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All The Sitcoms That Will Be Referenced In 'WandaVision'

by Kristy Anderson 5 months ago in tv

Prepare for a trip through time, sitcom style!

We're now less than a week away from the premiere of WandaVision, the first of the new MCU TV series, on Disney +. At this point, it is well known that the series will draw inspiration from classic sitcoms, moving through the decades in each episode, before eventually evolving into a full MCU movie scenario.

Let's take a look at all the sitcoms WandaVision has most likely used for inspiration.

The Dick Van Dyke Show

Wanda and Vision.

In it's 50s episode, WandaVision will use The Dick Van Dyke Show as one of it's main influences. While the show actually aired in the early 60s, for many, it is still identifiable with 50s culture. The Dick Van Dyke Show starred Dick Van Dyke as Rob Petrie, the head writer for a popular variety show in Manhattan. The show also depicted Rob's home life with his wife Laura, and son Richie.

The show was one of the very first series' referenced when the concept of WandaVision was first revealed to fans. Before the show began filming, Marvel Studios Head Kevin Feige met with Dick Van Dyke for advice on how to capture the flavour of the original show.

The 50s episode is also said to draw on elements of I Love Lucy.


In the 60s.

With the Scarlet Witch appearing as one of the leading characters it would seem a waste not to draw inspiration from the classic sitcom featuring another famous which, Samantha Stevens. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that WandaVision's 60s episode will be an homage to Bewitched. Bewitched followed Darren and Samantha, a seemingly average newlywed couple, apart from one important detail: Samantha is a witch. Initially, Darren tries to dissuade Samantha from using her magic, but later episodes have him being more accepting of his wife's witchy ways, especially after their children, Tabitha and Adam, are also born with powers.

The scenes in WandaVision's trailers in which Wanda uses her powers for cooking and other Household tasks are likely taken from the 60s episode. In addition, there is official merchandise available for the series which features Wanda and Vision drawn in the style of Bewitched's iconic animated intro.

The Brady Bunch

Wanda's livin' in the 70s.

The 70s themed episode of the show looks set to be inspired by The Brady Bunch. The beloved family sitcom centred on a blended family, the Bradys, created when Mike, a widower with three sons, married Carol, a widow with three daughters. The show is viewed as a beloved cultural icon of it's era, and spawned two successful theatrical films.

The 7os episode appears to be where Wanda becomes pregnant with the twins, which ties in with The Brady Bunch's early theme of building a family. Vision's 70s outfit is also very Mike Brady-esque, and we can't help but wonder whether we will see him deliver one of Mike's classic morality speeches.

Full House

Full House, the likely sitcom homage of WandaVision's 80s episode, begins with single Father Danny Tanner. After the death of his wife, Danny's brother in law, Joey, and best friend Jesse move in to help Danny raise his three daughters, D.J, Stephanie, and Michelle.

Full House would seem like a no-brainer for WandaVision to parody, considering that star Elizabeth Olsen's older sisters, Mary-Kate and Ashley, played youngest child Michelle Tanner on the show. Elizabeth even had a cameo in one of the later episodes of Full House. However, Marvel head Kevin Feige apparently didn't remember Elizabeth's familial link to Full House until it was mentioned to him.


Very little content from beyond the 80s episode is seen in the trailers, probably to avoid heading into spoiler territory, the earliest teaser for WandaVision suggests that the 90's era episode could be based on Roseanne. The show focused on a working class family, including Roseanne, her Husband Dan, and their children, Becky, Darlene, and DJ.

Considering the accelerated timeline of WandaVision, the twins may be slightly older, and perhaps more mischievous by the time of the 90s episode. This may necessitate Wanda becoming a slightly stricter, Roseanne-esque character as a Mother.

Malcolm In The Middle

While little is known about the noughties episode, Malcolm In The Middle was mentioned as a possible influence in a recent interview with Paul Bettany, and it would certainly fit the era. The show was narrated by Malcolm, the gifted middle child in a dysfunctional family.

If WandaVision's noughties themed episode uses the Malcolm In The Middle formula, it's possible that one of the twins could narrate the episode's events. This could account for the era's absence from the trailers, to keep any casting for the older twins from being spoiled.

Modern Family

Fans have long speculated that WandaVision's much hyped Halloween episode, seen at least briefly in every trailer, will be the central plot of a 2010s Modern Family themed episode. Debuting in late 2009, Modern Family was a mockumentary style series following the lives of the Pritchett/Dunphy family.

Many are hoping to see a few Modern Family style video diaries in this episode. But more importantly, it will probably be the final sitcom-themed episode in the series. Most of the trailers seem to pinpoint Halloween as the point in which some of the characters become fully aware that something is not quite right in their idyllic world.

Check out one of WandaVision's trailer's here:

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