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'Pokemon Let's Go'

by Brittany D 11 months ago in nintendo

A Look Inside the Differences Between the Newest Switch Game and New Nintendo DS Games, and Whether You Should Buy, Try, or Avoid

'Pokemon Let's Go'

Pokemon took the world by storm in the 90s. I played Pokemon for the Gameboy Advance SP before the Nintendo DS, XL, or touch screen. That was when Gameboy Advance games worked on the SP and original Gameboy. I played the color version of these games. The color games were introduced with Gameboy Color, but that was for Red and Yellow. Pokemon Gold and Silver began the color versions when they premiered for the Gameboy Color around the late 90s. Later I played Pokemon Diamond.

So, what's the difference between Pokemon Let's Go Eevee/Pikachu, the newest additions on Nintendo Switch, and Pokemon Sun/Moon for DS?


The graphics, movements, characters, and pixel content are distinguishably noticeable in both games. Both are handheld consoles with the addition that the Switch can be played like a regular console with much higher resolutions different from a handheld gaming console. A Nintendo DS is strictly a handheld gaming device.

You notice differences in the cutscenes. Characters often have a circular area in which they rotate during cutscenes. There is always a little bit of a pixelated edge, if you're nose is right up to the device. From the suggested holding distance, the graphics are very good for a handheld.

Pokemon Red/Blue/Green were all originally on the Gameboy. Though they are very hard in good condition, a few used ones are still hanging around. They were pixels basically at that time and looking at where we currently are, prove that the graphics have improved substantially.

Pokemon Yellow was still pixelated, but was in color (sort of). It had yellow rooms, purple rooms, and blue rooms, and in the battles, the different Pokemon were colored.


The price between the two consoles has a $20 difference when bought new. I bought my Pokemon Sun for $34.99—it was, however, several months after its initial release. I bought my Galaxy Nintendo DS for $220, and enjoyed playing it while I had it. Unfortunately, since I got my Switch, I haven't even opened it. That was two years ago. That's not to say the games are good or the console itself isn't good. I have all three console brands and I switch between them frequently.

A new Nintendo Switch Console (currently) costs $300—sometimes listed as $299.99. The Let's Go Eevee game itself costs $49.99 brand new.

I just rented Pokemon Let's Go Eevee for Switch, and I'm excited to play it through myself. I'll most likely purchase it as I am a lover of Pokemon games.

Play Through

It plays like all the other Pokemon games. You meet Oak. Are you a boy or girl? There are four skin types to choose from at first for both genders. I'm not sure currently if it's like Sun and Moon where you can purchase more clothes or hairstyles/colors from the shops later in the game. In the Eevee game—the one I'm playing—your initial first Pokemon is Eevee. In my personal opinion, Eevee is a much better choice for a first free Pokemon. Depending on the conditions in which it is raised, you can evolve any one of the evolutions of Eevee. I have a Leafeon in Pokemon Sun, which is funny because I was trying for a Vaporeon. Anyway... the gist of the game is the same. Battle the trainers on your way to the towns. Gather the right Pokemon to beat the gym trainers. Brock is your first official gym fight, who has Rock Pokemon, which means you gotta go back and find that Bulbasaur that is for sure lurking in Viridian Forest. Small chance for a shiny, but 35 percent chance of a regular. I ran around for probably 30 minutes before one spawned on the lower part of Viridian Forest. Nice little catch for the beginning part of the game.

Anyway, you choose your gender, your name, and based on the version you're playing, get your first Pokemon. After that, it's pretty much the way it has always been. The only change in hunting for Pokemon are they are clearly visible. No more running through bushes to try to find Pokemon or hope to randomly run up on one. You want one, you'll see it, or you'll wait around until you see it. This means lots of accidental run-ins with Rattata, Pidgeon, and Weedle in your first few locations. After that, I got pretty good at dodging them.


1. No Pro Controller Support

This I understand in a way, but it also made me super mad. I play all my games with the pro controller. I have very small hands, but still can't stand those joy cons for a long period of time. Your only other choices are to play in handheld mode or buy that little Poke Ball controller for $50.

I chose to use my right hand joy con to play, and after a while, my hand was just tired. It was kind of frustrating and liberating. There's something about eating chips and catching Pokemon at the same time that made it okay. After the chips were gone and the lemon La Croix ran out, I was pretty tired of just throwing my one hand around. It made me realize this game is a very casual play. In the same way the Gameboy and Nintendo DS games were. You can just sit back and play, like farming on Harvest Moon; there's no real point to it but it's fun to do.

2. Same Story

I've seen it before over and over and over. At least in Pokemon Sun/Moon, there is an actual storyline, but in Let's Go Eevee it has yet to reveal itself. Nonetheless, its the same dialogue, same characters, just better graphics... so far. You name your friend/rival... my is Rin this play through. I always name my Pokemon names after manga characters or anime.

3. Online

The online feature is only usable if you have access that you pay for to use. It's very frustrating, since with my Nintendo DS I just hooked up to my wi-fi and went from there. Not anymore. I'm not paying $10.99 a month just to swap Pokemon. I have no other games that have specific online features.


1. Great Graphics

The graphics for this game are amazing. They look really good, nothing like on Zelda Breath of the Wild level, but they still look really good. I think they reserve that level just for Zelda.

2. Easier Catches

It's actually easier to find your Pokemon you want to catch. In a way that is kind of dumbed down, it takes away the looking and hunting for a specific Pokemon; however, it's almost like in the wild now. They hide in the tall grass or walk across a bare spot and you have to look for that certain Pokemon to spawn. I actually prefer it to the old style.

3. Handheld Mode

Nice that this game can go from console to handheld mode in a snap. Graphics are still great even in handheld and play was smooth. You use the L stick to throw the Poke Ball in handheld mode... easier? Yes.

4. Ride Your Pokemon, They Follow You, and Eevee

You can ride certain Pokemon in Sun, but supposedly, there are more options in Let's Go Eevee/Pikachu, and you can choose ANY Pokemon to follow you still. Plus... you can dress your Eevee or Pikachu. Not sure if it applies to other Pokemon, but my Eevee is pretty darn cute.


On the first playthrough, I found the game interesting, fun, and a relaxing thing I can do in my spare time. If you're a mom, it will keep the kiddos busy, and it's a good stress reliever for you... adult people.

Great graphics, good play, nice characters, easy controls, and a good short tutorial. You get right to it pretty quickly.

Rent it first if you're unsure you want to purchase. Gamefly is still just $15.99 for one rental per month to keep it however long you want or return it. I found that's a great way to figure out if these Switch games are worth a buy. I've returned quite a few because of graphics, story, or just disinterest.

Give it a play and see what you think. If you liked previous Pokemon games—Diamond, Sun, and Moon—you will probably like this game. I did. The cuteness overload of Eevee is epic.

Happy writing and may you walk the road less traveled!

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