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Tarkov's SVT-40 Will Be the New "Menace of the Mid-Game"

It's really, really strong.

By JirasuPublished 5 months ago 8 min read

This story is NOT AI generated. It was created in Microsoft Word and meant to be the foundation for a YouTube video which can be found here:

Even in 2023, Battlestate Games somehow keeps adding old-school weapons to Tarkov. They have so many options, so many modern marvels that could be put into the game. And yet, they continue to indulge those who are purists; only using weapons from at least 40 years ago. I kid, honestly the addition of old guns is awesome, and kind of pays them homage while also allowing people to somewhat experience what they were like. And with the addition of the SVT-40 into the game, players can now harken back to a simpler time. An easy-to-use rifle, that is simple in its design, but is still deadly, even with how many other powerful weapons there are on offer in the game. I have a strange feeling that the SVT-40 will prove its worth being in the game. And become the menace of the mid game we all thought the Vepr Hunter would become.

The SVT is unlocked for both a raw purchase and a barter option at Prapor level 2. Which means you need to be 15 before you can really start to use the rifle consistently. You can have your scav spawn with one and take it out for a spin that way, but that’s only happened to me once so far. The rifle itself is very straight forward. The only choice you must make with the weapon is do you want to run a scope on it or not? If so, then by adding the rail system for the weapon, you can attach the Mosin’s PU scope and use that as your ranged option. I know for some people it is a letdown because they may not like the PU scope. But as someone who doesn’t mind it, I would honestly say it functions better on the SVT than the Mosin. I can’t put into words why it feels that way. Maybe because the scope sits in the middle of the rifle instead of off to the side like on the Mosin. Or maybe it boils down to the SVT simply being semi-auto instead of a bolt-action. That alone makes such a massive gameplay difference. Rapidly being able to fire another shot to guarantee a two-tap in almost any situation feels so good. It’s closer to a cheaper, more budget SVD, which I guess makes sense given the naming of these weapons (although after a quick Google search, I don’t think they have any real relation to one another in terms of the SVD being a modernized SVT, but hey, learned something new).

The weapon has only 10 and 15-round mags to choose from, but again, your only option at the start are the 10-rounders. And something I learned recently, is that the SVT can actually be top loaded as well. Even with the PU scope attached. Which I mean, is twice as much as the Vepr Hunter initially. And the Hunter can only go up to 10-rounds for its highest capacity. So already the SVT takes the cake in terms of mag size. I will say as well that the SVT simply takes up less real estate on your screen than the Vepr Hunter does. Even with the lowest mount possible on the Hunter, any large scope really harms your ability to see. But the SVT doesn’t really have that issue considering the PU scope if your only option for range, and it’s relatively small in comparison to a lot of other scopes out there.

This is a much more minor point but as someone who appreciates the little details in video games, the noises the SVT makes when you interact with it, swap weapons, check the magazine and chamber. Oh, it’s all wonderful goodness to hear. It’s kind of like how the HK used to make that little sound whenever you did something with it, and but that for some reason has switched over to the G28. Or, how the AUG makes those kinds of weapon clacking sounds whenever you do something with it as well. I know it can be annoying to hear for some people, but I personally love them. It gives weapons a tiny bit more personality to them, instead of always hearing the same sound effect for swapping on or off to a weapon. Again, some people will find it annoying after hearing it a couple times, but in a game where there is a sea of weapon options available, it helps to distinguish yourself amongst the crowd. And little extra sound effects like this weapon have, can really make it become a favorite in the eyes of those who decide to run it. Honestly, everyone should try this weapon. Like I said at the start, I have a feeling this weapon will become what we thought the Vepr Hunter would become when it was added to the game.

I’ve been making a lot of comparisons to the Hunter in this video, because well, it’s the weapon with the most in common with the SVT, A low capacity, low modular assault carbine, that packs a powerful round into a simple package. The SVT’s 7.62x54R and the Hunters .308 are both strong ammos and very popular in Tarkov, especially late game. With their ability to two or sometimes even one-tap the juiciest of PMC’s, people go out of their way to run the ammo as often as possible. And both weapons are solid budget options for people still leveling up their character, the vendors, and maybe don’t access to the powerful weapons that use these ammos. When we initially saw the Hunter coming into the game, it caused quite a stir because it looked like most people were going to run that and have it become the new naked PMC loadout. Similarly, to how we still have "Moslings" running around even to this day. Same thing but with the Vepr. But surprisingly, that ended up not being the case. It was too heavy, clunky, and inconsistent to run like that. And the screen space it takes up with any scope attached to it can quickly become problematic. However, the SVT doesn’t have the same problems. It’s smaller on your screen, takes up way less space even with the PU on it, has twice as much ammo in magazines right off the bat, and is very similar in price to the Hunter. The only thing the Hunter does have going for it over the SVT, is that it can be suppressed. Sadly, the SVT doesn’t have a way to run the weapon quietly, which if it did, would easily make it one of the best early to mid-game weapons on offer. And honestly, I still have that sentiment even without a suppressor.

And I almost forgot to mention, but alongside the SVT, there is also the AVT in the game, which is the same gun, however, it can be fired fully automatic. Yes, a full-auto 7.62x54R rifle. Granted, it’s an older gun, can only have up to 15 rounds, bad ergonomics and can’t equip the PU scope on it. But man. You grab an AVT and run Factory you might be able to have great success with it.

The SVT is going to be a common sight in Tarkov for the time being. It might not last all the way to end-game, but for levels 15 to I’d say 25 or even 30, I suspect people will use this as a fallback to something other than the Mosin. Unless they need the Mosin for a quest, it doesn’t make sense to run it over the SVT. It does the job better in almost every regard. As someone who has ran the SVT for only a handful of raids, I already enjoy it a ton and will be using it plenty as a simple, cheap, and effective rifle. And I’d encourage anyone who hasn’t tried it and has access to it to do the same. You’d be surprised how effective you can be with it, even with just T-46 ammo. I said this at the start, but it’s not going to surprise me if this becomes the new menace of the mid-game. In fact, I kind of welcome it. But we shall see. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to watch this video. Let me know in the comments what your thoughts on the SVT are. Do you enjoy using it? Do you have any gripes with it. Let us know and be sure to subscribe for more videos about weapons in the game that have the potential to shift the meta entirely on its head. I hope to see you in future ones.

*This story is NOT AI generated. It was created in Microsoft Word and meant to be the foundation for a YouTube video which can be found here: *

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  • Alex H Mittelman 5 months ago

    Fascinating! Great work!

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