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'WandaVision: Easter Eggs And Important Moments In Episodes 1 & 2

Did you catch them all?

By Kristy AndersonPublished 3 years ago 6 min read
Wanda and Vision. Credit: Disney

WARNING: SPOILERS for WandaVision, eps 1 and 2.

After an 18-month wait, mostly caused by the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, MCU fans finally have new content, with Marvel Studios first TV series, WandaVision, dropping it's first two episodes on Disney +.

The episodes are packed full of Easter eggs and important clues for fans to dissect.

Here are all the Easter Eggs and important moments from episodes 1 and 2 of WandaVision.

Dark Humour

Credit: Disney.

Some fans got a bit of a dark laugh out of Wanda's claim that her Husband has an indestructible head. Going on what we know from the movies, this is not at all true. While the vibranium laced through Vision's body does make him difficult to damage under regular circumstances, his head was crushed by Thanos while taking the Mind Stone in Avengers: Infinity War.

However, considering the fact that WandaVision may be depicting a version of Wanda's ideal reality, it's possible that this Vision's head may actually be indestructible.

Vision has no idea what his job actually is

Vision discusses his job. Credit: Disney.

In an early scene in episode 1, we see Vision at work. He appears to be very good at his job, and productivity has gone up since his arrival at the company. The problem? Vision has no idea what his job actually is. He asks his co-worker, Norm, what it is that they do, and all he gets from the conversation is that they produce computational forms, but for what, they don't know. A similar conversation later with his Boss, Mr. Hart, doesn't clear things up any further, and Vision backs away from the conversation when it seems Hart believes him to be a little bit dim.

The lack of clarity over Vision's job adds to the sense that things are not quite right in Westview. Whoever created this world did not waste time on the finer details. This is also seen in..

Wanda and Vision not having a backstory

Dinner with the Harts. Credit: Disney.

The first major glitch in WandaVision's idyllic sitcom reality occurs during the couple's dinner with the Harts. When questioned on things like when they were married, or how long ago they moved to Westview, neither Wanda nor Vision are able to answer. Both go entirely blank on the details.

Wanda, or whoever else created this world, was so focused on jumping ahead to the happily ever after, they didn't bother developing any ideas of what had come before. This may contribute to Westview becoming more unstable as the series goes on.

Wanda has at least some control over what occurs

Vision saves Mr. Hart. Credit: Disney.

The dinner scene soon becomes one of the most unsettling scenes in the series so far, as Mr. Hart begins to choke, while his wife implores him, and then, for some reason, Wanda, to 'Stop it'. Though Mr. Hart is clearly struggling, the other characters fail to do anything about it, until Wanda gives Vision instructions.

"Vision, help him."

Wanda appears to drop her 50's character for a moment as she delivers the instruction, but all returns to normal as soon as Vision removes the offending piece of food from Mr. Hart's throat. However, the fact that Vision did not act to save Mr. Hart until Wanda told him to indicates that she has some control over the show's world, even if she did not initially create it. This control is scene again in episode 2, when she apparently rewinds things to prevent the arrival of the strange beekeeper character.

The Toastermate 2000

The Toastermate 2000. Credit: Disney.

Rumours suggested that WandaVision would include commercials based on the era of the episode. This has been proven true, and now, fans are left speculating on whether these commercials have greater meaning within the show. Episode 1's commercial is for a high tech toaster known as the Toastermate 2000.

At first glance, the big takeaway from the commercial is that the Toastermate was created by Stark Industries. However, the ticking timer on the toaster seems to be strangely exaggerated. This has lead to a couple of theories. One, that Westview is a ticking timebomb, and it is only a matter of time before things go horribly wrong. The other is that the commercials may depict major events in Wanda's life, this one being a references to the Stark-made bomb that killed her parents.

The commercial is also possibly a reference to the fact that in the early comics, Wanda uses 'Toaster' as a pet-name for Vision.

The colour red has somehow infiltrated the black-and-white world

Credit: Disney

While the first two episodes are seen mostly in black-and-white, to depict the decades of television that they are adapting, some objects and elements appear in colour, mostly, the colour red. This begins with a red light on the Toastermate 2000 in episode 1, and continues in episode 2 with the helicopter Wanda finds in her front yard. Also, when Dottie cuts her hand, her blood appears red.

Credit: Disney.

What exactly this means, however, is unknown at this stage.

'Geraldine' is not who she claims to be.

Wanda and 'Geraldine'. Credit: Disney.

In episode 2, Wanda meets a new friend at the committee meeting. The woman claims not to know what she is doing there, and after a strange pause, introduces herself as Geraldine. The problem with this should be clear for those who have been following WandaVision's casting from the beginning. 'Geraldine' is played by Teyonah Paris, whom we know is actually playing Monica Rambeau.

Fans have speculated that Monica, who first appeared as a child back in Captain Marvel, will be an Agent working with S.W.O.R.D, an organisation trying to reach Wanda and find out what is going on. If so, it appears that she may have been the first outsider to successfully enter Westview. While it is possible Monica/Geraldine was simply lying to Wanda when they met, her genuine confusion before revealing her name implies this was not the case. This suggests that, while it may be possible for outsiders to infiltrate Westview, it is difficult to hang on to your real self once there.

Whoever is trying to reach Wanda from outside doesn't believe the situation is her fault

Who's on the radio? Credit: Disney

During the earlier mentioned scene with Wanda and Dottie, an outsider, likely an Agent of S.W.O.R.D, attempts to contact Wanda through the radio.

"Wanda, who is doing this to you?"

That they are asking this question seems to say that S.W.O.R.D don't believe Wanda is solely responsible for whatever is going on. While she has at least some control, there is possibly another, darker power at play. Interestingly, Dottie briefly forgets who Wanda is during this scene. This gives us a hint that contact with outside influences may weaken the illusion of Westview.

Agnes's absent Husband, Ralph

Agnes offers Ralph as a volunteer.. Credit: Disney.

One of the most eagerly awaited characters in WandaVision has been Agnes, Wanda and Vision's nosy neighbour, played by Kathryn Hahn. Many fans suspect that Agnes may be a take on Agatha Harkness, Wanda's mentor from the comics. Throughout the first two episodes, Agnes makes references to her inattentive Husband, Ralph, although Ralph has not actually been seen as of yet.

While this may just be a reference to the classic sitcom trope of an often-referenced offscreen character, some fans are already developing theories regarding Ralph's identity.

The Strucker Watch

The Strucker watch. Credit: Disney

The commercial in the second episode was for the Strucker Watch. Fans will have noticed that the watch face has a Hydra symbol displayed on it. This could be a reference to the experiments of Wolfgang Von Strucker, which gave Wanda and her twin brother Pietro their powers.

Like the Toastermate, the Strucker Watch begins ticking faster toward the end of the commercial, adding to the sense of impending doom.

For the Children?

Credit: Disney.

Throughout episode 2, it is repeatedly referenced that the Talent Show is a fundraiser for Westview Elementary School. Everything they are doing is 'For The Children'. Which is very noble, except.. What children?

Usually, you would expect a School Fundraiser to have children in attendance. But there are no children in the audience. In fact, we haven't seen any children in Westview at all. Perhaps we'll see more around once the twins are born, probably towards the end of next episode. For now, however, the realisation adds to the uncanny valley nature of the whole show.

We can't wait to see what new clues the next episode holds.


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