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Firewatch Movie Cast: 3 Actors and 3 Actresses Who Would be Perfect to Play Henry and Delilah

by Dustin Murphy 5 years ago in celebrities
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It is a movie that will require actors to show raw emotion in its purest of forms and there are great actors at doing this.

By now, you've already read the major news: Firewatch is becoming a movie. It is a movie that will require actors to show raw emotion in its purest of forms and there are great actors at doing this. We've seen a recent range from Julieanne Moore's struggle with mental illness in the acclaimed movie Still Alice, we saw Henry Caville's Clark Kent losing his father in Man of Steel, and we've seen Andrew Lincoln portray Rick Grimes' mental breakdown over Lori's death in the AMC hit The Walking Dead.

But just how well could an actor portray a character whom is losing their wife to dementia and is seeking to escape it in the Shoshone National Forest? Let's take a look at the actors and actresses who could nail these two complex roles down starting with my picks for three ideal actors for Henry and then three ideal actresses for Delilah.

1. Paul Giamatti as Henry

Courtesy of Getty Images

Paul Giamatti has shown his talent across multiple genres ranging from his stuttering maintenance man role in M. Night Shyamalan's Lady in the Lake to his dramatic and well portrayed role as Barney Panofsky in Barney's Version to even the chaotic Rhino in Spider-Man. Paul Giamatti's career has been interesting as he's been seen as one of the greatest support actors to date thank to his impeccable ability to bring movies to life. However, he also fits right in the spot for our aging Henry and could be able to deliver that emotional performance we'd expect from such a character.

With his rich charisma, we could very well see the vulnerable wise-cracking Henry portrayed much like Giamatti's own role in Lady in the Water as Cleveland Heep. While Henry is moderately different from Cleveland, both characters would draw in the side of Paul we know, we love, and we've enjoyed.

2. Rich Sommer as Henry

Courtesy of Getty Images

Many of you have already become familiar with Rich Sommer since he already voiced Henry in the game. Even more of you probably already know Sommer from his performances in the hit TV drama Madmen (2007-2015) and even his charming role in The Devil Wears Prada (2006).

Wouldn't he just be perfect for this role? Well, he actually already nails his own role as Henry in Firewatch, so would allow him the perfect opportunity to step out of the sound booth and into the woods. However, the jump from voice acting to acting a character is nothing to scoff at – maybe Sommer is best as the voice of Henry.

3. Kevin James as Henry

Courtesy of

Known for his comedic roles in shows such as The King of Queens, Paul Blart: Mall Cop, and his new TV show Kevin, we've also seen Kevin James' more serious side in Little Boy. With his affinity for physical comedy, Kevin James could sit perfectly in the role as a doofy and more comedic Henry trying to hide the cracks in every smile.

James has been exemplary in his ability to portray ranges of both seriousness in his movie Here Comes the Boom. Let alone was his comedic mindset of value in it, so was his desire to be the silly, but serious man all at once. With his variety of characters, Kevin would be perfect for Henry not just for his age and build, but his way of bringing characters of all sorts to life.

1. Dallas Bryce Howard as Delilah

Courtesy of Getty Images

Because we never see Delilah in-game, we've got quite a bit of freedom in our casting ideas. So, first: Dallas Bryce Howard.

It's no surprise that the daughter of legendary director, writer, and actor, Ron Howard has displayed his capabilities as all the above. His daughter has inherited the same Hollywood passions. From her enchanting role with co-star Paul Gimatti in Lady in the Water to her captivating charm and mystique in The Village, she has kept us on edge and captivated by her characters.

Even with that rather cunning, and mysterious role she played as Story in Lady in the Water, Bryce would be portraying a much different role as Delilah. This new role would require the seriousness we saw her manage in Jurassic World where her calm demeanor, charming words, and her soothingly-calm-with-cracks-of-wry voice.

With her as Delilah we could very well see her bring all of those qualities together as one in Firewatch and even possibly charm us once again.

2. Julianne Moore as Delilah

Courtesy of LA Times

Known for her talent, allure, and beauty, Julianne Moore has been a sensation to women around the world. From her talented portrayal as a professor suffering from a rapidly onset case of Alzheimer's in Still Alice to her captivating role as fanatic mother Margaret White in the 2013 remake of Carrie - Moore's versatility sets herself apart from rest.

As Delilah, we would be able to see Moore once more suffer that quiet and charming charismatic personality we've seen her pull off in The Kids are Alright. To truly bring Delilah alive, however, she'll once more be required to let her more sophisticated Alice out once more as the most dramatic moments of Firewatch.

3. Zoey Deschanel as Delilah

Courtesy of Inquisitr

Known for her comedic sense and charm, Zoey Deschanel has exceeded the expectation's as a rather talented comedian. She's also been able to blend both her charm and vulnerability in her long-running sitcom New Girl. However, we've even seen her portray her hybrid serious/funny roles in movies like Yes, Man featuring co-star Jim Carrie.

But the question is, how can this silly woman on TV manage Delilah? While Delilah would be an alternative role compared to what she is used to, Zoey has always delivered a spectacular performance and seems just like the kind of voice Henry would love to banter with over his radio.


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