVision's episode 6 commercial used stop motion animation, as was common at the time, particularly for ads aimed at children. The commercial, for a snack called Yo-Magic, featured a child stranded and starving on a deserted island, until a shark arrives, offering a sample of the snack. Unfortunately, the child is unable to open the pack, and starves to death by the end of the commercial.

While it fits with the sometimes dark humour of the time period, the commercial is still rather upsetting to watch.

9. White Vision tries to kill Wanda

Credit: Disney.

Early in WandaVision's final episode, while already battling Agatha, Wanda is faced with a new problem when White Vision, the rebuilt body of the original Vision, arrives in Westview. At first, Wanda is happy to see him, but unbeknownst to her, White Vision has been reprogrammed by Hayward to eliminate both Wanda and the Vision that she created. Moments after their reunion, White Vision immediately attempts to crush Wanda's head, with Wanda too shocked to fight back. Thankfully, she is saved by her own Vision in the nick of time.

Still, it was both scary and upsetting to see White Vision turned into the weapon we know the original Vision never wanted to be, and worse still, to see him unleashed against the person whom he loved most.

10. Wanda ages as Agatha Drains Her

In episode 8, we learned that Agatha Harkness's main power was to drain magic from other witches, after she drains her coven, including her own Mother, and leaves them lifeless husks. Throughout their battle in the finale, Agatha begins to do the same to Wanda. As their battle rages, Wanda begins to visibly age as Agatha drains more and more magic from her. For a while, Agatha thinks she has Wanda right where she wants her.

Wanda eventually turns the tide of the battle, casting runes around Westview to neutralize Agatha's spells, but things looked bad there for a minute. It was scary to see a popular character like Wanda reduced to such a sad state.

If WandaVision was a taste of what MCU horror can be, we can't wait to see more when Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness hits the big screen.


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