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Easter Eggs And Important Moments In WandaVision Episode 5, 'On A Very Special Episode..'

Is Wanda really in charge?

By Kristy AndersonPublished 3 years ago 7 min read
Wanda in 'On A Very Special Episode..' Credit: Disney.

WARNING: SPOILERS for WandaVision episode 5, 'On A Very Special Episode..'

After spending some time outside of Westview in 'We Interrupt This Program..', WandaVision changes format yet again in it's fifth entry, 'On A Very Special Episode..'. Now, the action is split evenly between life inside the Westview Anomaly, and those outside investigating it.

Here are all the Easter Eggs and important moments in 'On A Very Special Episode..'

Wanda cannot control her children

Credit: Disney.

The episode opens with Wanda and Vision struggling to settle their baby sons, Tommy and Billy, who were born back in episode three, 'Now In Colour'. At her wits' end with the babies refusing to sleep, Wanda, who has exhibited at least some form of control over most elements of Westview up to this point, attempts to make them sleep using her powers. She is surprised to find that this doesn't work. A visiting Agnes rather cryptically declares:

"Kids.. You can't control them, no matter how hard you try."

Tommy and Billy as five year olds. Credit: Disney.

Wanda is also unable to keep the boys from aging themselves up, first to five, and later ten years old, when she and Vision decide that they must be ten before they can have a dog.

This seems to confirm the fan theory that the Stork Wanda attempts to hide from Geraldine/Monica in 'Now In Colour' was brought to life by the twins rather than Wanda, as she was unable to control it. The uncontrollability of children may explain why there are no other children in Westview.

Auntie Agnes

Credit: Disney.

Early in the episode, Agnes visits the Vision House. She declares herself Auntie Agnes, and claims she is visiting to help out with the twins.

While Agnes still has no confirmed real-life identity as of yet, comic fans are clinging to the theory that she is really Agatha Harkness, and the latest episode has only added fuel to the fire.

Credit: Marvel.

In the comics, Agatha served as a Nanny to multiple superhero children. First to Reed Richards and Sue Storm's son Franklin, and later Tommy and Billy.

A Familiar Credits Sequence

Credit: Disney.

In episode 5, WandaVision moved into the 8os. The main sitcom homage for the episode was drawn from Family ties, which is made immediately clear by the episode's opening credits sequence.

However, fans have noticed that quite a few shots mirror the intro of a different classic sitcom, Full House.

Credit: Disney.

The Full House references have been long awaited and especially meta, considering that WandaVision star Elizabeth Olsen's sisters, Mary-Kate and Ashley, played Michelle Tanner in the beloved sitcom.

Something is wrong with Monica's medical check-up

Credit: Disney.

After being ousted from Westview by Wanda, Monica Rambeau is, understandably, given a full medical examination. However, her scans come up blank, and something apparently went wrong in her bloodwork. This isn't elaborated on any further in the episode, as Monica forgoes further testing in favour of attending a meeting about the anomaly.

In the comics, Monica Rambeau gains her superpowers in an accident similar to that of Carol Danvers. Some fans are beginning to speculate that Monica's ousting from Westview could provide an explanation for her powers in the MCU.

Monica and Director Hayward disagree about how to handle Wanda

Credit: Disney.

After receiving Monica's intel that Wanda is responsible for the Westview anomaly, Director Hayward wastes no time in dragging Wanda through the mud. He brings up the darker parts of her past, including HYDRA, Ultron, and the accident in Lagos during Civil War, and labels her a terrorist.

Monica, however disagrees. She believes that Wanda's actions are fueled by grief rather than malice. Monica also believes that Wanda knowingly protected her from serious harm when evicting her from Westview. Hayward quickly dismisses Monica, and while most of S.W.O.R.D falls in line with their director, Monica gains supporters in Darcy and Agent Woo. Monica is clearly distressed when Hayward uses her later attempt to peacefully contact Wanda as an opportunity to attack her.

Wanda stole Vision's body from S.W.O.R.D.. But that's probably not the whole story.

Credit: Disney

According to Hayward, nine days before the events of the series, Wanda stole Vision's body from it's secret location in S.W.O.R.D headquarters, and resurrected him. This was apparently against the terms of Vision's Will. He did not want any attempts to resurrect him or study his remains to result in him being used as a weapon.

However, fans have noticed a few interesting things about the surveillance footage. Vision's body appears to be dismembered, and there are others, possibly scientists, in the room when Wanda arrived. Combined with a brief reference to S.W.O.R.D developing sentient weaponry in episode 4, and it looks like the organisation were going against Vision's Will before Wanda arrived, and fans speculate she was actually there to save him from further torment.

