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'Until Dawn' - The Game of Logic

The Game of Logically Thinking Over Spur of the Moment Choice Choosing

By Madyson RochaPublished 5 years ago 3 min read

Normally I'm not one for video games. Now, hear me out everyone, that was the few years ago me. I mean, I wasn't a gamer. Then, like the person I am, I got into a TV series that you may or may not have heard of, it's Mr. Robot. You know, Rami Malek stars as Elliot Alderson. That's the thing though, I was SUPER into Mr. Robot, my older brother was telling me about a game released back in 2015 called Until Dawn. He told me that it had a lot of great voice actors and actresses, in particular, Rami Malek, I was immediately excited to play it.

So, I sat down knowing just to expect damn fine voice acting and a story that I knew little to nothing about. With that being said, I dived right into the world of sisters dying at the Washington's Lodge and a killer on the loose. So, you start of playing as Beth Washington, sister to both Hannah and Josh Washington. Your friends have just embarrassed your sister by making it seem as though her crush, Mike, wanted to have sex with her. As you're chasing your sister through the forest in the cold windy winter, Hannah goes to slide of the side of the mountain and so do you. You both end up sliding off to your death, with that being the mystery surrounding the next Winters strange happenings at the lodge.

Now, you start off playing as Sam, but don't worry. You'll also be able to play as all of the other great characters. You can play as Ashley, Mike, Chris, Matt, and Jessica. So, this game isn't just a game of funny ha-ha outcomes and getting to try again if a character dies. In this game if a character dies then you either restart the game, restart the whole level all over again, or you deal with the changes that it makes to the story. Now, like I said about this game, it's not fun-and-games, it's a game of logical thinking and deduction. You get to discover secrets about each character, even Beth and Hannah.

With this being said, I must say that this is the game that led me a pathway into other games and got me into loving video games more than I ever have. Until Dawn had me on the edge of my seat and having to think between the outcome of what would happen for two choices and what I believe what would be right in the spur of the moment. There are choices like "Shoot the bird" or "Leave him alone," which is really like thinking of the outcomes of either shooting the bird or just leaving him. You have to think from the outcome of shooting a bird or leaving him alone, what could be potentially in the future. With the game having totems for different things such as a character dying then it really helps to figure out, logically, how to get around that event. It's just like actual life (scratch the fact that we don''t get random totems warning us of horrible happenings, we can still think logically on how to get out of bad situations.

As I've stated, if you're a person looking for a game of logic and mystery, than Until Dawn is definitely for you. The game, again, as stated, is filled with a small amount of thriller-ish vibes and definite horror vibes. From there being a psycho masked killer on the grounds of the Washington Lodge, to a Ouija board being in the basement. The whole game spooks me out just a little bit, it sort of gives me the creeps, but trust me, it's well worth it.


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