You Are the Bee's Knees

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How to actually save the world

You Are the Bee's Knees

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Today we're going to talk about Bees, honey bees in particular.

So what's all the buzz about? Did you know that bees are responsible for almost all of the food and vegetation you and I consume? That's incredible, right? I love food, I need food, i'm certain that you do as well. Unfortunately, bees are on the down-slope to extinction. Bees are one of the most effective pollinators in the world. To make it quick and to the point, No bees = no food = no life. Why is this being brushed off? Bee's are magnificent creatures, role-models, really. Not only do they feed the entire planet, but they also produce bee pollen and honey, which both have tons of medicinal benefits. Bees are typically docile, and bee-keepers do their part by selectively breeding friendly genetics. A bee does not want to sting, they do not go out of their way to harm. If a honeybee stings something it will die.


Interested in saving the world? Well it actually may be easier than you think to make a very important contribution. Bee-keepers across the globe have been raising awareness and educating others on the importance of bees; how to keep them, what to do, what not to do, and the more we know the better off we are at raising the bee population. Bees are being wiped out by urbanization and pesticides. Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) has been on the rise in the last decade. Several bee species have already gone extinct! If you have "unwanted" bees in your area, and you are thinking about having them exterminated, please reach out and find a local bee keeper, and see if they will transport the bees and relocate their hive. There is always an option outside of causing harm to creatures and our environment!

Healthy Bee Healthy Me

Bee Pollen, yes pollen has incredibly high levels of antioxidants, it lowers cholesterol, boosts liver function, boosts the immune system, has anti-inflammatory properties, and may even help with menopausal symptoms.

Raw Honey, similarly to the pollen, has antioxidants, helps soothe sore throats, promotes gut health and digestion, and honey is a healthier sugar than sugar!

How can YOU help?

  • Spread bee awareness and educate others on the importance of bees.
  • Plant Flowers, vegetation, and trees *bonus points*
  • Stop using pesticides, chemicals, or killing bees.

Want to go a step further?

Cultures worldwide have been keeping bees since the beginning of written history. Today almost anyone can keep bees, there are not that many requirements, and the start up costs are low. Many people are keeping bees in their backyard. Even if you believe you are unable to keep bees, please, be mindful of bees, and what you're doing around your home. What exactly do you need to become a beekeeper? Let's take a look below:

Bees—You can catch a feral swarm, or purchase bees online, or check with your local bee associations (Yes, these exist). There they can answer any questions, and help you get started.

Hive—Many bee-keepers use a Langstroth Hive. They are fairly inexpensive, and can easily be built. They usually consist of a Hive stand, bottom board, entrance reducer, "deep-hive" body, "queen excluder," honey supers, frames with foundations, and an outer cover.

Psst * I know that sounds like a lot, I recommend looking up a video, and you will likely see that it is far more simple than it seems by reading it. Usually these can all be purchased in a kit all you have to do is stack them in the right order.*

Bee Keeping Gear—Smoker, bee suit and veil, hive tool, bee feeder, brush, (You can buy this on amazon in a kit for around 70.00).

We can't forget the Honey

After your start up cost of a couple hundred dollars, you wont have to buy any new equipment for a while unless you want to expand. Bees produce a lot of honey per year. They use honey to survive, especially during the winter months when it is too cold to come outside and gather pollen to create honey. Excess honey can be eaten, used in producing natural self-care products, as well as sold! Organic honey is often referred to as "liquid gold."

I would recommend watching YouTube videos on beekeeping. Another great source for information is the book Beekeeping for Dummies written by Howland Blackiston. Perhaps sharing a story, or even a few memes on social media. It is important that the vast majority of humans become aware of the need for our bees to stay healthy and plentiful.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this. #SaveTheBees #SavethePlanet

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