Sparky the not-so android dog

Credit: Wanda and Sparky.

The main plot of the sitcom portion of 'On A Very Special Episode..' involves Tommy and Billy finding a stray dog. After initial resistance from their parents, and aging themselves up enough to be responsible for a pet, the boys are allowed to keep the dog, whom they name Sparky. Unfortunately, Sparky meets a tragic fate by episode's end.

In the comics, Sparky is introduced in the 2015 The Vision series. After their neighbours' dog is accidentally electrocuted while digging in the Vision family's garden, Vision resurrects it as an android dog, Sparky. Sparky is later killed in a rage by Vision's wife, Virginia, but is resurrected a second time by Wanda and Tony Stark, and eventually returned to Vision's daughter, Viv. This may not be the last we see of Sparky.

The Hex

Darcy and Monica discuss 'The Hex' Credit: Disney.

In this episode, Darcy Lewis begins referring to the forcefield surrounding Westview as 'The Hex', due the Hexagonal shape of the outer perimeter. Monica Rambeau soon adopts the same term.

Credit: Marvel.

This is most likely a reference to the comics, where Wanda often refers to her abilities as Hex power, hex blasts, or hex bolts.

Vision can free Westview residents from Mind Control

Credit: Disney.

'On A Very Special Episode..' is a particularly tough one for Vision, as he develops more awareness of what Westview really is. The most notable example is when he briefly frees his co-worker, Norm, from the anomaly. Norm immediately panics, worrying about his friends and family, and what has happened to him.

"She's in my head. None of it is my own!"

Vision restores 'Norm' to his Westview persona, later confronting Wanda over the incident. However, fans have noticed that Norm never specifies who 'She' is, and that he may not actually be talking about Wanda.

Wanda confronts S.W.O.R.D

Credit: Disney.

After Hayward hijacks Monica's drone and attempts to kill Wanda, Wanda exits Westview to confront S.W.O.R.D, warning them to stay away from her home.

"You don't bother me, I won't bother you."

Fans have made a few important notes regarding the scene. Wanda's accent, mostly absent in Westview, is quite thick during the scene. Wanda also seems to know exactly who Hayward is, adressing him as 'Director'. Her anger lies with him, which fans have taken to mean that he may have authorised illegal experiments on Vision's corpse.

Finally, when Wanda mind-controls the S.W.O.R.D snipers, they only take aim at Hayward. Monica is very clearly not in the line of fire, suggesting that, on some level, Wanda recognises that she is not an enemy.

Lagos Brand Paper Towels

Credit: Disney.

After being absent during 'We Interrupt This Program..', WandaVision's Easter Egg laden commercials make a comeback in episode 5. This time around, the commercial is for Lagos Brand Paper towels.

"For when you make a mess you didn't mean to!"

The commercial is clearly a reference to the Lagos incident in Captain America: Civil War, in which Wanda accidentally blows up a building full of civilians during a battle. The ad states that husbands can use the towels too, which may be a reference to Vision accidentally shooting down War Machine, or a hint that Wanda will need Vision's help to ultimately fix the current problem.

Agnes is definitely more aware than most Westview Residents

Credit: Disney.

While earlier episodes hinted at Wanda's increased awareness compared with other Westview residents, 'On A Very Special Episode..' all but confirms it. First, she suggests a re-do when a 'scene' goes wrong. She also witnesses Tommy and Billy aging up not once, but twice. Later, she seems unsurprised by the twins request that Wanda 'fix dead' and revive Sparky.

While some fans believe that Agnes is the true mastermind of Westview, others think she may be a red herring. Either way, she knows more than most.

Vision has no memory of his life before Westview

Credit: Disney.

After burying poor Sparky, Vision confronts Wanda about Norm and the trapped residents of Westview. Wanda denies being in control, and says that while 'all of this' is for them, she claims not to know how it actually started. During the argument, Vision claims to have no memory of his life before Westview, a fact that seems to surprise Wanda.

Some have taken the scene as evidence that Wanda is not in full control, while others believe Vision's memory loss may be a symptom of his loss of the Mind Stone, or S.W.O.R.D's possible experiments.

The 'Other' Pietro

Credits: Disney.

Actor Evan Peters makes his long awaited appearance in this episode, playing a 'recast' Pietro Maximoff. While those outside the anomaly believe the recast is Wanda's own doing, viewers will likely have noticed that Wanda was initially confused, and as surprised as anyone else regarding the 'new' Pietro.

Since his arrival was clearly not under Wanda's control, some believe the new 'Pietro' is a villain in disguise.

Hopefully, next week's episode will give us some more answers.


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