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WandaVision: Easter Eggs And Important Moments Episode 3, 'Now In Colour'

The babies are coming!

By Kristy AndersonPublished 3 years ago 5 min read
Definitely Pregnant! Credit: Disney.

WARNING, SPOILERS for WandaVision Ep 3, 'Now In Colour'.

WandaVision has moved into the 70s with it's third episode, 'Now In Colour'. The episode was an exciting one, seeing the arrival of Wanda and Vision's twin sons, Tommy and Billy. Fans of Marvel comics will know that the boys are destined to become Wiccan and Speed, members of the Young Avengers.

However, as far as the series central mystery regarding the strange goings on in Westview, we may have gotten more questions than answers. Here's a round up of Easter eggs and important moments from WandaVision episode 3, 'Now In Colour'.

The WandaVision Bunch

Wanda in the 70s credits. Credit: Disney.

It's been well-known for some time that WandaVision's 70s themed episode would take most of it's inspiration from the beloved family sitcom The Brady Bunch. This was made especially clear to viewers right from the episode's opening moments.

The intro sequence is a very similar style to The Brady Bunch's classic opening, although the actual theme song also shares similarities to The Partridge Family.

The Brady Bunch's influence on the episode is also seen in Wanda and Vision's house and backyard.

The Brady Backyard.

Credit: Disney.

Another cute sequence has Vision using a replica of Cindy Brady's beloved doll, Kitty Karry-All, to practice changing diapers.

Credit: Disney.

A Familiar Wall Hanging?

Some fans have also taken note of a decorative piece seen on Wanda and Vision's wall during the opening credits. It could be a reference to J.A.R.V.I.S, the artificial intelligence used to help create Vision in Avengers: Age Of Ultron.


If true, this likely exists as an Easter Egg rather than a more meaningful reference, but it's still a fun detail.

A Glitch in the system?

Credit: Disney.

After seeing the doctor out, Vision notices that his neighbour, Herb, is behaving strangely. While cutting hedges, he has begun sawing into the brick fence. When Vision points this out, Herb seems remarkably unconcerned.

A small moment, but one that contributes to the uncanny valley nature of the show, and the growing sense that all is not right in Westview.

Arguing over names

All the world's a stage! Credit: Disney.

A running plot point throughout 'Now In Colour' has Wanda and Vision disagreeing over baby names. Wanda wants to name their son Tommy, while Vision prefers Billy. For fans of the comics, this is a fun in joke, as they know the couple are actually expecting twins and will end up using both names. However, Vision's reasons for favouring 'Billy' could be a reference to another of his children from the comics.

Vision expresses a desire to name the baby Billy as a reference to William Shakespeare. In Tom King's 2015 comic The Vision, Vision's synthezoid son, Vin, develops a passion for Shakespeare.

Credit: Marvel.

Unfortunately Vision, busy with a new job as the Avengers liaison to the White House, he rarely had time to listen to Vin reciting his favourite quotes. After Vin is accidentally killed by Victor Mancha, Vision takes an interest in Shakespeare to honour his son's memory.

Vision is developing an awareness that something is wrong.. Or he was.

Something isn't right. Credit: Disney.

After Wanda's glitching powers accidentally cause a neighbourhood power-outage, she expresses concern over whether their neighbours suspect that she is responsible.

"It seems the people of Westview are always on the verge of discovering our secret."

At this point, Vision thinks back to the events of the previous episodes, and comes to the conclusion that something is wrong in Westview. However, as he has this realisation, the scene rewinds. Vision then decides that the 'strange occurrences' are down to Wanda's pregnancy.

Despite being reversed, the scene adds to the idea that Vision may be more self-aware than others in Westview.

Hydra Soak

Credit: Disney.

After the clue-laden commercials in the first two episodes, fans were eager to see Episode 3's commercial. The commercial was for 'Hydra Soak', a bath powder that claims to give the feeling of going away, without actually going anywhere.

At surface value, another Hydra reference would suggest that Hydra is involved in the series events. However, some fans think this is too obvious. It's also possibly a reference to Wanda using Westview as a 'getaway' from her grief following Infinity War and Endgame.

Super Speed?

Credit: Disney.

Throughout 'Now In Colour', references are made to Vision's supposed super-speed. He uses the ability a few times throughout the episode, most notably to fetch the Doctor after Wanda goes into labour. There is, of course, a problem with this.

In the main universe of the Marvel films, Vision has never had super-speed. This was an ability belonging to Wanda's twin brother, Pietro. Some fans theorise that Wanda has given Vision Pietro's powers as a way to honour her brother. This may also tie in with the mention of Pietro later in the episode.

Small towns.. so hard to escape

Credit: Disney

Following his visit to confirm Wanda's pregnancy, her Doctor, Dr. Nielson, plans to embark on a holiday to Bermuda with his wife. Unfortunately, the poor Doctor's getaway is delayed, first by his car breaking down, and then by Vision whisking him away to help with Wanda's labour.

By the end of the episode, Dr. Nielson has decided not to go on holiday after all, leaving Vision with this slightly unsettling comment.

"Small towns, you know.. so hard to.. escape."

This implies that, currently, no-one is able to leave Westview without intervention from outside sources.

Agnes knows something

Credit: Disney.

After saying goodbye to Doctor Nielson, Vision encounters Agnes and Herb chatting by the fence. To Vision's confusion, Agnes expresses concern about Geraldine being inside the House alone with Wanda. They emphasise the fact that she is an outsider, and has no real home in Westview.

"She's only here because we're all.."

Herb begins to explain to Vision, but is quickly hushed by Agnes. This suggests that Agnes knows something about Westview that she does not want Vision to discover. Her mysterious husband, Ralph, also remains unseen. This adds to the growing theory that Ralph could be the true villain of the series, possibly the villain Mephisto.

His name was Pietro..

Credit: Disney.

Fans have often spoken of the loss of Wanda's Sokovian accent over the course of the films. However, after the birth of her twin sons during 'Now In Colour', Wanda seems to remember that she herself was a twin. Her accent returns as she speaks of her lost brother, Pietro, and sings a Sokovian lullaby to Tommy and Billy.

Pietro was a fan favourite character despite his brief appearance, so many were happy to hear a reference to him. Unfortunately, the mention of Pietro leads to one of WandaVision's most chilling scenes yet.

'Geraldine' is expelled from Westview.

Credit: Disney

Soon after Wanda mentions Pietro, 'Geraldine', who fans will know is really Monica Rambeau, breaks character, mentioning that Pietro was killed by Ultron. Wanda, growing increasingly angry throughout the scene, recognises the symbol on Monica's necklace, the same symbol she'd seen on the helicopter in episode 2, and decides she should leave.

We don't see what happens next, but by the time Vision returns, 'Geraldine' is gone, leaving an eerily calm Wanda alone with the baby twins. Wanda's demeanour suggests she is more aware of the true situation than she has portrayed until this point.

Credit: Disney.

The final scene of the episode has Geraldine/Monica, having been expelled from Westview, being surrounded by a group of unknown agents, most likely S.W.O.R.D.

Hopefully next week, we will get some more answers to our growing list of questions.


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